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Found 10 results

  1. Hey y'all! I'm Jen. I'm a game designer and game writer by day. I've done work on board games, LARPs, adventure games, and more. I've realized lately that I've stopped exercising and being careful about my food habits, and recently got diagnosed with Lyme disease. I'm going to beat it, but I'll beat it faster if I can get active and start cutting sugar, so I joined this lovely community! I'm in the east bay near San Francisco, California for the next two months, before I move up to my partner in suburban seattle. I can't exercise by myself; I find it too boring and I
  2. Hello! I'm Jen. I'm a professional game designer/game writer. I've done work on visual novels, adventure games, LARPS, board games, and a bunch of other stuff. After years of glancing at this website, I've finally joined! I've slowly stopped exercising and thinking intelligently about what food I'm putting in my mouth, and in the last year we discovered I'm fighting an auto-immune disease. The good news is it's very treatable and I'm on track to be symptom free, but I'm now in the process of re-evaluating how to approach getting healthier again. The biggest thing I need to do mor
  3. I have just moved to Pataskala Ohio and my husband is not really into working out or some of the more nerd things I like. I was looking for a buddy either in the area or online/txt who may also like video games, larp, renaissance faires, pokemon, sports, and who would be willing to help keep me accountable and be able to talk nerd as well . Nerd workouts are the best workouts! If you have/love pets as well I love going to the dog park for a work out for both me and my pups. As I am just restarting my adventure I do not have many weights so most of my worko
  4. So, recently i've gotten this crazy idea in my head that one of the ways to improve my LARP game is to get more in shape. For many, many years I've played Amtgard, a combat larp. I've also played Belegarth and Dagohir, which i like less for reasons i'm about to get into. In all three cases, when magic or ranged weapons are present, i'm deadly at arms length, but never, ever been good up close or if I get chased down since i start huffing and heaving and dying a little bit. Knowing that i need to be able to engage in short sprints (get in/out quickly with spells), extended close melee
  5. I larp, and I like to do 5ks, 10k, mudruns and even crossfit dressed in cosplay, like Batroc ze Leaper. Feels good to say, feels good to speak my truth
  6. Hi Everyone I always say, the third times a charm, so here's to hoping my 3rd battle log will survive where the other 2 have failed. Honestly, it's been over 6 months since I touched my last one, and back then I was a very different person. Back then, I was weak. A shell of the Werespartan I have transformed into. My name is Ryan. I've gone by Wolf since I joined the boards back in September 2012 but most people like to call me Wolfie . I'm married to the love of my life, Heather, and we have 3 beautiful, handsome boys of our own: Racer, Declan, and Orin. We also just added two additions
  7. Hey Rebels! I've been on and fallen off the fitness wagon for a few years now, and I've finally found my motivation. I'm a weekend LARPer, my character has enormous strength, and I want to be able to do that in real life. I've always had trouble putting on weight and gaining muscle mass, so I'm here to get serious. Any tips for someone one who was born an elf start building her strength?
  8. Hi guys, Just wondered if anybody did larp here? I have looked into it and looks pretty fun. Is it anygood? As it costs a fair bit to take part in an event so wanted to know what peoples experience of it was.
  9. Hello thar! I'm 33 and would like to wear UK size 12 clothes by my birthday in June. I'm a UK 14 now. I like to lift lots of free weights, swim, do allstar cheerleading once a week, and am currently eating 2 low-carb meals a day and one with a portion of rice or potato. I will keep everyone updated - and PLEASE tell me off if bad things happen, like yesterday I ate a choc-chip muffin. Kalia x
  10. Okay, so I'm a cheerleader and a LARPer who wants to look good in both Lycra and leather armour! Having read Spezzy's transformation story, I've decided to start my own. I worked with a gym instructor last night to refine my lifting technique and create a programme, so that begins tomorrow (my muscles ache from all the crazy reps I did getting it right last night!). I will lift weights three times a week and do two good sessions of cardio (cheer practise). To be continued... Kalia x
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