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Found 18 results

  1. So. Here I am. Respawning... Again. The last time I posted on here was almost exactly a year ago. December 31, 2019. Another respawn. I was about to start a new job, I was committed to getting healthy and I thought I'd follow through this time. I was excited. Determined. Obviously that didn't happen. Boo hoo. Why, oh why, am I not surprised? This has been my pattern for years. I start something and never finish. Big whoop. This'll sound exactly the same, I'm going to start over and commit, blah blah blah. So why should I even bother? I
  2. - DAWN OF THE FIRST DAY - What's up rebels?! Welcome to the first challenge thread of someone who will one day become a legend! ...that day is a long way off though, and for now I have to go through the tutorial phase. I'm brand spanking new to all things health and fitness related; and though I'm looking forward to this new adventure, I've got a lot to learn along the way. Any advice/opinions/suggestions are warmly welcomed here, as well as friendly conversation. I'm always on the lookout for new companions or rivals! But I'm getting off topic... GAME START ~Being as new to
  3. Hey Rebels!! Let me tell you a little bit about myself: Nice to meet y'all, you can call me Grace (or whatever nickname you choose as long as it's nice). I'm a 20 year old from North Carolina with some ambitious plans for the next phase of my life. I'm currently pushing 190 lbs, which is an all time high for myself... and I'm rather ashamed of it. That's not the only thing in my life I'm unhappy about though, and I've decided to do something about it. It's going to be a long and painful journey for me, but by the end of this I want who I am today to be completely gone -- I can't be any part
  4. Hello, My name is Doll. I'm 23 and really love fallout, yarn everything, and tiny houses. I have lurked around NF for a couple of years but decided to really give it a go since I have become fed up with being stuck and not knowing how to eat. Zillions of eating disorders and weight fluctuations later, here I am! My goal is to lose the excess weight in a healthy way, develop a healthy relationship with food, and find my class. Im not sure where I'll end up honestly... Like waiting for the sorting hat! (Hehe!) Hello fellow newblets and senior fitfits alike. My first challenge is here . °u°; â
  5. Hello, I've been ran out of "office space village". My home has been destroyed and have nowhere to turn. I haven't been outside of town into the wilderness of fitness since 2006. I do remember it slightly, but have been afraid to make the journey. Now, I have no choice but to leave my desk and attempt to get things where they used to be. I've tried leaving town before, but always ran into excuses and very important tv/video game playing. I hope this time, my quest will not be in vain. Level 0 Halfling who wants to be a warrior. Main quest: Build muscle: when I can do 50 push-ups in a row w
  6. Introduction: Hi, Name's ShadowFire. I'm a 25 year old 220 lb Orc with a beer gut that would make Homer Simpson proud. I work a job that has me on my feet a lot but not consistently. I loved boxing, hiking, climbing, and jumping off cliffs but have had trouble with all of these from where I live. I have a J-Pouch and serious food intolerances, and really just want to feel happy with how i look and how I feel. Main Quest: I want to lose inches around my beer gut, and I want to feel healthy. Quest 1: Find a Primary care doctor, GI doctor, and Nutritionist. Set up appointments and follow throu
  7. Introduction: Hi I am Trizza and this is my first challenge. I am a big running Nerd and I train mainly from thaw to freeze in the New England region. I have four kids who keep me busy and tired and work a standard 8-4 work day. I would like to improve my running as well as gain some strength (I'm not good at sticking with this) and improve my endurance. Main Quest: Run a 1 hour 50 minute half marathon this year, my first chance is May 24 at the Boston Run To Remember Half. Quest 1: Stop running until my calf heals. I have overtrained and pulled/strained my calf. It's REALLY hard f
  8. Introduction: Hi, I'm SirCharlesWatson and this is technically my second challenge, but I completely failed the first one. My first challenge was in January I think. I started it and then got lost in the shuffle. This challenge however, I'm kind of doing a running start. I joined a weight loss competition that started a week after the NF challenge started so I'm going to count the rest of this challenge as a whole challenge. My wife and I are both in the weight loss competition so it's a good motivator to do it with her. We've been tracking all of our calorie intake and exercising a lot more.
