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Found 5 results

  1. "Link.... You may not be at a point where you have fully recovered your power or all of your memories, but courage need not be remembered, for it was never forgotten." Hi guys and gals. I know this challenge is nearly over but I'm hoping because I have friends in high places *cough* @Tanktimus the Encourager *cough* that it can be moved to the next challenge once it starts. I debated on just waiting till next weekend but decided I was an impatient prick and wanted to start now . Gawd...it's been a minute since I've been back. Lots has happened. The newest edition to the Wolf Packā„¢ is my last and final child, another baby boy, Mr. Atlas. Atlas was born July 11th of last year: National 7/11 Day. He is my 6th kid and 5th boy overall lol. But, yes.... LAST kid. Daddy Wolf got himself snipped in August. Some of you may be saying "FINALLY" but honestly, that's just mean. There's honestly too much to update and cover in one post. It would end up being a small novella by the time I was done. If you already know me and want to ask a question - then please do. I'll answer whatever . If you don't know me and want to know more - I'm an open book. Let's get to the goals! As you'll see moving forward, my theme is Zelda...or more Link inspired. Specifically fan art dedicated to the upcoming Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom coming out on May 12th of this year. I'm SO EXCITED! POWER What is power? Does it mean social status? Maybe a hidden super power? Money? To me, it is very simple. It's physicality. Being physically strong has always been an appeal to me. Coming from a background of being lean and usually fairly light, I've always wanted more "bulk". I'm sitting around 188lbs right now, back up to my normal weight since having a large decline at the end of 2021. I've also been consistently in the gym say for a couple days here and there. So, this goal remains simple: 3x a week in the gym Focus on Legs/Push/Pull 1x a week implement a KB metcon WISDOM Ahhhh...to be wise. I've learned a LOT in my 35 years on this Earth. Some lessons I didn't learn the first...second or even third time around, but I did learn them eventually. I think wisdom may be the most important aspect of the Triforce when it's all said and done and is solid in nearly every situation. For this goal, I want to focus on the wisdom of maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and getting a nap in on training days: 3x a week of a 20-25 min nap (M/W/F) My bed time relies heavily on when I leave Costco but usually I can be in bed by 11. The goal is to be in bed and asleep before 11:30 on week nights. Friday is an exception. COURAGE I'm SOOOOOO close to being able to quit Costco and move down to working just 1 job. I'm super motivated at the moment and I'm loving my new job working for a pharmaceutical company as a sales rep. Right now it's inside sales gaining a 1% commission. The goal is to get promoted to outside sales where I get 8% commission. This is the difference in getting an extra $700 on my check to an extra 4k. As personable as I am, I'm still stepping outside of my comfort zone and I can't think of one attribute that attest to this better than COURAGE. The goal is: Shoot for 3-5 enrollments a week 20+ calls a day 3-5 sales a week Despite being busy and knowing I'll barely manage to keep up with my own challenge, I'm excited nonetheless to be back. I need the accountability. I'll try and stop in on some old friends threads to say hi, otherwise, I'll see you here in mine Wolf
  2. Syren

    Syren's New Year

    2018 The Year of Mobility Reclaim the ability to do anything! January -- A Breath of the Wild Power Strength Training 3x/week +3 to STR Yoga 3x/week +3 to DEX Walking 5k - 20k per day +3 to STA Courage Drink 4 L of Water each Day Eat 1 Serving of Vegetables with each meal Eat 1 Serving of Fruit with each meal +3 to CON Wisdom Spanish with Duolingo (1 lesson per day) Read --> Book of the Month: Dune by Frank Herbert Write for 10 minutes +2 WIS and +1 CHA Tracking with Habitica
