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Found 9 results

  1. I've been a lurker on Nerd Fitness for quite a while, and finally decided I'd start a thread of my own to track my progress to gain muscle mass while staying lean. Here's a little back story to who I am, and my fitness/diet history. I'm 32 years old, and have 3 daughters with ages 10 years, 2 years, and 15 weeks. I have a wonderfully supportive wife, who does more for me than I deserve. So basically the only males in the house are me and my Alaskan Malamute, so we're quite outnumbered. This will be a long post consisting of my dieting/fitness history, but I'll provide a simple summary of
  2. Hi everyone! My name's Mike - first time poster, long time lurker. I started eating Paleo back in March of 2014, after stumbling upon Steve's "Beginner's Guide to the Paleo Diet" article. Since then I've lost about 88lbs! Here are my before and after photos: I still eat non-Paleo stuff on occassion, cheeseburgers, pizzas, soda, etc. I try to keep it 80-20. I definitely indulged myself a little too much over the course of December, with holiday gatherings and whatnot. Hoping this month I can be a little more disciplined. I want to further improve my physique; I'd like to cut down my
  3. Welcome! I'm a wannabe powerlifter, aiming to attend my first meet sometime this fall. This is where I record the stuff I do to get stronger.
  4. This last challenge my goals were to get to the gym and focus on fundamental body weight exercises (rows, pushups, pullups, dips), keep my eating clean, and get in the habit of meditating each day. I learned that (for me) making it to the gym is pretty easy at and eating right is the hard part. So I figure with that said I am going to focus primarily on my diet and nutrition and let the strength training continue as it is. So here we go: Main Quest: Be way more awesome at the end of tomorrow then I was at the beginning of today. Quest 1: Leangains. I'm going to do a leangains bulk aiming
  5. New log! Background: Been doing some sort of barbell strength stuff for about 18mo consistently now, from SL 5x5 thru 531 and now TM. Have been (deliberately) eating ad libitum and so got big and strong and fat. Just did my first powerlifting meet and totalled 467.5kg in the 125kg weight class. Midterm goals: Get to a 500+ total. Lose some of this belly. A bit more biking. Methods: Moar Texas Method, I enjoy it - I'm doing a slightly reduced volume flavour to allow my 42yo carcass to cope with the load. Leangains recomposition eating plan (carb cycling, IF) rather than a cut even t
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been trying desperately for years and years to lose the excess body fat on me, everytime I've tried I've made progress for 2 or 3 weeks then I turn back to junk food and gain back all the weight I've lost plus some more :-( Well now I want to put an end to that, I've been doing Starting Strength for the past year and weightlifting for the past 2 years or so. I've been dabbling with Intermittent Fasting since April (whilst still eating junk food so my results haven't been good at all). This is my battle log to help track my progress, keep myself accountable, and hopefully ins
  7. Hello fellow rebellion armies, I'm a skinny-fat Southeast Asian dude weighted at a whooping 60kg and 167cm tall. On level 50, I'd want to be able to be present at any point on earth within 24 hours of prior notice. But that's a really long way to go. Right now I just want to build muscles, lose fats, and take control of my life. On my first challenge, I was able to gain 4.5kg by consuming 2500kcal every day (before joining the rebellion I was only 55kg). However, as I'm still not rich enough to buy "clean food", I managed to get those calories by eating a lot of stuff, even junk foods. I did c
  8. After successfully tracking my food habits last challenge (I eat ALL things), i received the following communication in my Superhero inbox: It is time for me to don my battle armor and ride to war against Galactus, the Devourer. Goal #1 - Strengthen My Army: My fitness habits are pretty good, so I am not too worried about this. I will be completing Stage 3 of NRoLfW and then moving onto another strength program, although i am not entirely sure which one just yet. I will also be partaking in the Spark Challenges on Fitocracy with Chammy (another one of our intrepid Guild Leaders). My
  9. TL;DR: Doing a Leangains recomp and the numbers seem a bit insane. Is this newbie eyes, or am I about to buy a catering quantity of steak and lamb mince? Backstory: I've been lifting heavy for strength, and eating ad libitum, and so I've got big and strong and fat. I don't want to lose the strength. I'm patient enough. The 16/8 fast/feed window study with mice impressed me and the logic behind it is at least as convincing as paleo without any of the "but eskimos don't have sweet potatoes" problems. So, I'm going for a recomposition, which I've calculated as something like: BW 112kg
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