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  1. Well, One millionth may be a bit of hyperbole I don't know what number I'm at, and I couldn't theme, so here we are. I've struggled with making smart food choices during The Uncertainty. I feel like my teenage brain totally takes over. There are so many rules in life now (wear a mask, stand here, don't stand here, keep your distance, etc) that when it comes to any food rules I was following, my brain just says, NOPE. I realized that usually in the spring is when I lose a few of those winter pounds, and instead I added to them. So, part of me want to lose weight. But the teenage brain seems to be in control when it comes to making decisions. Last challenge , I worked on delaying food and tracking.I did alright on the delaying food, but rebelled against the tracking(you can't make me, says the teenage brain) I think I have a plan for that this time: When I have a craving and want food, I will put a sticker in my So called Bullet Journal*. I then will delay the snack, aiming for about 15 minutes, but really anytime I delay is a win. Then when I post here, I will talk about how that is working.At the end of week, If I was pretty consistent about it, I give myself one of the big stickers, if I say I was amazing, I get two big stickers. Yes, this is far from a SMART goal, it is very wibbly wobbly, but it will be good for now Also, I want to get back into the habit of drinking water in the morning. So, when I read my Bible I will drink water. I am not tracking it, and may or may not post about it, but it's something that when I am in the mood to work on it, I will. Fitness: I love all the fitness goals. These are fun! post a video of my staff flow: I've been working on a flow with some of the moves I've learned so I want to make a video L-sit; I'm still working on my L-sit: Goal by challenge end is to do 2 stag leg raises; take a video , and see how I improve Life: post a weekly to do list, and then a wrap up of how I've done during the week Winning this challenge: Again, I don't want to track. Winning is just that I've posted about stuff here and a good portion of time stuck with the stuff I would do. I started a chin up challenge accountabilibuddies group for those of us in the NF challenge, or anyone else working on chin- ups https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/117117-keep-your- chin-up/ Edit to add: I totally forgot that I am working on the values journaling around my fitness and healthy.So yeah that's a goal too. I'll try and do it on Mondays, so I don't forget. Winning that part is just getting it done during the week, bonus props for doing it Monday *my bulllet journal is not a work of art, it is the construct of a mad genius! I've given up on page numbers and any sort of numbering system, and just jot notes in it wherever. They aren't neat, or tidy. It's more like when people write random notes on a napkin. It is non linear, and probably is the stuff of nightmares for people. I have to thumb through the book to find the random page I've written on. All my life, I've tried to be the sort of person who keeps a beautiful, organized notebook, now I've just decided I'm a mad genius, and going with my randomness
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