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Found 2 results

  1. I'm coming off of a pretty successful challenge at the beginning of the year, but that is in part because I made my goals super simple and not terribly difficult. I wanted to build a couple solid daily habits, and since I have kept them up without reporting here every day over the last week I suppose that means I'm on the right track so far. So this challenge I am keeping the same format, just adding another daily habit. 1. Hike outside at least one mile per day. I am trying to get ready for longer hikes in the next few months. Last challenge I usually did between 1.5-2.5 miles each day. I can usually make time right after work. I've been wearing a 20-pound weighted pack (with something like these inside) a couple times per week as well, to get used to that. 2. Studying or doing exercises from my Latin language textbooks for fifteen minutes. I'm working out of Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata. Volume 1 is called Familia Romana. I have read up through chapter 26 of 35, but in those last chapters my comprehension is very poor. I've started going back to the earlier chapters and doing more exercises in a notebook, writing a lot more than I had been the first few times through. 3. Strength or mobility work for fifteen minutes. This is the new one. I need to work on these two aspects of physical fitness that I have let slide during the recent months of lock-downs. I'm planning to alternate between a circuit of mostly body-weight exercises and other activities to get more mobile and active.
  2. Erick the Red: No Zero Days I've done a few of these challenges over the past few years, and had some pretty good successes. Also failed more than a couple times. This round I am starting slow and simple. Two clear-cut daily goals to solidify daily habits. I plan to check in daily or near-daily to update my progress, and maybe go over some details. I appreciate feedback and positive peer-pressure. 1. Hike outside at least one mile per day. I am glad to have a job, but working from home has meant that I sometimes go two or three days without stepping out my front door. I plan to throw on my weighted vest or a backpack with a ruck plate about three times per week. 2. Complete at least one page in my Latin language textbook. My COVID lock-down hobby has been learning Latin. The textbook I have is called "Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata", which is great, but I get distracted easily with other Latin language resources. I need to focus more on making steady progress on formal training. My other resources are free apps like Duolingo or Xochi, Latin Language Youtube channels including Magister Craft and Luke Ranieri's Scorpio Martianus, and a series of fun novellas by Lance Piantaginni. In both cases I am working towards bigger long-term goals, but for now I need to establish a foundation.
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