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  1. - DAWN OF THE FIRST DAY - What's up rebels?! Welcome to the first challenge thread of someone who will one day become a legend! ...that day is a long way off though, and for now I have to go through the tutorial phase. I'm brand spanking new to all things health and fitness related; and though I'm looking forward to this new adventure, I've got a lot to learn along the way. Any advice/opinions/suggestions are warmly welcomed here, as well as friendly conversation. I'm always on the lookout for new companions or rivals! But I'm getting off topic... GAME START ~Being as new to this as I am, the focus of my challenge will be setting myself up for success by starting new habits and creating a routine. Seems simple enough, but after living a life of passivity and laziness this first baby step will be setting a foundation for my character recreation. So my goals may seem feeble, but so does a seed when it's planted. Just sit back and watch me grow! GLORIOUS FOOD: Decide on a Diet: I'm still doing a lot of research based of suggestions by friends and family. I hope to have one picked out by the end of my first week (01-17-16 since I started a week late). Completion = 5 EXPBegin meal prepping: Once I have a diet picked out, I need to start meal prepping since I don't usually have much time or desire to cook each day. I want to have no more than 3 unprepped meals after 01-17-16. 0 Unprepped Meals = 15 EXP, 1-2 Unprepped Meals = 10 EXP, 3 Unprepped Meals = 5 EXP CONTROLS: Hit the gym once a week: Start a routine of going regularly and get to know the facility. Also, try my best to stop being so dang self conscious when I'm there. 4+ Visits = 25 EXP , 3 Visits = 20 EXP , 2 Visits = 15 EXP , 1 Visit = 10 EXP LIFE POINTS: Stick to my cleaning schedule: I've made a bullet journal to help keep me organized, part of which is a daily cleaning task. My goal is to not skip any task and really work on being a cleaner person. 0 Skipped Tasks = 15 EXP , 1-2 Skipped Tasks = 10 EXP , 3 Skipped Tasks = 5 EXP Thanks for taking the time to read all this! I'm excited to finally be joining the rebellion and entering into this new world with you all!
  2. Hey Rebels!! Let me tell you a little bit about myself: Nice to meet y'all, you can call me Grace (or whatever nickname you choose as long as it's nice). I'm a 20 year old from North Carolina with some ambitious plans for the next phase of my life. I'm currently pushing 190 lbs, which is an all time high for myself... and I'm rather ashamed of it. That's not the only thing in my life I'm unhappy about though, and I've decided to do something about it. It's going to be a long and painful journey for me, but by the end of this I want who I am today to be completely gone -- I can't be any part of who I am now and also be the person I wish to become. I've come to grips with that, and thankfully my home environment is one where I can do this without much outside hindrance. So now, I need only defeat the ultimate enemy: myself. The First Steps: · Starting a diet. I'm still researching different diets, but I hope to have one started up by the end of the month. · MORE WATER. HAIL HYDRATE! · Meal Prepping. Dividing food into proper portions when I'm not hungry so I don't eat more than I should when I am hungry. · MORE SLEEP. I'm an overnight clerk and I usually have chores or errands during the daytime, so this one will be hard for me. · Make a routine. Start going to the gym on certain days. Not even to seriously work out yet, just to get me used to going. · Research Everything! I love learning and this is a new frontier for me, so I have a lot to learn! What I Bring to the Table: · I'm a creature of habit. Once I get a routine down I'll be more likely to keep it going just because I don't like changing it. · Journaling. I love writing things down, it's an odd motivation to be able to look at a page and see what I've done and learned. · Support. My friends and family are cheering me on, and I'm doing the same for them. Team mentality is what keeps me going when I feel like giving up. We believe in each other and I don't want to let them down. The Impossible Goals: · To be under 150 lbs by my 21st birthday (September). I've been overweight my entire life and I have hovered around 180 since my young teens, I honestly can't remember a time the scale said anything less than 160. I want to be in the best shape and health that I've ever been as a birthday gift to myself. · Freedom to do anything. All my life I've allowed my weakness to define me. My childhood friends made fun of me for how slow I was, so I stopped even trying to run. I've limited myself to thinking that I can't. But if I were honest, I'd admit that one of my dreams is to be able to go freerunning.. just go out and run and let nothing and no one stop me. I'm now choosing to believe that one day I will be able to do that. · To look and feel better. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't at all motivated by my mirror. I love myself and my body, but that doesn't mean I don't want it to be better. My quest is a daunting one, and there is no path through the darkness.. but I won't back down. I'll keep pushing forward through this new world before me. My focus will remain on my goals, though I excitedly await the side quests and companions I hope to encounter. The way is not yet known, and I'm sure to fall into some traps and take wrong turns... but to me, that's half the fun. I'll fill my books with tales of great discoveries, strange creatures, people of all kinds, amazing magic, and fantastical adventures! To be honest, I feel somewhat overwhelmed by the journey ahead. Still, I'm excited to go on this quest and I look forward to meeting new allies and maybe even having rivals to compete with. I'm taking my first steps into a new life, with new battles and adventures! I may be a chicken chaser for now, but I'm on my way to becoming an unstoppable force of wisdom, courage, and power! Thank you all for taking the time to read this! For those who didn't; Tl:DR - Friendly 20/F/NC tired of being a fatty. Decides to completely recreate herself. Dreams of being fit by 09/2016 and eventually freerunning.
