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  1. Erick the Red: No Zero Days I've done a few of these challenges over the past few years, and had some pretty good successes. Also failed more than a couple times. This round I am starting slow and simple. Two clear-cut daily goals to solidify daily habits. I plan to check in daily or near-daily to update my progress, and maybe go over some details. I appreciate feedback and positive peer-pressure. 1. Hike outside at least one mile per day. I am glad to have a job, but working from home has meant that I sometimes go two or three days without stepping ou
  2. So, I'm going to Stockholm for the first week of March, and I need to learn the entirety of Swedish. No new exercise programs here! INT is stat of the month. The challenge is to complete a skill on Duolingo every day. If any of you folks are on Duolingo, please let me know and I will connect with you there. Status report: STR * there is a group of people at work who meets at 3 pm every day to do a 15-minute bodyweight circuit, which is pretty difficult, not gonna lie. I try to join them every day, unless I have meetings scheduled at that time CON * the weath
  3. Good evening, bonsoir, and nos da, warrior pals! I'm still on the planet, just not right now so much on the internet. These last few weeks, I've been a wee bit hard on myself. See, the thing is, well, I joined Nerd Fitness and found the forums and the challenges and the Academy and the Facebook group and I got MOTIVATED. Like, really really really motivated. "Gemma, you say that like it's a bad thing. Is motivation bad?" "Why no, InnerVoice, of course not. Motivation is a very good thing. But it must be tempered by wisdom. Motivation accompanied by foolishness leads to bur
  4. Fairly straightforward this time, journal the shit out of the feels while I start an SSRI. No, not subject you people to the journaling, this isn't xanga for christ's sake. But I'll try the fugging check boxes that I've always judged you for, and also whine about my last full training cycle before peaking for a comp. □ Reading □ Journaling □ Meditation □ Puppy Training □ Language □ Physical Therapy
  5. Hello! I wanted to create a thread for anyone learning Japanese to post about learning methods, grammar and vocab questions, and writing practice. Of course, responses to grammar and vocab questions by any helpful rebels out there who are native or fluent speakers would be greatly appreciated. To start us off, I am very interested in the learning methods of other language learners (feel free to post methods you've used studying other languages as well): what has worked, what hasn't worked, what ideas do you have to try out in the future, etc. My response: I am near fluent in Spanish, b
  6. Hello my friends! Yasha’s back again with the second challenge of the year. I had great succusses last challenge and hope to keep that momentum rolling through this challenge, dsepite (because of?) having a lot on my plate in terms of commitments. Learn all the things! I started back at the Master of Business on Wednesday of zero week and will be continuing through with it until the 28th of April. I have also signed up for a Diploma in Languages starting on the 27th February to learn Mandarin Chinese. I will dedicate myself to AT LEAST 2hrs study per week in addition to face-to-face cl
  7. Gentlemen! Willkommen im NF Deutsch Club! Die erste Regel des NF Deutsch Club lautet: Ihr verliert kein Englisch Wort über den NF Deutsch Club!
