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  1. First off: *g8ggle gif* Ahem. Now that we’ve got that out of the way .... It looks like #lockdownlightlife is not evaporating where I live any time soon. Things are mostly back to normal - with a few exceptions. Masks, temperature checks and green status health apps are required everywhere but running outdoors Restaurants are still limited to parties of 5; with varying capacity Gyms are strictly limited to something like 3m of space around each goer Entrance to the country - even for residents - is highly limited and
  2. Hello Everyone ! I should of started this a while back when I was on fire for the Lord and hungry to learn and memorize scripture. I'm still hungry but have recently got out of the habit of daily devotionals and wanting to guard my heart with the Good News of the Bible. I want to get back to my daily habits of reading the Bible, memorizing scripture and continuing to walk the narrow path for the Lord of Lords. I was hoping I wouldn't be alone in this journey. Proverbs 27:17 says, "Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another." (CSB version). How true
  3. Building my first Holocron - Jedi Sentinel Training, Prologue Welcome to my first 'official' challenge with the Rebellion. I've kept many Battle-Logs (and I am running one now - Holo-log - Study of the Jedi Sentinal), but never participated in a four week challenge. Here we go then. Background After years of physical training, experimenting with a number of training domains, I now appreciate the need for dedicated focuses. Short, sharp, intensive periods where I can push to better myself at a select number of skills. I'll call these chapters in the Holo
  4. I'm on the final countdown to my next hike, The Great Ocean Walk (100km). In four weeks time I'll be sitting in a campsite overlooking the ocean. My hiking buddy is applying to join the police force and as would happen has her fitness test on the day that would be day two of the hike. Because Easter we can't adjust the start and end date so I first thought to just skip the first two days, but then I remembered that a lot of hiker/bloggers skipped a campsite on the first two days where the terrain is easier - so I have adjusted the booking and now we are starting with a 21km and 22km days be
  5. Here you can find a pen pal in a language you're trying to learn. If anyone is studying a language and wants to practice, write your prefered language as a comment and I will add you to this post. If you're too shy to write a comment - feel free to PM anyone in the group you're interested in, have a discussion, both of you can learn some words and practice French Group: Helix The Peasant German Group: Helix The Peasant Grandkai_NL Romanian Group: Phoenix91 Russian Group: Italian Group: Spanish G
  6. Gentlemen! Willkommen im NF Deutsch Club! Die erste Regel des NF Deutsch Club lautet: Ihr verliert kein Englisch Wort über den NF Deutsch Club!
  7. After a F Up in my last challenge and a okay Respawn...here it is...the last challenge I will do with the Scouts for now. I will ttry something new and split my goals over the four weeks (because this time it makes totally sense.) I will add how many times at least I want to do so that I feel that I passed that goal in brackets My goals are: Quest 1: Run Forest Run! Timeframe: Now till 2nd October My first ever marathon will be on October 2nd so the goals are: - Follow the plan for regeneration and running (I will add that here later) - Do
  8. Hello again... this is the continuation of a thread that began last challenge (Link). We talk about all things kitchen, cooking and eating. I try to cook one meal a weak and post the pictures here. You are free to set your own rules. So lets get cooking... During the last week of the last challenge i was sick and sleept a lot. I didn't really cook, but tried various smoothies. These following two i like best: * 2 Bananas, a cup full of spinache, apple juice, a lime * 2 Bananas, almonds, a spoonful of honey, milk
  9. After leaving the Scorpion tunnels, Red decides to enjoy nature a bit by taking a stroll into the nearest forest. However, the powers that be, decide that they aren't done with him yet... "Ahh, now this is nice! Just the still trees and the whispering wind." He hears something move. He turns around, only to see nothing, but leaves fall around him. 'Huh, must've been my imagination.' he thought. He keeps moving forward, and again, he hears that same rustling, knowing that something is indeed watching him, he pretends not to notice, a few steps further, he listens intently to pinpoint the
  10. 2016 Road Map These are my big goals for the next year, there is a lot I want to accomplish so I reserve the right to alter them as life happens Mental Health Live In the Moment- take things second by second day by day maintain good habits Meditation at least 5x per week, preferably daily Inspiration Gratitude Positive Self Talk falling in love with myself Physical Health Exercise Pilates 2x per week Lifting 2-3x per week walking- as active rest yoga? Eat your Freggies Sleep Water Creative Health: Writing write another book this year (Camp NaNo) finish second draft o
  11. Where to begin? I'll start by saying I am a 24 year-old Canadian girl. I'm 5'3", weighing ????? pounds (I'll get to that later), looking to really commit to getting my butt in shape!! Literally and figuratively speaking. I need to go back a bit to explain. A long time ago, in a city far far away.... For the longest time I was kept in decent shape by a physically demanding job, but then I was promoted to an office job. A financial "Yay!" but a physical "Oh no". I quickly went from weighing about 115lbs to 150lbs. Ouch. Over and over again I told myself I would get in shape, but I could never
  12. Last we left Red, He agreed to become the apprentice of the Martial Arts Master, Kru... "OK, it looks like this is it." Red looks around, confused. "What's it?" With a smile and a bow, Kru vaguely explains, "The Winds of Change have begun to blow, our meeting will soon come to and end and you will have to continue on your journey without me." "Wait, whaaa?! Why? H-how could you possibly know that?" "Sorry, guy, but you're just going to have to wait and see." And he was right... Several weeks later, Red found himself unemployed, walking along his path and now he looks ahead and faces unc
  13. This challenge will be all about rainbows. And cats, but of course everything on the internet is about cats, so therefore this is a rainbow challenge. Anyway, rainbows are awesome: - they have many colours - they are formed like an arch - they are outside - they are very science-y I want my life to be more like a rainbow! Therefore, my goals for the next challenge are: 1. Cook with colourful vegetables and fruits, at least 14 different ones, 2 for each colour of the rainbow. Instead of blue and indigo, I can use any colour I want. So at least 2 red, orange, yellow, green and purple fru