  3. I am back, and with a vengeance! Today is 124 days until I see the Symphony of the Goddesses, so I thought I'd do a themed challenge until then. I wanted to do something I'd be excited to do and something interactive, so I figured I would make it like I was going through the dungeons of my favorite game of the series (bonus points if you've played it!). I seem to get burned out/circumstances change every two weeks or so, so I figured if I changed things up slightly and kept them simple, that this would work for me. I figured I would focus on making small changes and commitments that are fun and won't burn me out. So as you can see from the challenge below, things are pretty simple - three daily tasks, three weekly tasks. Nothing too crazy, mostly yes/no stuff. And at the end of it all, you all get to vote on whether I get to move on to the next dungeon! If yes, I get the item from that dungeon and get to move on! I modify my challenges slightly (I might change the format a little bit a few times, like instead of the Triforce I might do a few of the masks or Sages instead or something, but it'll always be really simple challenges meant to build up good habits). If no, I have three days to prove I'm serious, and on the Dawn of the Third Day, you'll vote again! (This will shift my entire timeline from that point on, so it's motivation for me to stick to it!) Tail Cave - 07.11 - 07.25 Bottle Grotto - 07.25 - 08.08 Key Cavern - 08.08 - 08.22 Angler's Tunnel - 08.22 - 09.05 Catfish's Maw - 09.05 - 09.19 Face Shrine - 09.19 - 10.03 Eagle's Tower - 10.03 - 10.17 Turtle Rock - 10.17 - 10.31 Wind Fish's Egg - 10.31 - 11.12 (Symphony Day!) (The rest of that challenge will be maintenance.) Dungeon 01. Tail Cave Audience Judgment: Roc's Feather and Full Moon Cello obtained! Dungeon 02. Bottle Grotto Audience Judgment: Power Bracelet and Conch Horn obtained! Dungeon 03. Key Cavern Audience Judgment: Pegasus Boots and Sea Lily's Bell obtained! Dungeon 04. Angler's Tunnel Starting Weight: 182.8lbs (-3lbs) Measurements: Measurement tracker Date Weight 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Lean Mass 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Fat Mass 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Lean Mass per Fat Mass ratio Fat lbs Left to Lose to hit 3.5 ratio 31-Jul-2016 188.6 136.6 52.0 2.63 12.9 7-Aug-2016 185.6 134.4 51.2 2.62 12.8 14-Aug-2016 184.8 134.2 50.6 2.65 12.2 21-Aug-2016 181.6 131.9 49.7 2.66 12.0 28-Aug-2016 182.8 132.9 49.9 2.66 11.9 Upper Arm: 13" (-.5") Waist: 33" (no change) Hips: 44" (-.75") Thighs: 27 (-.5") Time for my favorite Link's Awakening characters! MARIN DAILY: EXPLORE - Marin is a girl with a dream: leave this island and explore the world. I should spend a little bit of time outside, other than my walks to and from campus. If possible, go to the lake. Summer is going to be gone before I know it. Maybe I'll get lucky and get to do some seagull watching. WEEKLY: PLAY - Marin is known for her beautiful voice, and Link's Awakening focuses on instruments. In line with that, practice the ocarina 5 out of 7 days! Try to master one song a week. OWL DAILY: STUDY - The owl is wise, so I should be too. I should work on one of my various projects 5 days out of 7, keeping in mind that a healthy brain needs to rest. WEEKLY: LIFT - Flying requires strong wings. I should make sure I am keeping mine strong by doing various strength exercises. For this challenge, let's try to get in three sessions a week. WINDFISH DAILY: WAKE UP - Link's goal is to wake the Windfish up. In line with that, I should not oversleep! I should wake up at 6:30am every morning, give or take a few minutes. WEEKLY: SWIM - The Windfish flies, but presumably he can also swim. Even if he can't, Link's Awakening is set on an island. If you can't swim, you're probably out of luck. So I will continue swimming twice a week.
