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Found 4 results

  1. Some of you may remember me. Yes, it is I of kettlebell and Hero's Journey fame. This will be my first Four week challenge...and I find them pretty weird...but I'll try? *Ahem* Moving on: Welcome to Clone Club. We don't use the "C" word For those of you who don't know Orphan Black...wow. You've been missing out. So this brit girl Sarah arrives at a train station, ostensibly on her way some where. As she gets off the train, she sees a girl who looks just like her commit suicide. Sarah, being the thrifty sort, picks up the girl's bag and steals her identity. Jokes on you Sarah, turns out the girl was a cop. Oh, and your clone. I could go on and on about how well Tatiana Maslany conveys each of the clones. They're all very different people--it's really amazing. But then I wouldn't get to talk about me...and that's why you're here... right? Right? As I've technically missed a week (though I have been operating under these challenges) I'll deduct points. 11.25 points to go around this time. Challenge 1: Helena or Hardest to Kill +5 STR I thought a lot about which Sestra would represent the STR part of these challenges. All these girls are strong, Sarah has survived being handed a pretty bad hand in life, Alison gets the job done, no matter what it is, Cosima holds everyone together...but in the end, I had to pick Helena. I mean she is physically the most fit to kick tail. And while her hold on sanity is somewhat...tenuous, she has survived unthinkable things. So, just what am I doing that deserves 5 STR points?? Stronglifts baby. That's right. I'm actually in my sixth week but a few of those weeks only had two workouts (sometimes your body just needs to recover and when your rest day isn't a rest day...). I feel invincible, most of the time! But, all those workouts won't do a think If I'm not-- Challenge 2: Alison or All together now +2 CON, +2 WIS eating like a grown up. Jeez louise, I've had some days when I...well my eating habits suddenly turn atrocious. This challenge will require Alison's verve. I just need to get the thing done. And as the, sometimes resentful, clone caretaker, Alison is usually the most concerned about her loved ones leading a nutritionally balanced lifestyle. My Fitness Pal anyone? Yup, I'm gonna track every bite I eat. This is the harder version of this challenge--usually I cop out and say I'll just make sure I'm on track calorie-wise. Not today. This gonna suck at first. But I'll do it. I really will. Challenge 3: Cosima or Completely Bendy +1.25 DEX To say Cosima is the most flexible of the main house Clone club is putting it mildly. Every single one of these ladies is bull headed and head strong, but when it comes to the clone club crew, Cosima is open to everything and willing to bend (very rarely true of the others). Plus, doesn't Cosima just sound like the name of your friendly neighborhood local Yogi? Yes, this is the one with the stretching.5 min a day? Let's see how this goes... Challenge 4: Sarah or Something more +1 WIS/+1 CHA This is an either or type of deal. But the idea is to do something at least once a week that will improve my future. Language learning? Letters of Continued interest to Law schools? Applying for Jobs. All of the above. And why Sarah? Well she'a bit of an odd duck in that she's the only one with a biological child. And everything she does is for her daughter. Protecting the future...ehhhh? geddit? I might do a bonus challenge to earn back those points I missed. Like a feel good, get out of the house and do something, make something new challenge. Will keep posted!
  2. Hey everyone I am jumping in at the end of this challenge and will continue with it in next months challenge. So here we go. Fitness quest- get back into a workout habit, hitting the gym or yoga class 3-4 times a week. Diet quest- Super smoothie everyday Lifestyle quest- Miracle morning routine everyday
  3. I'll get started tomorrow. Just deciding some goals. Since the end of the last challenge I've got a new job for next school year as head of department, and my girlfriend and I got engaged, and I can get into all but one pair of trousers despite weighing exactly the same as I did about 45 days ago. I'm more interested in seeing everyone else's challenges than my own this time, they're more entertaining somehow! I like the ideas.
  4. I'm late to start but wanted to jump in anyway. I started a battle log, but think I'll keep up here for the challenge. I'm Jenni, in Phoenix, mom of nine, wife of my hero, fantasy reader, dreamer, etc. I'm 41 with about 50 pounds to lose (give or take, we'll see as I get stronger!) That's me in a nutshell. Goals: Fitness: -Complete C25K, running 3 times weekly. When it is done work on speed a bit before going for longer distance. -Strength train (beginner body workout) 2x weekly Diet: -Track calories daily, reduce grains and dairy, Sunday is free day but still have to count the calories (keeps me a little bit in line!) Life: -Focus on my 3 high priority chores each day. Every morning I pick 3 high priority chores to get done, the rest go on a separate list (because I always have more than 3 things to do!) But I often get distracted and don't finish those 3 High Priority things before I move on to more palatable jobs. So I'm grading myself on those 3 high priority things. It may take me a while to really get the feel for these forums, please forgive any faux pas while I do - it's a whole new world out there! Great to meet all of you! Anyway. Here's my battle log for last week: (April 14-20) 2 weeks, 4.5 pounds! I’m working the plan, and the plan is working. This past week, we went for a hike – which involved a good bit of climbing, I ran three times, and a did a strength/cardio workout twice: Last Sunday: Hike, Calories eaten – 1923 (Free day) Monday: 30 Day Shred, Calories eaten – 1607 Tuesday: I finally conquered week 4 of Couch to 5K! Calories eaten – 1570 Wednesday: Rest – I wanted to work out. Imagine! Me? Wanting to work out?? But I thought it best to give my muscles a rest. Calories eaten – 1615 Thursday: C25K W 4, D2. Calories eaten – 1615 Friday: 30 Day Shred, Calories eaten – 1577 Saturday: C25K W 4, D3. Calories eaten – 1601 I was able to keep those calories mostly healthy foods, so I was rarely hungry, and only once got shaky and fuzzy headed. Saturday’s run was by far the hardest, I think my body was feeling the fatigue of both the run and the 30 Day Shred from the day before, so I didn’t quite run all the running parts. But I only walked about 20 steps, and it was very near the end when that happened. It was kind of funny – the walking was involuntary, my legs were just so tired, I just kind of found myself walking. But that whole run my legs felt like bricks. My calves were so tired. No soreness today, though. With that in mind though, I am going to switch it up a little bit. I have been reading NerdFitness.com quite a bit. I am going to switch out the 30 Day Shred for their Beginner Body Weight Workout. I don’t intend to do a full Paleo diet, it would be very difficult with the age range and size of our family, but I am moving my diet that direction – avoiding grains and dairy, keeping my food as unprocessed as possible, higher in protein, lots of vegetables, etc. Oh and one more thing about this past week: I have made it through week 3 on the C25K three times so far and just couldn't get to week 4. But I really did it this week. about halfway through that first run on week four, I realized that I can't be running and thinking, "It's almost done, it's almost done!" if I plan to run longer distances. So I slowed down a little bit and found a pace where I could stay and... just keep running and be okay at! I FOUND MY GROOVE! I can run and not feel like death the whole time! This is so huge for me, even my husband told me this week - I never pictured you as a runner! So I'm still just a baby runner, but I can do several minutes at a time now, and I love it. I never would have guessed how much I could love this either. Every day I look forward to the next time I can run. This week on my to do list is to make a list of specific goals – and rewards for meeting them. At Target last night I was about to buy some new workout clothes, but I thought, why not make this something I work for and look forward to? So that is my plan! Some things I want to work towards: New running shoes Cute exercise clothes (this could be several goals! Yay, Shopping!) FitBit A second running bra I can think of lots more!
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