  14. Neva


    3 skills and 3 for improvement of self and non-procrastination (Archery falling in both) Archery 2 hours a week (~20min a day average, if one day is missed per week) That is a total of 12 hours for the challenge It may not arrive until the second week, but I plan to make that up with initial excitement. Push-ups Average 20 a day Which is 140 a week and 840 total Sewing I plan to level up this skill so that I can forge high charisma points. I have 3 started but not finished projects, and mending for a total of 4. -all mending by end of challenge, including new articles -finish making a ju
  15. Onto The Next Challenge!! Brief recap of last challenge: Pretty much was a washout for my fitness goals but did learn several things. This challenge will (hopefully) be a welcome change to the former challenge. Continuing on with the previous challenge, more that I (kinda) found the Three Hidden Keys, time to unlock the Three Secret Gates. While similar, the last challenge gave me thoughts about how to augment and work them better.And now, on that note: AGAIN, MAY HAVE SLIGHT SPOILERS, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!! Goal One: Out-Think the Copper Gate In the book, when Wade slips into the
  16. To achieve Level 8, I will be continuing working towards a more balanced self. I have some loose ends to tie up before I holiday in Amsterdam with my SO and BFF and a crowd of other dolly people. My Amsterdam trip will happen during the last 2 weeks of this challenge. My main quest is to fit comfortably into size 14 trousers by losing body fat. To move towards this achievement, I have set the following quests for this challenge: 1. Handstands! STR+1 DEX+2 As a much younger hooman, summer lunchtimes were spent out on the fields doing cartwheels and handstands. Now I have all but overcome my
  17. Since I was a kid, I always looked up to the superheroes out there, especially Spiderman, because he is the friendly boy next door you really can compare yourself with, he struggles with daily problems, girls, is short on money and the bad guys of course, but still, he never loses his courage, his hopes and tries always to be friendly. But what do you need to "become" Spiderman? I know, it's gonna be hard to find a radioactive spider and let it bite you...and survive...and become superpowers, but there are some things you can do without your gene's be manipulated to become this friendly neig
  18. Wooh Wooh!! First challenge as a Monk and second overall. Time to get to it then: http://youtu.be/bQAULthTBvA I've been too sedentary, this time around I'm determined to get moving. BBWW, walking to Morodor and KickBoxing are what I have on my plate for this challenge. I also need to eat more like a Saiyan; veggies and meat are the way to go! I also need to use this time to gauge my center, so it's on with the Yoga and meditation. I really need to learn consistency, so I will offer myself bonus points if I can keep on track. On to my goals! #1: Gohan's Wilderness Training: No more messi
  19. becoming a heroine: challenge one: the spring semester grind Yo, nerds! So, midpoint update: At the start of this challenge, this thread was very long and over-complicated and maybe a little over-ambitious. Meaning I forgot that I would actually have a lot of work to do and a lot of friends to catch up with once the semester started. However, I'm pretty stoked with the way my semester has gone so far -- it's currently the start of week three of the semester, and week four of the challenge -- and I'm doing great. I'm not playing quidditch because I realized it would be too big of a time sap,
  20. Main Quest - Improve my base health Fitness Quest - Reverse weight gain and start to get fit again Life Quest - Rapidly increase my knowledge-base In previous challenges, I've noticed I: often want to completely change goals after 3 weeks, based on changing priorities have been too overwhelmed to complete everything I challenge myself to do, due to life circumstances So I have identified I need to: be less reactive, in general focus on smaller goals So here goes on the latter... 1. Look after my teeth - CON +4 My gums have been bleeding a lot recently when cleaning
  21. Introduction Hi, I've moved over from the Rangers as I found most of my challenges were around improving self which is a natural fit for the Druid guild. I'm 95% vegan (100% vegetarian) and of all the forms of exercise, I like running. My favourite hobby is LARPing, and I'm looking forward to an intensive 6-day LARP event at the end of October. I joined NF a year ago now. This is my eighth challenge, and I've just changed my profile name. Eirlys (pronounced 'ayr-lees') is Welsh for snowdrop. I'm interested in learning more about practising stoicism in daily life, but that will have to wait
  22. Hey guys, this has absolutely nothing to do with my physical health at all. But I wrote a personal essay for this contest (the topic was "what is your passion and why?") and I WON! I won a beautiful, handmade desk. It's going to be perfect for my new house and for all the homework I'm going to have soon. I thought I'd share my essay here for fun. Enjoy! Narrowing down my passions to just one thing was more difficult than I thought it would be. I mean, after Pinterest, cute pictures of kittens, and British television, what else could I possibly be passionate about? My name is Kris an
  23. I'm probably younger than most people on this site. I'm in college, but I've been out of my shape for most of my life. A year or two ago, I joined a gym that offered some circuit training classes, which really boosted my fitness level, but I'm no fitness pro. I've since grown weary of having to go and suck from the teet of the great, bloated cow that is the franchise gym. I want to learn what the trainers there know and be able to take control of my own fitness, rather than relinquishing control to them. I'm hoping I can learn from this site and from it's members. I'd greatly appreciate it if
  24. The city of sorrows is silent still in the early hours before dawn, but Turval knows where he can find him. Even as the streets begin to fill with the first of Tuzanor's throngs the grounds around this, the least of the city's hundred temples. The temple of the lost sits low and unremarked on the edge of the city, facing the veil of bright dreams, the crystal cliffs that encircled the city. Turval enters through the low doorway, the room beyond is lit by a single candle, the pale orange glow casts flickering shadows over the walls while pinpricks of light dance in the crystal facets of the do
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