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Found 5 results

  1. Inspired by @sbacon82, this thread is for us Dads fighting the good fight of fitness, life improvement, and the ongoing challenge of parenting. BEASTDADS ASSEMBLE!!!
  2. 1st 4 Week Challenge Hello fellow Rebels, Royal Rebel here. I know that if I make this too complicated I will find a way to back out in the middle of it. So I've decided to keep it simple this time around. I'm hoping that with one completed challenge under my belt, I will have built up enough momentum to slowly start conquering my bigger goals. So here goes: Diet: Eat a vegetable with one meal a day (I hate vegetables!...But I WILL learn to like them) NO SODA (this won't be to hard. I already don't drink much of it, but I would like to complete weed it ou
  3. I created this squad in the accountabilibuddies spreadsheet for people that are doing their 1st 6 week challenge and are planning to go towards the Assassins guild. Looking for people that are into: Bodyweight workoutsCardioTechy stuff Would love to find other people that are in the Missouri/Kansas region. We already have a few members, looking for a few more. LET'S DO THIS1
  4. Hi all, I'm Beki, I'm new & I'm flabby. I've managed to start the beginner strength training workout - keeping it realistic at 1 cycle this week so as to not overdo it. Baby steps onto the bus, Bob... I'm researching the Paleo, as I think it would be very good for me (my body doesn't seem to like sugar anyway), but that's going to be step 2, as I'm no cook & need to get my head around it. But soon... Anyway, looking forward to the journey - cuz those "before" pics I took yesterday aren't pretty! , Beki
  5. So here I am, 81 kilos (178 pounds) and being 180 cm tall (5 foot 9). I am tired of stating my goal weight and rather focussing on the amount of weight I have to lose, I will not touch the scale for 6 weeks!! I want to focus more on what I can do, rather than just weight loss for at least 6 weeks- liberating! My goals are as follows: - Complete two astanga yoga classes a week for 6 weeks - Intermittently fast for 24 hours by the end of 6 weeks - Sprint 4 shuttles of 100m once a week, for 6 weeks - Initiate contact with one person that I do not know each day for 6 weeks How I plan to achiev
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