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Found 2 results

  1. I like my username - FortBacon - and I usually feel LIKE bacon - like a big piece of fatty meat. In fact, I would go as far as to say I feel like a street-delicacy I encountered in Ukraine called salo - which is pretty much a slice of fatback (emphasis on the fat), fried, peppered and sold on the street. You can read more about this questionable treat here. So, I would like this challenge to kick off my year-long quest to transition from feeling like this... To feeling like this... The Big/Main Quest - Lean Out (without losing what little muscle I have) and get the career settle (more of a caveat, but same timeline and just as important) From now until summer (and probably through the end of 2014), I shall lean out - and would love to fit into 36" waist I should probably shoot for smaller waist than 36 at my height - but I gotta start somewhere that's currently out of reach - 36 for now... and I don't know what's possible with my particular combination of health stuff (primarily thyroid). Progress, not perfection. 3 FITNESS QUESTS (Nov 11 - Dec 22) * NUTRITION - Whole42 - the ever popular whole30 extended through the duration of our 6 week challenges (yes - including Thanksgiving) * EXERCISE - 3x per week, go to CrossFit (maybe 4 times per week, but at least 3) - with an emphasis on SCALING - I'm not trying to RX and hit a stress wall - just trying to burn off my glycogen stores, keep some strength and boost my metabolism (while doing the mobility, endurance and strength thing without succumbing to the pressure to overdo it) * HYDRATION - water water water - shooting for 72 oz per day (that's draining my nalgene 3x's per day) and restrict coffee to 1 cup a day. The coffee will be the hardest part, but I need to take it easy on my adrenals and rehydrate my body!! Life Quest - Complete first run-through of CAIA Level 1 study material I'm working on my career while I do this - trying to get to a family-sustaining job and into a home town that I can live in long-term (whether that is where I live now or somewhere else in a year - unsure - I just need to hurry up and settle on it so I can move my parents to where I can sustain the family... life... so crazy). I would love to be self-employed, but for now I need to feed the kid and save up the monies!!!!!! Getting the CAIA will be very helpful in getting that "set job" in a long-term town (my current job is considered short-term and transitional by most in the industry). Wow -that is wordy. Let's summarize and make it nice and tidy and measurable and doable MAIN QUEST: In a year, lean out to <36" waist and be on a strong career path 1) Whole42 - get fat-adapted and clean the body of the processed foods, grains, dairy and legume 2) CrossFit 3x per week (and maybe 4 times) - scaled - just burn the glycogen and keep the strength 3) Water - 72 oz water per day and only 1 cup of coffee per day LIFE - Complete first run-through of CAIA Level 1 material (exam is in March) WHY? I am the big kid now - as my last challenge ended with major health crisis in the family, I discovered that I may someday be responsible for the parentals... while being husband to a WONDERFUL wife. I need to get healthy so I can be around and honor the body God gave me... and be the best I can in my career (in my job, appearances matter - sales and all). I love my wife, my son and my parents and I know how good I feel when I'm in shape (energy levels, confidence, etc.). So many barriers have been removed, and it's time. Debt is finally gone, my job is supportive and flexible, my parents are healthy, and I learned a ton about food prep and cooking in my last challenge. It is time to fix the body! I'm very excited about this challenge. It's such a transitional time - like I finally pulled my family out of a bog and we can start moving again! Very very excited.
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