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Found 15 results

  1. This challenge I'm going to work on re-establishing habits that I've let slide, or continuing progress from last challenge. 1. Pre-Fuel for success! Eat enough food. Eat high-value foods. Drink juice and protein shakes when I can't eat. (specific goals for this one will depend on what my Dr wants me to work on each week.) 2. French book work Goal will be for 4 20 minute sessions per week. (not 80 minute sessions.... *side-eyes french number system*) Gotta build from the last challenge, as I can really see the value of this in how fast I'm learn
  2. I’m back again! For the last few months, I’ve been struggling to keep up with like, basic life skills, so participating in challenges has been kind of off the table. This year, I’ve decided to work towards a group of year-long goals and structure my challenges around them. I started a Daily Battle Log to declare my intentions for the year, and to keep track of my progress during times when I don’t feal up for participating in a structured challenge. I’m going to start of slow with some non-overly-ambitious goals. Almost every one of my goals is something I’m aiming for making a d
  3. I’ve never done a daily battle log thread, and I’m not sure if I’m going to use it “properly” as I’ll most likely be doing the bulk of my updates in my four week challenges. But I wanted to start a thread I could refer back to regarding my big picture, year long goals of what I want to achieve by the end of 2019, and updates of how I’m moving forward towards them. If I’m not doing a challenge (missed the start date, felt like too much pressure, Ect) I’ll try to keep updating in here to keep momentum going. The title is a reference to the fact that due to my synesthesia (associating color
  4. . . . . . . . . Yeah, so, back in February, my depression and anxiety got...way out of hand, and i ran from...as many places as i could, really. Things got really bad, and i spent a lot of time wishful-thinking about suicide. Realized i have some resentment issues, some abandonment issues, some undefined issues. Thoughts and feelings about the world, about myself, that i don't know what to do with yet. There was a difficult situation in the family, and i'm wholly convinced it was God who carried us through it. I've read some books (The Screwtape Letters, some historical fiction
  5. >> Citizen Balsquith, Big Brother has been watching you for some time now << >> We know that you are trying to be a good citizen but we have noticed that you are falling behind in some areas << >> Big Brother is your friend, therefore he will be paying especial attention to you in the future << I have enjoyed failing abysmally to slay some dragons over the past couple of challenges (actually enjoying much more success than the results would suggest), but it has occurred to me that I have lost track of many things and witho
  6. Akari

    Akaris Challenge

    Mache einen Plan, sei ein großes Licht. Mache einen zweiten Plan, doch gehen tun sie beide nicht! (Bertold Brecht) One of my fellow students loved these words and never tired of repeating them. Englisch translation: Make a plan, be a great light. Make a second plan, but they aren’t working both. 1. Find a room to rent. Because I do an apprenticeship in a town to farm away from my parent’s house to drive each day, I have to find a room where I can stay. Currently I live in a student’s home, but have to leave at the end of this month. Don’t laugh about this quest
  7. So, last challenge I finished the Couch to 5k program. I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but after talking with one of my coworkers who is planning on this and doing some planning myself, I want to run the LA Marathon next year. The 2017 race will be on March 19. My plan right now is to spend a few weeks doing some speed work and getting really comfortable with running 5k, then doing the Bridge to 10k program, spending a few weeks doing speed work and increasing my weekly mileage and getting really comfortable at that distance, then starting a marathon training program. Something very
  8. Balsquith: Out in the wilderness I am in the wilderness at the moment, not literally, but in a state of discontent where I don’t really know where I am at the moment or where I am going – a.k.a. the wilderness. Clearly I got into this wilderness somehow and I can find my way through it somehow too. Whilst the way out isn’t clear to me at the moment, it is clear to me that I am not going to find my way out by stopping moving and wallowing in my discontent – I need to keep myself moving forward Goal 1: Limit sugar There is no sugar in the wilderness (except for maybe some fruit a
  9. Last challenge actually went pretty well! Well, compared to the previous three which I bailed on. I'm planning to now chain this plus the next three challenges as part of an overarching, semester long challenge. I have several semester long goals, as well as specific ones I'll try to achieve in February. I'm also making my challenge run Feb 1 - Feb 28, so it's a solid 4 weeks rather than 26 days. Semester Goals: 1. Maintain my weight all semester (196.8 lbs on Feb 1). 2. Workout 3x/week all semester 3. Work with a personal trainer at least 1 session to fix my lifting form (so I don't
  10. Having fallen in love with a beautiful Dutch woman and her accepting my marriage proposal it would behoove me to learn more Dutch. Goal 1: 20xp per day in Dutch Duolingo. My general wellbeing and ability to learn are greatly enhanced when I meditate. Therefore I have also prioritized a once daily silent meditation session. Goal 2: Meditate once daily for 10 minutes. These things are not difficult but consistency will be the key to my empowerment and future success.
  11. Oh hey, it's been exactly 1 year since I tried a challenge (and failed to complete that challenge). But, four weeks seems far more manageable, and fits beautifully into my schedule, so let's give this another go. 2015 was a hectic year - I started grad school, which has been amazing. This meant I had to leave my Muay Thai gym I was training at due to both money and time reasons (I'm still in the same city, but my school schedule conflicted with the classes there). Fortunately I found people in my grad program who used to train BJJ and Muay Thai, and so was able to get in a few workout sessi
  12. I would love to go to Italy. I have been there twice on student trips as a chaperon. It is inspiring sight seeing but I would like to go there to study and interact with people beyond the bus driver and the tour guides. I love learning new things and I admire others who are multilingual so I am turning this challenge into a language learning challenge. I am taking a break from lifting and running because I am dealing with some health issues. I am pursuing treatment and it is best for me to stop heavy lifting of any kind So figuring out a new form of exercise is also a goal of mine. I would al
  13. So....here we are. I completed my first challenge, but didn't do as well as I'd hoped. The two weeks in between have been......worse. Now I'm here to commit to myself and make sure that I start this challenge on a more serious, but reasonable, note. Let's get to it: My background: 28 year old female, living in South Korea. I'm an Elementary English teacher for another month and a half, then I'm off to start a new job as a university professor in Seoul. I enjoy movies, reading, art, and cooking. During this challenge, I will not only be starting a new job, but also finding and moving into a
  14. Watch this space... coming Okay one super challenge coming right up. My last challenge was an entree, a little taster to get me in the mood. I wasn't very disciplined and I didn't hold myself accountable for much. I still see at as a success because I'm in a lot better place than I was motivation wise now. Variety is the spice of life I have been reading Mark's Daily Apple again regularly and I'm a big fan of his exercise philosophy. Of course it is similar to Steve's philosophy of... have some fun!! I have joined a gym near my work and I plan to work my way through all the classes and do
  15. I'll fill this first post out more when I'm home, but here are my goals for this challenge, just to get them out there. Goal 1: Recover from the holidays...and then some What this looks like: Body fat goal: 26.25%Start of challenge: 28.27%Where I ended in 2014: 26.97%How much I need to reduce beyond 2014 levels: 0.72%Waist size goal: 38.5"Start of challenge: 39.75"Where I ended in 2014: 38.75"How much I need to reduce beyond 2014 levels: 0.25"Supported through maintaining an 80/20 Paleo diet. Having all my Non-Paleo Tokens (NPTs) for meals and snacks in one pot during the last challenge hind
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