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Found 3 results

  1. Snow Falling on Warm Ground When I sit Let the thoughts come. Welcome them even! With an open heart, I can receive them Drifts of snow falling On warm ground. When I am work, Let the chaos come. Welcome it even! With a centered heart, I can embrace it Drifts of snow falling On warm ground. When I am play, Let the obstacles come. Welcome them even! With a calm heart, I can resolve them Drifts of snow falling On warm ground. When I am in the world, Let the difficulties come. Welcome them even! With a full heart, I can release them Drifts of snow falling On warm ground. This is a mindset challenge. My goals are about restoring my heart and spirit after a long and difficult dark night of the soul, one that feels as though it is finally beginning to recede. What I learned on my path through Hell is that I have no enemies; there is no fight. I am an agent of the Spirit. Simplicity: storage unit; monthly housekeeping; local food subscription for 2021. Peace: the path forward to togetherness with Vivian; continued thoughts and efforts with the boys; meditation. Integrity: the dance with the job*; begin doctoral classes Restore: acupuncture; massage therapy; milk and honey and yummy goodness; meditation. Initiative: paralegal for those facing eviction; research proposal for honesty project Teamwork: rely on my advocates, the attorney and TheTherapistsThree; maintain contact with my Jedi Council; the morning call; and the Forum Friendship.
  2. My name is Zoltan. I live in Japan. I love console RPGs. I have a day job I'd like to quit and a daughter With whom I spend a lot of time? Im quite out of shape. I want to change my life. I found the book Level Up Your Life and have just started reading it. I checked out the information in the back and found out about the rebelłion. I have three extremely extremely extremely difficult goals that I want to accomplish with you all. 1. Find out what I can and should do with my life. It's the most difficult of all goals in my opinion. If you know exactly what you want to do or should be doing, you are blessed. I have many hobbies and activities that I would call my passions, but I doubt myself in whether or not there is any value in doing those things, and being aware of my doubt leads me to believe that those things aren't my passions. If they are truly my passions, why would I have doubts about doing them? 2. Become the sexiest otaku in all the realm. I have decided that no matter what I end doing with my life, being extraordinarily muscular and good looking will help me along the way. I have actually made some progress on my own. I made up my own aerobics routine called the Level-99 Workout and have changed my diet up somewhat and have managed to lose 11kg./22lbs. But I have hit a very long plateau because I freaking love food. 3. Quit my job! Once I have achieved goal #1, I want to make it into something great and do it for my livelihood. Once I've achieved this goal, I shall no longer be Zoltan, but The Legendary Zoltan. I look forward to making friends and achievements with everyone here.
  3. "Heroes get remembered, legends never die." Six simple words with such a profound meaning, at least to me. It is my goal to be considered by others a "legend". There's something about the word "legend" that appeals to my sense of pride and adventure. I understand that this is a journey that will take a lifetime to complete, but hey, I gotta start somewhere, right? This will be my 4th challenge here at NF, my very first with the monks, and also my first after a hiatus due to an extremely hectic schedule over the summer. Although I never stopped my journey, I did have to break from NF simply due to the fact that I could not keep up. Now that the school year has started, my schedule has become more steady (although quite full, which is how I like it!), and I have the time to resume chronicling my journey here on NF. My goal for this challenge is simply to continue my journey to legendary. Kinda vague, I know, but I don't know how else to put it. My objectives for this particular challenge, however are not vague in the slightest: The legendary must LOOK legendary. 80% of my physical appearance is DIET! {+3 CON} A] To return to cooking my own meals B] To drink no soft drinks other than on Sundays (my cheat day) C] To eat no unhealthy foods other than on Sundays To be legendary, I must be able to last through the rigors of being legendary. Therefore, I must be FIT! {+3 STR, +2 STA} A] To make both of my daily workouts (6:00 am, 2:00 pm) The legendary are legendary because they do legendary deeds. If I wish to be legendary, I must have the SKILL! {+3 DEX, +1 STR, +1 STA} A] To learn and perform 2 "new" tricks consistently: A gainer, and a butterfly twist B] To level up my boxing/kickboxing skills (keep my hands up more consistently, and keep my punches straight when I get in tight to my opponent) C] Stretch!!! Every day!!!! SIDEQUEST: Can’t become a legend if I’m swamped with debt! {+2 WIS} A] To get my student loan payment back on track As for how I will grade myself, I'm pretty black and white, pass or fail. I have 3 objectives, each worth 30% of my overall grade, and a sidequest worth 10%. Therefor, if I manage to complete at least 2 objectives and my sidequest, it will be a passing grade (70%), but only barely. These goals are all highly and easily attainable for me if I keep myself disciplined to making progress with them every day. Luckily, I have NF here to help! I'm definitely looking forward to working with the Monks this time around!
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