  3. Hello, My name is Doll. I'm 23 and really love fallout, yarn everything, and tiny houses. I have lurked around NF for a couple of years but decided to really give it a go since I have become fed up with being stuck and not knowing how to eat. Zillions of eating disorders and weight fluctuations later, here I am! My goal is to lose the excess weight in a healthy way, develop a healthy relationship with food, and find my class. Im not sure where I'll end up honestly... Like waiting for the sorting hat! (Hehe!) Hello fellow newblets and senior fitfits alike. My first challenge is here . °u°; ♡ Thank you, I hope I did this right...
  4. Hello, I've been ran out of "office space village". My home has been destroyed and have nowhere to turn. I haven't been outside of town into the wilderness of fitness since 2006. I do remember it slightly, but have been afraid to make the journey. Now, I have no choice but to leave my desk and attempt to get things where they used to be. I've tried leaving town before, but always ran into excuses and very important tv/video game playing. I hope this time, my quest will not be in vain. Level 0 Halfling who wants to be a warrior. Main quest: Build muscle: when I can do 50 push-ups in a row without stopping, I will get a triforce tattoo. Goals for the next 6 weeks: Will do strength-circuit exercise 4 days per week, 30 min. each workoutWill drink 8 glasses of hydration per dayWill go to bed by 11pm every nightLooking forward to earning my 1st 10 stat points in 3 weeks! Wish me luck.
  5. Introduction: Hi, Name's ShadowFire. I'm a 25 year old 220 lb Orc with a beer gut that would make Homer Simpson proud. I work a job that has me on my feet a lot but not consistently. I loved boxing, hiking, climbing, and jumping off cliffs but have had trouble with all of these from where I live. I have a J-Pouch and serious food intolerances, and really just want to feel happy with how i look and how I feel. Main Quest: I want to lose inches around my beer gut, and I want to feel healthy. Quest 1: Find a Primary care doctor, GI doctor, and Nutritionist. Set up appointments and follow through on them. (I haven't had insurance in this area for a long time, and have been neglecting too actually go the one time I set something up.) +2 Wis Quest 2: Walk too the grocery store and back At least 5 times a week given I am not flaring. (The grocery store is approximately a half hour away, and a Flare provides serious acid burns on my upper thigh and lower butt, preventing me from walking.) When flaring walk to the gas station ( 10 minute total walk) Con +2 Dex+1 Quest 3: Do the Beginner Bodyweight workout 3 times a week (increase to a more difficult workout if i feel it becomes easy.) 10-15 Str+2 Sta +2 Life Quest: Study for the GRE at least once a week. I've been trying to go back to grad school and neglecting it. +1 Wis Motivation: I was given the advice, "List the things in your life that make you happy, List the things you do every day, prioritize", I did, and saw that I was living wrong.
