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Found 11 results

  1. OH HI. I ghosted after my last challenge. It was a really busy time, I was really stressed out. let me recap: * mid-april - when I was here last - had a great birthday. * the guy I was working on this huuuuuuge proposal with got his dream job and checked out. * I had to finish the proposal by myself and it was horrible and fraught. Submitted early May! * deep breaths. * ok let's do the regular day job you've been putting off for 6 weeks to get this proposal done. * oh right, there's a presentation requirement for the proposal. DO THE THINGS. pr
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm new here and I'm working on getting back into my fitness routine. I used to workout regularly doing martial arts and power lifting but the past 2 years I got a new job with longer hours, and my wife got pregnant and needed my help as much as possible. Now I'm becoming unsatisfied with the shape I'm in and so I'm going to do something about it. This time I want to work up gradually to a more sustainable fitness routine since in the past I've gone hammer and tongs from the start and crashed out after a couple of months. To work towards that my challeng
  3. Respawn again... (I wonder just how often this will happen.) I first thought I'll join for the next challenge, but then worried I might lose all momentum again. So I came up with 3 ridiculously easy goals for the remainder of this challenge to hopefully bridge the gap to the next. 1. Count calories every day. 2. Post something every day. (Anything, not specifically to this thread.) 3. Move for 30 minutes every day. Now I'm off to stalk some of your threads. Awful pun to start this off: " A friend of mine tried to annoy me with bird puns, bu
  4. This may be giffed up later, or not. Maintenance goals: Judo twice per week as much as possible Stick to budget, track expenditures Walk 70k + steps per week Talk a day/evening off per week to spend at home Incremental goals: Stop being late to bed, and therefore late to work - in bed by midnight at latest every work night. Hand stand practice - every day, however brief Pullup practice - every day, even if only one Guitar practice - 3x per week? Minimum 15 minutes. Bonus: Get out more. Judo tournament this Saturday - if others are going. Plus another thing this month. Will
  5. Hello. I'm Dreena. This is my first challenge. I realize I'm late to the party, but no matter, there is still plenty of time left in this challenge! I'm 56 years old, Mom to 5, Jack of all Trades, Paraprofessional in Special Ed Main QUEST: Lose 60 pounds and become a certified Special Ed teacher; transform from an Adventurer to a Ranger. (Thank you Nuala for helping me figure out who I am and where I'm going through your class finder!) For this challenge, I have these sub-quests Fitness Quest: Lose 3.5 pounds (2 WLP, 3 CON) by eating paleo; I'm very close to this lifestyle already
  6. Okay, so still kinda figuring things out. LONG TERM GOALS Get back under 200 lbs. Hopefully somewhere around 150 lb or less, although if I get the right muscle mass like I'd like to do, then it'd be higher, right? Who cares about the scale anyways? Why do I keep rambling? WHO KNOWSEither overcome my depression or learn how to live with it and defeat it's ploys.Overall, be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spirituallySMART GOALS FOR THESE NEXT 3 WEEKS CONSIDERING I'M A LATE DUMBASS Grading: A: 22-24 | B: 19-21 | C: 16-18 | D: 13-15 | F: 12 or less days Cut out pop from everyda
  7. Well, I guess this is where I need to be. I'm starting a little late, but oh well. The semester just ended (woot woot!!) and I'm ready for summer. However, I did gain the freshman 15 last year--only add 5 to that. I'm thinking that I need to make some changes before this spirals out of control.... therefore, my May 24 goal is: Get set back into the PST (along with waking up early, and getting enough sleep) Establishing a 5k running plan (and see how far I can make it) Complete a thirty day strength training challenge (doubling most days) Let's see...main quest? Get strong, health
  8. Late again! I promised myself I'd start this thing on time! Anyway, My goals remain mostly unchanged from my last challenge. 1) Main Quest- Weight loss: I'm cutting down to 1200-1400 calories a day along with keeping track, and on track, on Weight Watchers. I'm also exercising whenever and wherever I can, as well as playing DDR and working in the Hot Foods kitchen for schooling. Two pounds a week, here I come! 2) Life- School: I'm going to finish Hot Foods by doing everything I need to do. Furthermore, I will go a bit ahead in my workbooks so I can work on that research paper on Food Su
  9. Noob with a Late start... I went gluten free in December 2012 and felt awesome. So many problems I was having dissappeared. I went Primal/paleo after that and have mostly stayed that way, but I've drifted more to 50/50 than 80/20. Gluten-free junk food is still junk food! I initially lost 30lbs going primal/paleo but I've been stuck a year and half with about 20 more lbs to go. MAIN QUEST: Lose 20lbs or thereabouts. I'm not set on the number but I want visible fat rolls to go away. Side Quests: 1 - Do beginner workout 3 times a week 2 - Refocus diet to primal 80/20 goal. 3 - Take
  10. Is that a bird? Is that a plane? NO! It's Firstmatenora!! Back from the evil realm known only as the Dissertation of Doom, she comes having fought her way valiantly through three months of horror. She was stuck in a wasteland of writing and no exercise for months, having nearly given up hope of finishing, and lost track of almost all of her health goals. Yet, when the deadline came, she was prepared and turned in her dissertation, and boy did she kick its butt! Though she did not come away unscathed, she stands ready to get back to the basics and build again. Her body and m
  11. Sooo... I actually began posting a challenge thread a couple times, then didn't finish. Shame on me. Part of it I blame on being overwhelmed with the end of the semester, part of it I blame on general laziness and lack of inertia, and part of it I blame on my boyfriend. Fortunately, the semester is over and with Tough Mudder on the horizon I have gotten moving again. I'm even working on the boyfriend. I asked him to go completely paleo with me and he got all waffley/noncommittal-y. I got so discouraged I completely gave up on the entire challenge post I was writing. Boo on him for not being su
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