  4. Ryuu1011 Travels Across Hyrule My Flexibility and Travel Adventures (Now with an added Boss Battle!) Challenge #7- October 30th - November 26th I made a lot of great progress towards my goals during the last challenge and my hope is that I can continue the momentum during this challenge during some tough Boss Battles coming up in a couple of weeks. This challenge is going to be crazy busy for me because of all the traveling that I'm going to be doing plus all of the things I have to do for my job before Thanksgiving.Therefore I've tried to make these goals possible no matter where I am which should allow me to prevail during this challenge. Goal One: Improve my Flexibility = Complete 3 1h+ Yoga sessions per week ____/12 And Gymnastic Bodies Fundamentals 6 days per week ____/24 Link has to be very flexible to accomplish all his tasks and save Hyrule both mental and physically, so I'm going to be primarily focusing on that for this challenge. I've been getting better about stretching and my flexibility over that past challenge but for this one I'm really focusing on it and trying to become significantly more flexible. I also began doing a quick 20min yoga session in the morning and at night that have been very beneficial. If you're curious I currently use the Yoga Studio App on my phone and it was probably one of the best purchases I've ever made. I'd love to add some more metrics to the goal, but I'm not entirely sure on how to measure my flexibility by myself but some of my pose goals for this are: Heels on the Flood during Downward Dog- I'm about 1, 1 1/2 inches off right now Elbow and forearm on the ground in Lizard- I'm super close to this and can tap it to the ground currently, but would like to get to a comfortable hold. Improve distance down the wall in full Standing Back-bend- I need to get a baseline for this measurement Full head to knees compression in Seated and Standing Pike- I can already tap my head to my kness but I'd like to be able to hold it there comfortably Lower chest closer to floor in Pancake/ Seated Straddle Split- Probably one of my worst, I just can't seem to get my torso lower on my own without having someone push. [Place Holder for more] Goal Two: Gain a Heart Container = Loose about 4lbs and 1.25%BF Since he is running around and fighting constantly I'm betting Link is ripped, but also has super functional muscles, just like my ideal body. Start: 164.6lbs Goal: 160lbs Start: 17.3% BF Goal: >16% I made great headway on getting back into the body (and clothes) that I wanted and I want to continue towards that this challenge. I'm going to continue to use my Scale as well as the body composition sheet to get a closer to accurate picture of my body fat. As well as body measurements and pre/post pictures. It is going to be exceptionally challenging because of all the travel that I am going to do but I am committed to making healthy choices and continuing to track my nutrition on MFP (as much as possible) while I'm away from home. Starting Measurements Abs/Waist: 32Arms (unflex/flex): 12.5/13.5 Calf:14Chest: 40.5Hip: 33Shoulders: 46.5Thigh (R/L): 21.5/ 21.5 Butt: 39.25Neck: 14 Goal Three: Improve my Handstand= Practice my Hand balancing* 5x per Week ____/20 Ultimate goal= Solid 10 sec (not moving) Handstand w/ Video Proof ____/10 Link seems to be the perfect master of his own body and what better way that to show that off than with a handstand. (I'm sure he could do one if he tried ;P ) I've been trying to get a solid handstand for most of the time that I've been on the forums and I think I'm now in a position to finally make this goal. The last time I specifically worked towards my handstand goals I'm pretty sure I over worked my wrists by trying to practice everyday, while I did make significant progress during that time it also made me take a long break from hand balancing while my wrist recovered. So to alleviate something like that happening again I'm going to only try to train for 5 days and also allow for specific wrist training days to count too. I've also created a Hand Balancing playlist on my Yoga app and would like to try and complete that at least 1-3 x a week to "cross" train other hand balances for my handstand. And because I really need to get over and start posting progress videos this is only going to count if I post the progress video here (yay for you guys ;D ) Goal Four: Sleep like Link= Raise my average sleep time per week by about 15min per week _____/60 Link has got this one down to an Art. I'm pretty sure he starts every game sleeping or napping. My Fitbit tracks my sleep time pretty well and I figure it about time that I start using that bank of data to improve the amount of sleep I get each week. I definitely want to try and improve by about one hour over the course of the challenge but I know it will be especially hard because of all of the travel time and jet lag. Current Weekly Sleep Time Average ~ 6h 30min Goal: ~ 7h 30min Current Bed Time ~ 11:00-11:30pm Goal: 9:30-10:00pm Mini Goals: Cardio (walk, jog, sprints, or bike) 2x per week ____/ 8 Plan (possibly purchase) my next strength training program, [NF, GMB, or GB?] _____/ 1 Research what it takes to become a personal trainer, compile questions and ask 2 of the Personal trainers at my gym