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Found 2 results

  1. "My name is Nymeria. I used to be a spy, until..." "We got a burn notice on you. You're blacklisted." In brief, I practiced martial arts 10 years. Then had kids. Then started rock climbing, then blew out my ACL, rehabbed it, and returned to climbing. A little over a year ago, I took up parkour and became hooked. I still dabble in martial arts stuff, climb occasionally, and do a lot of yoga and arm balancing. My routines are pretty solid, and I'm honestly getting a bit tired of making goals that I don't really care about for the sake of having goals. So, instead I'm going to focus on food and family with the Burn Notice crew. I'll still log all of my workouts, talk incessantly about parkour, and post videos of any of the cool stuff. Eating yogurt with Michael Yogurt is full of protein, which is something I need. The goal is to ensure that every day I do a strength workout, I either drink a protein shake or supplement my workout with some sort of high protein food. Cooking with Fi (but food, not explosives) Fiona is an expert at whipping up homemade C4 and other explosives. I will channel that kitchen expertise into trying new recipes and doing some major cooking projects. The goal is to do at least 2 cooking projects (batch cooking, crock pot, new recipes, etc) each week. Drinking with Sam Axe Sam drinks a lot of booze. My goal is to let Sam have my booze and instead be relatively booze free. Rather than setting a specific quantity for myself, I'm going to just permit myself to drink on special occasions, but otherwise stay dry. Running Ops: This challenge, I'll still spend tons of time in the parkour gym. I'll also lift, do yoga, and maybe climb a bit. But, my main physical focus is going to be participating in PVPs and the mini challenge. So, for each task I do for someone else's challenge or for a PVP, I successfully complete a mission. For each week that I complete the Ranger mini, I successfully complete a mission. I can also complete a mission for each Daily Dare or other Darebee challenge. My goal is to complete 30 Ops by the end of the challenge. Foreign Language: A spy needs to be proficient with other languages. My goal is to finish Duolingo Spanish (I'm close to the end), and then proceed to read at least one children's book or other relatively grammatically simple book in Spanish. Family Time: Michael discovered that Madeline (his mom) could be a valuable part of the team. I want to develop my family team by being more present with my children. That means that I'll spend less time on my phone or computer when my kids are home, and instead spend more time talking to them, playing games with them, and having quality family time.
  2. What? Another turncloak assassin? Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I'm always looking for excuses to head outdoors for hiking, exploration, and other fun stuff. Plus, all of the parkour people seem to be here these days, so I'm going to Ranger it up for this challenge. A little about me: For each area, the goal is to reach 100 points over the course of the challenge. I'm expecting to do my usual parkour classes and climbing sessions during the challenge. But, I don't specifically get any points for any of them. Goal 1: Explore the area around the vault -hike on a trail that I've never done before (+20) (I love hiking, but I tend to go back to old favorites rather than try new things) -go climbing outdoors (+20) -attend an outdoor parkour meet up (+20) -go on parkour jogs of 2+ miles (+5 pts/jog) -go on a 2+ mile nature walk (+2 pts/walk) -go camping (+20) -go canoeing and fishing (+20) -collect new videos of doing parkour outdoors. (+5 pts/video) -do misc. outdoorsy stuff that seems to fit here (+? pts.) (new) -learn about the flora and fauna native to Shenandoah. Be respectful of the wildlife while camping. Try to identify plants and such while hiking (+5 pts) -learn to identify the local snakes, and learn about their behaviors (+5 pts) -learn about the native wildlife in Shenandoah 2. Avoid Rad Poisoning -only 1 alcoholic drink/week (mmm.. football booze) during the challenge (+5 pts/week with 0 or 1 drinks) -no soda at all (+5 pts/week) -try new recipes (+10 pts/recipe) (mmmm.. iguana on a stick) -do batch cooked meals in the crock pot (+5 pts/meal) -5 times/week, eat a serving of veggies first for evening snack (+5 pts/week) 3. Level up my game -be able to do Kong vaults with no hesitation (+20 pts) -learn a new yoga pose from the yogajournal.com Advanced Challenge poses (+20 pts) -30+ second rail balance or completely walk across the rails at the parkour school (maybe 25 feet long with turns). (+20 pts) -successfully land a lache that is far enough that I couldn't just reach and grab the next bar (+20 pts). -Climb a new route that is at least a 5.10+ (+20 pts) -Do something that absolutely terrifies me (probably from the parkour obstacle class). (+20 pts) -Weapon practice (+1 pts for each 15 minutes) -Progress through Age of Pandora. (+2 pts for every chapter finished) 4. Study the Big Book of Science: -swift or Xcode tutorials (+10 pts per non-trivial tutorial) -work through swift manual (+1 pt/10 pages) -complete non-trivial project Euler programs (+5 pts/program) (new) +1 point for project Euler program, but coding must be in Swift -resume Duolingo practice (+ 1 pts for every 50 XP on Duolingo). -make some sort of math education app for my kids to play with (+25 pts/finished app) -read (+5 pts/book) -do science experiments with the kids (+5 pts/experiment) 5. Keep the camp clean and comfortable: -Keep the house close enough to guest-ready that I never have to decline my kids' request to have friends over. (+5/week) -learn a new piano song (+20) -paint Russian doll minions (+5 pts/doll) - morning adulting before play - after getting kids on the bus, must take care of adulting tasks before hopping on the computer or relaxing (+5 pts/week) -uploading vacation photos and creating a vacation photo album for the kids (+10 pts). + ??? points for any other significant adulting, cleaning, or crafting related task. I'm sure things will come up during the course of the challenge, and I'll assign appropriate points to them.
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