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Found 5 results

  1. So, I came across this article the other day about whether or not beans are good for you. The paleo diet disallows legumes of any kind and the thinking behind this is (in laymens terms) that A.) some people have an intolerance to them which causes inflammation and "bad stuff", and B.) because they contain phytate acids and lectins (a form of protein) and these bond with certain vitamins and minerals, making them difficult for you body to absorb the nutrients from your food. The article above claims to debunk the second point. I'd like to make it clear, before anyone ju
  2. After being away from this forum for a month or so, I came back battered and sore. My achilles tendon is injured, I'm close to depression again and I don't feel very well in general, so it's time to start working on that again . In the long term, I want to be healthy, a good climber and strong enough for things like moving without having to worry about my body. I love exercise, climbing and yoga-like movements in particular . This challenge is going to be a short one for me, so I'm going to focus on recovery and trying out new things. I can't climb (or cycle there) with an injured achilles,
  3. Hello! I am of the alchemical persuasion (i.e. I am a chemist). Also, I am new to the paleo / primal lifestyle! For me this mean lots of reading, and the one thing I keep coming across which I cannot understand is phytic acid. Mostly because I was interested in the no beans / legumes part of the primal lifestyle. Can anyone share some science based articles about phytic acid? I've read several of them which are on the 'paleo' websites and they leave me with a sour taste in my mouth. Also Scopus and ENTREZ searches haven't really shown me very much. To be clear, I don't want this to s
  4. After a restful period with the druids, Waanie longed back to her old home in the assassin's den. She missed the action, the weird movements and, mostly, the black clothes. The route she had taken from the den to her current home was just the easiest and most straightforward road. However, she had heard of many side roads. Some were said to be dangerous, some held beauty beyond belief and others even held treasures. Because the druids had taught here that she has plenty of time to get back, she decided to take some of these meandering paths. The first adventure she wanted to make was to climb
  5. LENTILS! I started eating them and they are awesome. Also split peas. I noticed that when you cook them down they have a thick, paste-like consistency. This makes me think that one could be very creative with them in various recipes. Anyone have any good lentil and/or split pea recipes? Anyone else willing to experiment? For those not in the know, lentils and split peas have huge amounts of protein and fiber. Something like 18-24 grams of protein in a cup. They're basically meatdgetables.
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