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Found 2 results

  1. Last episode I was battling a few insidious creatures whose primary goal was to bring distraction and inertia to my life. I had success with one, but I knew the other would be a more lengthy battle. So, here we are today and I've decided I must bring the battle to the critter itself. To do so I must hunt it out, quest for its hiding place. This is a change for me. Usually I let things come to me or external requirement drive my responses. This little bugger . The Ignoraminx. (To recap: A wily animal that sneaks around the edges of thought. It gently sings the alluring suggestion that learning is hard work and unnecessary. It values idling in what you already know and convincing its victim that education efforts are pointless. Maybe just give up that thing that requires education? That sounds easier. ) If I seek it out, rather than letting it come upon me unawares, I should be more able to defeat it instead of just outmaneuvering to survive. Method: I will finish another CE class within the first two weeks of the challenge, then turn my efforts to the work related education I've been avoiding. (4 focused times per week) I have to strengthen and train as a hero as I hunt. I can only be as able as I have trained myself to be, both in body and mind. Therefor a proper hero's regimen must be scheduled. Method: I'm revisiting the DB Hero's Journey again. I have wedding v2.0 at the end of May. Prior to v1.0 I did the same program and was thrilled with the positive effects on my posture, but two years of slumping at a computer or on the couch or under generalized stress heaviness has had some effects. Since this is my second time through HJ I'm upping the level a bit by doing two weapon's instead of one. Bonus this does tie in quite well with the NF body weight program and my pull-up goals. One tweak. I will likely switch up their cardio days for running days. (At least 4 times per week) But I must not lose the skills I fought hard for last challenge. I must maintain my focus of advancing and mastering the creative skills I've learned. Method: continue to practice Tunisian crochet and pick one new sewing project to plod away at. (goal is 4 times but the bar is low) Finally, the surprise twist that came out of nowhere which turned out to be very important. Finding a new keep to call our own. Method: paint one bedroom ceiling and patch/paint the other. I should have time for this. Get the paint needed for bedroom walls. Start if time, but don't over-stress myself. 1 hour will be spent each weekend day by each of us, purging and paring down stuff, and packing stuff that is rarely needed.
  2. Last Time: F A I L. Not sure what happened. Time got all scrambled again. Brain is a bag of fish. Started taking supplement, it hasn't helped so far but it might still do something. Options will be re-evaluated once the supplement runs out, according to the results. In the meantime, time to get up and try again. again. This Time: Unfortunately for everyone who knows me, I finally saw Captain America: Civil War. Have not yet stopped screaming about Bucky. My brother is probably going to punch me through a wall if he hears me say 'Bucky', 'Avengers', 'Civil War' or 'Sebastian Stan' one more time. Bucky Barnes, man. Most personally relatable character since Merlin. Also utterly heartbreaking and everything about him makes me want to cry. Also gorgeous. Currently at the forefront of my ever-shifting lineup of most favorite/pondered/analyzed characters. Largely due to being the most recent to grab my attention. (Note: if anyone wants to shriek and flail or even actually calmly talk about anything related to Bucky or Civil War or anything of that sort (hell we can even talk about Jefferson) please. I'm here fo dat.) Logical Course of Action: We bout ta do a Bucky Challenge. The Set-Up ____________ It's become apparent this week that I'm on unsteady ground and will have to shrink my theme to suit. Gonna run this Challenge in two sections; Maintenance and Missions. (ERROR: currently in a quagmire again, not sure how this is going to go, will edit this for better stuff once I no longer feel like crying hysterically for no reason)
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