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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Friends! Last months simpler challenge was good, not a complete success but we're going for progress not perfection here. So I'm going further down the road of "doing less is more" and just doing ONE goal for this challenge. That's right. You heard me. ONE GOAL. In earlier challenges I sort of spread myself thin trying to do a lot at once. And it was necessary to see that while I COULD do a lot all day everyday, it's not necessarily the approach I want to take. And that led to some reflection about what type of goals work for me. All of my goals last challenge were mental/emotional health oriented. And process based. So I've decided that's where I need to focus at the moment. I eat pretty well (I focus on one meal at a time and it's working). I'm in maintenance right now. I exercise consistently. I'm writing pretty much every day. So I think it's the right time to focus on my day to day process. As a note to myself: This whole challenge is about process, NOT about results. With that in mind here's my goal: Goal: Make a to-do list every day. Post it here. That's it I think with challenges right now, it's about finding simple, do-able things that will help make the rest of my life better. Those habits that make everything else flow together. Exercise, meditation, posting, those are three of the big things. And I think daily to-dos will help too. It might be three things, we'll see. Part of it is letting this be trial and error for finding a way to get shit done without getting hard on myself and therefore overwhelmed. TO THE PROCESS *clinks glasses*
  2. ****************Challenge 19**************** I got some advice from the CEO of a bank recently, it was simple in more ways than one, all he said was "simplify your life as much as possible". I realized last challenge that less is more, focus on the things that you are really interested in and tune out the rest as much as possible. I'm going to do less to achieve more. Goals: L. - Lifting - 3 times a week (PT does not count). Simplify the programming, go old skool, NF Barbell Battalion - Rank 1A. E. - Eating - NO sugar and full Paleo as much as possible S. - Sleeping - 8 hours+ S. - Sober. - Only drinking on 6 occasions during the 6 week challenge. Epic quest: The driver for all of this is lowering my body fat to a point where I can see abs. Right now I'm the lowest weight I have been since July 2013. My lowest weight ever since I've been on NF was 76.4kg and my lowest BF% was 16.7%. These numbers were both achieved when I was in the Adventurers Guild doing tons of walking and body weight/dumbbell exercises from the Rebel Fitness Guide. Walking is undoubtedly a fat loss weapon for me and I will be running the walking PvP again this challenge. That's it, no fancy gif's, no complex theme. Simples. But we are going to review some articles for inspiration. Saint is the main source of inspiration at the moment, what a transformation Monty Python and the Holy Abs Protein and Tetris Look like Ryan Reynolds I will also be getting a DEXA, probably this week. What gets measured gets improved.
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