  6. Introduction: Hi I am Trizza and this is my first challenge. I am a big running Nerd and I train mainly from thaw to freeze in the New England region. I have four kids who keep me busy and tired and work a standard 8-4 work day. I would like to improve my running as well as gain some strength (I'm not good at sticking with this) and improve my endurance. Main Quest: Run a 1 hour 50 minute half marathon this year, my first chance is May 24 at the Boston Run To Remember Half. Quest 1: Stop running until my calf heals. I have overtrained and pulled/strained my calf. It's REALLY hard for me not to run right now, but if I don't it will get worse. My first Half is in 6 weeks so this is tough to do, but I must let it heal. Measurement: A = Skip one week training, B = skip 4 days running, C = run on Friday (3 days skipping normal Wed run) Quest 2: Less Snacking. I eat fairly well and I track my eating, but I have been slow to lose the last few pounds to get to my running weight (170, currently 177). I would like to cut out the snacks or at least resort to healthier fruit/veggie options. Measurement: A = Eliminate Junk Snacks, B = average 1 junks snack a day, C = more than 1 junk snack a day Quest 3: 20 pushups /day before watching any TV at night. I've been doing Insanity before I returned to running, but that is to cardio intense for my rest days from running. I really was gaining good strength though and would like to keep that. Measurement: A = 20 pushups/day; B = 15 pushups/day, C = 10 pushups/day Life Quest: Pay off $2,000 of CC debt and start learning to live without them. I currently have more than $14,000 in CC debt and would like to eliminate it and use cash from now on or payoff rewards card monthly. Measurement: A = Less than $12,000 left and no bills paid with cards, B = more than $12,000 left , but all bills paid in cash, C = all bills paid with cash Motivation: I want to be a healthy and financially stable father for my family. I'd also like to eventually enter some skills of Monks and Assassins into my challenges, but for now want to establish myself as the best scout I can be.
  7. Introduction: Hi, I'm SirCharlesWatson and this is technically my second challenge, but I completely failed the first one. My first challenge was in January I think. I started it and then got lost in the shuffle. This challenge however, I'm kind of doing a running start. I joined a weight loss competition that started a week after the NF challenge started so I'm going to count the rest of this challenge as a whole challenge. My wife and I are both in the weight loss competition so it's a good motivator to do it with her. We've been tracking all of our calorie intake and exercising a lot more. I have worked as a software developer for the past year and that has taken an extreme toll on my health. In January, I weighed in at 220, and by June, I was 260. My mental and physical health was very quickly going down the drain. However, I just lost my job a couple weeks ago, which, oddly enough, I felt was a blessing. I've had a lot of time to focus on getting my health better and I feel fantastic compared to how I felt at that job. So, that leads me to my goals... Main Quest: My main quest is to get down to 200lbs. When I started the weight loss competition, I was 264.4lbs. Last week I was at 254.4. I changed my diet this past week so that I am eating my TDEE - 25% and consequently, I gained a little bit of weight and as of this morning, I am at 256.2 after peaking at about 258. So, ultimately I want to get down to around 200. I anticipate that number will change as I exercise more because, as we all know, muscle weighs more than fat. I'm using 3 BF calculators to determine that my BF is around 27%. I am 6'2", so I'm reasonably tall. Quest 1: Using the basic routine at startbodyweight.com I will exercise 3x/week (M,W,F) Measurement: With 7 workout days left, each day will equal about 14%. I'll take 14% off of 100 for every day missed and round down to get my grade. A=100%, B=75%, C=50%, D=25%,F=0% Reward: A = +3 STR, +1 CHA B = +2 STR, +0.5 CHA C = +1 STR D = +0.5 STR F = +0 STR Quest 2: Using the static stretching routine at startbodyweight.com I will stretch at LEAST 5x/week (M-F) Measurement: With 11 week days left (including today), each day will equal 9%. I'll take 9% off of 100 for every day missed and round down to get my grade. A=100%, B=75%, C=50%, D=25%,F=0% Reward: A = +3 DEX, +1 STA B = +2 DEX, +0.5 STA C = +1 DEX D = +0.5 DEX F = +0 DEX Quest 3: Using MyFitnessPal I will keep track of my daily calorie intake. (Every Day) Measurement: With 17 days left, each day will equal about 6%. I'll take 6% off of 100 for every day missed and round down to get my grade. A=100%, B=75%, C=50%, D=25%,F=0% Reward: A = +3 WIS, +1 STA B = +2 WIS, +0.5 STA C = +1 WIS D = +0.5 WIS F = +0 WIS Life Quest: Complete 3 sections on AccountingCoach.com each week. After my terrible experience with software development, I have decided to move on to something like Accounting that will be a little less taxing (No pun intended) on my brain. My focus is going to be on Bookkeeping. I'm using AccountingCoach.com to study and am currently on part 4 of the bookkeeping training which I will be starting on monday. I'm trying to keep weekends free from studying so i have time to focus on my wife. Measurement: With 2 work weeks left, I'll need to complete 6 sections. A = 6, B = 5, C = 4, D = 3, F = 2 Reward: A = +3 WIS B = +2 WIS C = +1 WIS D = +0.5 WIS F = +0 WIS Motivation: I feel disgusting. Well, not as much anymore since I started the weight loss comp and have been eating much better. I was out of breath just going up the stairs. Part of my motivation is My wife, and my future children. I want to be healthy and be able to play with them and have the strength and stamina to go all day with them. I don't want to be one of those dads who just sits on the couch and watches them from the window. I want to be out playing with them. And for my wife, I want to be there to provide for her; I need to be healthy and I also need to have a good career that isn't detrimental to my health. So that's a bit about me! Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you guys around!