  9. Name: NikaNika. Level: 0 Note: This is my first challenge, I'm new to NF. Main Quest Lose fat, gain muscle. Strengthen mind-body-spirit. SMART Quests edit: after a couple weeks and gaining a better understanding of where I'm at (in body/mind/health/etc.), I've adjusted these goals to make the change more gradual, beneficial, and gentler on my system. S. Walk 30+ minutes, 5 3 days a week. M. Work out [Beginner Body Weight Workout] 3 2x/ week. A. 40 min. Yoga/Meditation 4 2 days a week R. Portion Temperance – Limit HFCS, Limit Grains, Limit Gluten to 1x/week, Increase Water Intake
  10. My human name is Elena, but in my natural form I'm called Sachiko, the Golden Hind. My very first quest begins this coming Monday. My human half has been weighted down by the dark spirits of sloth and gluttony within the past year. It is my main quest to stop and remove these spirits from oppressing my human half. I already have set missions to complete before me, and I'm ready to go forth into battle. Elena is currently searching for her life's next steps. After completing college with her BFA in Illustration, job hunting has not been close to fruitful until very recently. The long term pat
  11. Hey guys. I go by the name of tomocalypse, and this is where it all begins for me. Let's get basic stats out of the way. Wood Elf, Level 0, probably Assassin class. Age 21, Height 5'8.5 Weight, not sure, but around 11 and a half stone. Main Quest: Increase general fitness through strength training, running and diet improvement Three Goals towards main quest: 1. Perform the Beginner Body Weight Workout 3 times per week. 2. Run 2 times per week. 3. Eat vegetables every day. Side Life Quest: Learn 6 new songs on the guitar. Side health/fitness quest: Reduce intake of car
  12. Warning, this post is long and detailed. tl;dr version: lose 10 pounds by weight training 3 nights/week, being active at least 30 minutes a day on the other four days, and eating right. Life goal: improve relationships with family and friends by making more of an effort to call and visit them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our hero is now on week seven of her new, healthier lifestyle. Wandering around the starting area, not only has she learned quite a bit about the game mechanics, but she has als
  13. This is my first six week challenge. I am excited to get started! Level 0 · Main Quest (Six Week Challenge) o Lose a total of 20 LBS: CHA – 1 DEX – 1 § Eating fresh vegetables EVERY DAY § Drinking 64 ounces of water per day § NO fast food/junk food o Do 25 consecutive pushups: STR – 3 DEX – 2 § BBWW three times per week · Progressively increasing count o Run an 8 minute mile: STA – 2 § Run/Jog/Walk 3 days per week o 60 second (consecutive) front plank: STR – 3 § BBWW three times per week · Progressively increasing time o Qui
  14. "Meanwhile in Michigan" Someone who deep down knows how truly great people have the potential to be is yet to find himself. Yet to find the inner potential screaming inside of him. When suddenly he hears it. "Get your ass up!!! You are ruining everything!!!" He jumps as there is no one else in the room. Frantic he looks in the mirror and realizes he is not the person looking back. For the first time since he was a child he can see the real hero inside begging to be set free. "Just give me a real chance at life and I will amaze you. We will go places and do things that you thought were
  15. Main Quest - Climb Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in the 2014 season. The Half Dome climb is a strenuous, 16 mile round-trip with approximately 4800 feet of elevation change. Thus, my main quest is to put one foot in front of the other many times in a row and get to the top of some of the most beautiful country America has to offer. And then, I will throw the One Ring off of it and save all Middle-Earth. (No, no, every park ranger that just had a heart attack. I promise I will not do any such thing.) However, just like any other chubby, asthmatic hobbit who enjoys second breakfast
  16. (to defeat. the Huns). Heya Dudes (regardless of sex/gender), I am here to join the challenge! I have loved this website, and I need to get back in shape. My Main Quest To build muscle and flexibility. How Do? Beginner Bodyweight Circuit 3x a week. Get at least 50 grams of quality protein a day. Walk at least 2x a week, with dance/strength training on Fridays. Record, record, record food intake, exercise, report back here...Even if it shames me. Stairs, not elevator (unless late to methods) Life Quest Dance– ballet, flexibility, things like that. Get an A in all m
  17. Ultimate Quest: Topsy-Turvey Traceur! I want to be able to free-run with the best of them. I don't necessarily mean doing all the crazy backflips and cartwheels off of walls and whatnot, but I do mean being able to sprint and jump over obstacles with confidence, without breaking anything in the process (myself included). Whether it's slaying vampires, running back to the TARDIS, or defending Hyrule, I want to be able to do it all Current Quest: Leave the Starting Zone and Progress to Level 1! Strength, endurance, and flexibility are keep components for any traceur, and so this cha
  18. Hey y'all, (Yes I'm from the South). This is my go at entering the forum. Never been much a chatboard/forum person, but the more time passes, the more I realize that the right people are awesome to be around. Especially NF Rebels. So excited to hear from fellow Rebels and to help other Rebels exceed their goals! I'm a senior at University of Tennessee studying Economics. Personally I'm reserved but can be goofy from time to time. I'm a business, productivity, and self-help nerd. Love the stuff. Listen to HBR podcasts and the like walking to classes. When 2013 rolled around I took
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