for feedback ____/2 Boss Battle: Friday Nov. 4th - Sunday Nov. 13th Levart Twin Fang, Dragon of the Sky 150HP (135/150HP) I will be traveling a lot during this challenge and to see if I can over come I decided to make this into a Boss Battle. I will be headed to Denver, Colorado For 2 days and 2 nights on Nov. 4th for a Professional Development Conference and then after being home for only two days (Nov. 7th and 8th) heading to Madrid, Spain for 3 days and 3 nights on the 9th of November though Sunday Nov. 13th. Don't get me wrong I'm super excited But I know that working towards my goals while I'm traveling will be super tricky. Levart has the power to derail and confuse all but the most prepared of adventures and will be a hard foe to vanquish. To aid me in my quest I have devised a list of task to accomplish before and during my travels to give me the best chance of fighting him. Battle Prep- Tell my bank I'm going to be traveling (-5hp) Try and try get Euro's ahead of time from bank (-5hp) Prep Snacks to avoid unhealthy in flight snacks (-5hp) Prepare my travel journal (-5hp) Purchase a comfy travel neck pillow (-5hp) Purchase ear plugs and an eye mask (-5hp) [GF already had ear plugs so I just got an eye mask] Purchase a travel yoga mat (-10hp) [Purchased a pack capable of carrying my normal yoga mat instead] During the Fight- Do yoga in Denver Co. (-10hp) [ ][ ] Go on a jog in Denver, Co (-10hp) [ ][ ] Attend a class at the Awaken Gym in Denver Co. (-20hp) [ ][ ] Choose the healthy option/ Eat 1/2 portion (-10) [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Go on a jog in Madrid, Spain (-10hp) [ ][ ] Do yoga in Madrid, Spain (-10hp) [ ][ ][ ] Get 10,000 Steps (-10hp) [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Go Salsa Dancing/take a Salsa Class in Madrid, Spain (-20hp) [ ] Boss Loot I'm not sure I'll have the extra $$ to get some loot specifically for beating the boss but rather I'll use my loot to help me beat him classes and such while out traveling, choosing a healthy meal option (which was more expensive) ex...
  5. My Goals: Go to Church every Sunday: I did this one last time and the accountability really helped (I missed the week after the challenge was over ) . Since I am just continuing it, I am not counting it towards my 4 goals. 1) Be Aware of Spending: I would like to start investing next year. I am not sure how practical that is right now, so I want to start paying more attention to my money. Over the next 6 weeks, I want to track all the money I spend, where I spend it, and why I spend it (i.e. Did I eat out because I was moody or did I simply leave my lunch sit on the kitchen table?). 2) Go Primal + Legumes: I am working towards being more Paleo-ish. This is a step in that direction. 3) Learn New Stuff: This is another carry over from the last challenge. I really love learning and that includes new workouts / sports. Each week I need to do 150 minutes of exercise. I will be attempting to make it something new or nostalgic. I also love doing mini-challenges, and seeing what I can pull off. you may occasionally see those pop up here as well. Would love some ideas of things to do. I have a list started here. 4) Take on So my mother decided she wanted to play through one of my favorite Zelda games this Christmas, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (For those curious, yes we broke out the N64 just for this). Since nerd fitness is all about being in a real life role playing game, I decided to use this as inspiration for my 6 week challenge. I will be switching between using the game play as themed workout routines and steps towards accomplishing my other goals. I am using ZeldaDugeon.net as a reference. No clue how this is going to work out, but I figure it is worth a shot. On a side note, if you are a grammar or spelling Nazi be prepared to send me editing notes (I would gladly accept them). Let the journey begin... http://youtu.be/rmWUxgzf_Yw The Boy Without a Fairy Awakening from a nightmare, the boy without a fairy opens his eyes. Navi, an annoying fairy, has been sent to summon young Link to the Great Deku Tree. Hurrying to the guardian spirit of Kokiri Village, Link leaps down from his tree house and races off only to encounter his rival, Mido. Mido refuses to let Link pass until he has properly equipped himself with the basic essentials: a sword and a shield. At the start of every great journey preparations must be made. Link needed a sword and shield; Gandalf established the Fellowship (granted Frodo ditched them pretty quickly); and Iron Man built his suit. To complete this part of the quest, I also need to make some preparations. Clean out the crap foodGet the good stuffOutline my routine: include shopping for groceries, preping food, & working outSign up for lessonsPurchase any items that I know I will need in the coming weeks Side Note about Goals: I am not setting my grading system or where my attribute points will be distributed. My grades will depend on how much of an effort I put forward rather than whether or not I simply accomplish them. I will base how many attribute points I receive by times my average score by 15 and then distribute them how I see fit at the end of the challenge.
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