  8. Name: NikaNika. Level: 0 Note: This is my first challenge, I'm new to NF. Main Quest Lose fat, gain muscle. Strengthen mind-body-spirit. SMART Quests edit: after a couple weeks and gaining a better understanding of where I'm at (in body/mind/health/etc.), I've adjusted these goals to make the change more gradual, beneficial, and gentler on my system. S. Walk 30+ minutes, 5 3 days a week. M. Work out [Beginner Body Weight Workout] 3 2x/ week. A. 40 min. Yoga/Meditation 4 2 days a week R. Portion Temperance – Limit HFCS, Limit Grains, Limit Gluten to 1x/week, Increase Water Intake. Life Quest T. Explore New Physical Energy Systems for next challenge possibilities. - Achieve deeper meditation and further expanding consciousness. Motivation Core, able to lift the world. Legs, to dance through life with. Body, fit for light to shine through. Arms, able to wield sword-like energy. Neck, able to carry a helmet of iron and gold. Shoulders, strong enough to lift wings for flying. Starting Stats Age: 24, Height: 5’ 5â€, Starting Weight: 180 lbs. Starting Race: Wood Elf (with Hobbit tendencies) Starting Class: Rebel Prospective Class: Druid-Adventurer Prospective Race: Valkyrie Prospective Weight: 140 lbs. (muscle, less fat) Attribute Points (Leveled to 2): STR: 1 DEX: 2 STA: 2 CON: 1 WIS: 4 CHA: 4 (adjusted) Grading Rubric S. Mission (Walk 30+ min., 3 days a week) A – Walk 30+ min., 3 days a week. B – Walk 30+ min., 2 days a week. C – Walk 30+ min., 1 days a week. D – Walk 30+ min., 2 days a week, <30 min., 1 day/week. F – Walk <30 min., 1 day or less. M. Mission (Work out 2x/week) A – Worked out 2x/week, Full Body Circuit Training to Best Ability B – Worked out 1x/week, ^ C – Worked out 2x/week, One Full, One Partial/Gentle D – Worked out 2x/week, Two Gentle Versions F – Worked out <1x/week, No Full Body Circuit, 1 or less Gentle A. Mission (40 min. Yoga 2 days a week) A – 2 days, 40 min. each B – 1 days, 40 min. each C – 2 days, <40 min. for one or each D – 1 day, <40 min. F – 0 days. R. Mission (Limit Gluten and Increase Water Intake) A – Gluten 1x/week, 121 ounces of water/daily. B – Gluten 2x/week, 100-120 ounces of water/daily. C – Gluten 3x/week, 70-100 ounces of water/daily. D – Gluten 4x/week, 40-70 ounces of water/daily. F – Gluten 5x or more/week, Less than 40 ounces of water/daily. T. Life Mission (Explore New Energy Systems, expand consciousness) A – Feel like an A. B – Almost feeling like an A. C – Found new systems, but haven’t tested any out. D – Skimmed the surface. F – Forgot about this.
  9. My human name is Elena, but in my natural form I'm called Sachiko, the Golden Hind. My very first quest begins this coming Monday. My human half has been weighted down by the dark spirits of sloth and gluttony within the past year. It is my main quest to stop and remove these spirits from oppressing my human half. I already have set missions to complete before me, and I'm ready to go forth into battle. Elena is currently searching for her life's next steps. After completing college with her BFA in Illustration, job hunting has not been close to fruitful until very recently. The long term path is still being set before her, but her heart is highly hopeful for what the future holds. <3 Artwork by BreeAnn Veenstra
  10. Hey guys. I go by the name of tomocalypse, and this is where it all begins for me. Let's get basic stats out of the way. Wood Elf, Level 0, probably Assassin class. Age 21, Height 5'8.5 Weight, not sure, but around 11 and a half stone. Main Quest: Increase general fitness through strength training, running and diet improvement Three Goals towards main quest: 1. Perform the Beginner Body Weight Workout 3 times per week. 2. Run 2 times per week. 3. Eat vegetables every day. Side Life Quest: Learn 6 new songs on the guitar. Side health/fitness quest: Reduce intake of carbs; only eat things like bread and pasta 3 days a week. My motivation: To achieve my long term goals of greater physical fitness and feeling comfortable in my own body.. Well you have to start somewhere. This challenge is to increase my overall fitness without getting overly specific, to give me a good starting point to my journey. Also I REALLY REALLY want to start levelling and playing my life like an MMORPG. I'm looking to be an Assassin class in the future, and I need to improve my basic strength and endurance before I can start working on things like Parkour. I've only just joined the rebellion community, but it looks like I did so at a good time looking forward to getting to know some fellow newbies (and of course the established rebels) and getting on with making my life a little better every day.