  8. Hi Rangers! After a month off, I'm back and ready to get stuff done. I'm focusing on 3 things this challenge: Core, and mobility from my hips to my shoulders. 2000 sit-ups by the end of the challenge. That's 500/wk, or 100/day for 5 days/wk. GHD's count as double! 8-minute Abs must be subb'd at least 1 day/wk NO BINGES for the next few weeks! I have dealt with disordered eating, and it's sort of like having been an addict. You always have to be on your guard for relapses. I've gotten tons better in the past
  9. For the first time in 3-4 years, I will not be taking a class this semester, so my schedule just blew wide open. Typically, it takes about 2-3 days for me to get confused by free time, and start whining about how bored I am despite a plethora of things to do, forsaken responsibilities, and stuff I've said I want to get done "when I have time." The next few challenges will focus on giving me things I HAVE to do, so I don't come to the end of my break and have nothing to show for it. Goals to complete this challenge (all are pass/fail): Make at least one wearable skirt: Kilte
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Sora, and I'll be joining the Rangers this time around if you'll have me (previously a scout). The last challenge was my first in a very long time; I rejoined after a long hiatus, and semi-successfully completed my challenge with the scouts. I'm hoping to join the Rangers as I begin to explore different types of workouts. I have historically been a distance runner (cross country and track team in middle and high school). In about a month, I'll be a Freshman at the University of Michigan, and I'm hoping to try out something new. For this challenge, I w
  11. Hi there! I want to purchase a list of self improvement books. But I am German. So my question is - do I purchase them in english or german? Generally I think it is easy to read in English, all of the blogs/texts I read are in English. Another thing is that reading about these topics in my native language feels weird. Maybe because I am used to read these kind of texts in English. My problem is that I am afraid that the books will be too difficult to read (for me at this point). I would not want to touch 9 books of Platon or Descartes at the moment Are these book
  12. A house sits in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, far away from the prying gaze of civilisation.... Agent 78, pulls up to the house - no, glorified log cabin - and waits. Her eyes track automatically, out the windscreen to the house, the rear-view mirror, the gun case in the back seat, and repeat. The door opens, and her eyes snap to it, watching as a bald man in a black wool overcoat walks slowly through the door and onto the small front porch. He doesn't say anything, nor does 78 expect him to, simply nods once. She nods in return, then opens her car door and steps out, bo
  13. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I've managed to put on some muscle in an effort to become stronger by weightlifting and I’ve discovered that I love lifting heavy things! In about a month, my husband and I are going on one of my bucket-list vacations: Scotland and Wales! We’re spending two glorious weeks exploring the highlands an
  14. Hey NF friends! I'm always looking for ways to improve my language skills and I'm sure many of you do as well So I'm making this post to list the users who are interested on language exchange. Side note: if you know english on a fluent level and want to practice spoken spanish, PM me with your skype user! I want to improve my english. Última actualización: 2 de febrero. (Last updated: february 2, start learning your spanish ) User - native language - learning language - ways to comunicate - PM User aalex - Polish, English (fluent) - German, Russian - Skype, Whatsapp, Email -
  15. . Ready for the next challenge to start tomorrow. The theme this time is one of my personal heroes: Eminem. The dude is super inspiring to be because he succeeded in an arena he shouldn't have, but he decided that is what he wanted so he made it happen. While he isn't necessarily a good person or a grade A role model, I love how he had a vision of his future and gave everything he had to make it come true. . I recently finished reading Steve's Level Up Your Life book, and absolutely loved it. I have gone ahead and written down everything. So these next several challenges will have several o
  16. Hey All! Whew, these 4-week challenges move fast, huh? My Health goals will be very similar to my last challenge, with just a few tweaks integrating things that I learned last challenge. On the life side of things, I'll be tackling two items on my Epic Quest list. Diet and Exercise: Stick with what works: Bodyweight Circuit 2-3x/week. Full Paleo Diet + don’t buy any fruit, nuts, dairy. Mobility: Squat Yoga: Daily Squat Yoga from Nerdfitness Yoga. Shoulder Yoga is an optional addition if I have time, but I’m only holding myself to daily Squat Yoga. Sleep: Aim to get consist
  17. Howdy there, I know I am a few days late, but I haven't been on the boards since the beginning of Jan. I have done one challenge before and attempted my second, but gave up after day two. So the purpose of this challenge is to make the habits. I finally read Level Up Your Life, and the part about not using motivation really hit me. So we are going to try smaller things this time. I have also been watching Red Bull videos and just gotten super inspired to do more with my life then I thought. I realized I had those dreams and simply decided that they were ridiculous and unachievable. I guess I f
  18. I've been working on leveling up for a few years now - travel, running, better discipline for my business - but Level Up Your Life reminded me to apply leveling up to more areas, and to have more fun with it. I've always been a huge bookworm (and movie fan), and so it was natural to put together my quests around all the characters I want to be: Daniel-san (a wimp who got strong + mad skillz), Tony Stark and Pepper Potts (two sides of the same coin: mad scientist and businesswoman), Nathan Rahl (wise in lore), and a lot more. Thinking this way, and setting milestones and goals, has really hel
  19. ‘Agent Fox, it’s time for you to get back on the field’, Boss B says, and Fox can’t help letting out a small gasp. Finally! Action! Adventures! ‘What’s the mission about?’ Fox asks eagerly. ‘Pants.’ ‘Uh… Pants?’ ‘Yes, Fox, your mission is about collecting pants. The Bootylicious Museum of Great Butt-ain has recently been robbed. They lost their most valuable workout pants that were worn by the most victorious Squat Master of the nation, Emerald ‘Iron Glutes’ Jones.’ Fox looks at her boss suspiciously. She has trouble finding her own pants in the mornin
  20. Volki The Demon Queller… Yay first challenge of 2K16!!! So for my first challenge of this year I want to throw in a mix of weight lifting, running, language learning and writing my own story. The quests are split with 25XP for each to match up with my character and leveling up. Goal 1: Armor of the Goddess +25XP\week I must gain the strength to fight the beasts of Duat and bring down the Seraphim. I plan on following this Dumbbell routine 3Xs a week for the coming month I do not have access to any weights other than a DB rack in the gym of my apartment
  21. For right now, this is a placeholder for the Challenge. It's Bye Week Challenge time right now! I confess, I could read/watch The Two Towers and only follow the journey of the Three Hunters across Rohan. Not that Frodo and Sam aren't important, of course. I just love the idea of running across Rohan. That's right, I'm headed to Edoras. I have a lot going on at the moment, and indeed throughout the challenge. A half marathon on July 12, my sister's wedding at the end of June, the fitness challenge that my gym launched last week (and will run though the length of the challenge), and tr
  22. First time Ranger here. I missed out the past couple of challenges mostly due to feeling uninspired to doing them. But I'm back and ready to begin my journey as a Ranger. I have set myself a challenge to lift more and run further than I did last year. The lifting part should be easier as I have a head start on last year (I started going to the gym in April/May) and I can lift more than I did then but I need to keep it up. Running, well I've probably lost my progress and only have the slightly warmer months to do it (the cold air hurts my lungs and makes me feel as though I can't breathe). Th
  23. I was debating about doing this challenge. I just couldn’t feel it in my heart. However, that all changed last night. I decided to try on my too tight pants (aka: my fat pants) before I went to bed to see if they were still too tight or if they had gotten looser. I could not button them. I cried myself to sleep promising that tomorrow (today) it will all change. Here goes challenge #5. Main Goal: Lose 2-4 inches from arms/waist/hips/thigh/calves. The goal is by April. My friend and I have a bet going. I want to fit into my jeans and my size 10 dress by my birthday, and he wants to fit
  24. Challenge Number 4!!! And no Firefly reference in the title because I ran out of decent quotes I thought could apply, bummer. Main Goal: Lose 10-15 pounds and/or 2-3 inches from arms/waist/hips/thigh/calves. I would love to do have this accomplished by New Year’s Eve. That gives me 3 ½ months - 1 pound per week for the 15 pounds goal. What’s going to make this challenge interesting, though, is that I have challenged myself not to weigh or measure myself until the end of the year. The numbers make me depressed. I’ve gone into one too many tailspins because of the scale or tape measur
  25. Post your favorite fantasy swear words and their sources! For example: "Dark and empty!" -Jak the Halfing, the Erevis Cale Trilogy, by Paul S. Kemp. "Fak!" - Nix the Lucky, the Hammer and the Blade, by Paul S. Kemp. (I heart Paul S. Kemp.) "Clangadin's Fartin' Arse!" -Athrogate the Dwarf, The Crystal Tower, by R.A. Salvatore. Go!
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