  11. Warning, this post is long and detailed. tl;dr version: lose 10 pounds by weight training 3 nights/week, being active at least 30 minutes a day on the other four days, and eating right. Life goal: improve relationships with family and friends by making more of an effort to call and visit them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our hero is now on week seven of her new, healthier lifestyle. Wandering around the starting area, not only has she learned quite a bit about the game mechanics, but she has also gained strength and endurance. However, she is not satisfied yet. She has encountered the first boss of her journey, “The Next 10 Pounds.†She realizes that once she defeats this boss, she will feel more confident . She will be more comfortable making conversation with strangers, with signing up for any fitness classes she may wish to take in the future, and with bumping into old friends from her skinny days. But even more than this, she is motivated by the regret she feels for spending so much of her adult life not paying attention to her own health and long-term happiness. Defeating this first boss, she feels, will sharpen her focus and make her ready for what awaits her outside the starting area. Main Quest: Defeat the first boss, “The Next 10 Pounds,†by April 6th Boss: The Next 10 Pounds HP: 100 Attack: 6 Defense: 30 Resistances: N/A Weaknesses: dig, dance, strength Loot Dropped: Workout garb, a new haircut. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK, enough of the third-person narration. To lose my next ten pounds, I will: 1. Continue to do weight training three nights a week, typically Tuesday, Thursday, and either Saturday or Sunday, depending on which nights I have to close at work. These workouts, for the time being, will consist of as much of the 40 minute “BeFit GO†circuit training youtube video as I can stand (high score: 25 min 34 seconds), followed by my usual 30-minute full-body workout with dumbbells, the weight of which I will raise incrementally as I become stronger. In case I’ve outgrown these workouts before the end of these first six weeks, I will start the NF Beginner Bodyweight Routine while also continuing my dumbbell reps. 2. Do a minimum of 30 minutes of some sort of aerobic exercise the other 4 days a week. These will typically consist of one of the following, depending on my mood and what is going on in my life: 30 minutes of DDR, which will also help me with a future DDR Mastery quest.20 minutes of interval indoor cycling coupled with at least 10 minutes of Wii Fit activities30+ minutes of heavy-duty housecleaning30+ minutes of gardening (planting season is drawing near! yay) I often come home from work exhausted, especially if I have to close, so in order to successfully complete these workouts I will require myself to get them in BEFORE going to work each day. In case of extenuating circumstances, I will allow myself one day off per week of aerobic exercise without penalty. 3. Solidify my new healthy eating habits. To do so, I will continue to log what I eat, taking special note of the day’s caloric intake if I consume new foods. I am shooting to consume between 1400 and 1800 calories a day. I will remember to: consume a MINIMUM of one serving of fruit or vegetable at each mealeat healthy snacks, such as nuts or fruit, in between meals so I don’t lose my willpower and either binge or eat the wrong foods when I do get around to eating.avoid candies, cakes, cookies, pies, or other desserts unless homemade by my grandmother, in which case I’ll happily indulge. However, I will limit my portion to only about half of what I’d normally eat. I will no doubt face serious challenges when I go on vacation (March 22-28). Before I leave, I will try to anticipate these challenges and develop a plan for tackling them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIFE QUEST: I have withdrawn from family and friends in recent years due to depression and/or general selfishness. I miss them, and I’d like to improve these relationships. To beat my life quest, I will: Call my parents twice a week and have at least a 20 minute conversation with each of them. Visit with them at least once every two weeks (they live in another town). Call my sister once a week. Call my friend Amy at least once a week. Bonus points if we hang out. Visit with my mother-in-law at least once a week. Visit my grandmother at least twice before these six weeks are over. _________________________________________________________ I throw my slippers at the beast. Wish me luck! Quest #1 Initial stats, 2/24/2014: height: 5'6" (168 cm) weight: 168 lbs (76 kg) BMI: 27.0 Waist: 34 in (~86 cm) Waist-hip ratio: .81
  12. This is my first six week challenge. I am excited to get started! Level 0 · Main Quest (Six Week Challenge) o Lose a total of 20 LBS: CHA – 1 DEX – 1 § Eating fresh vegetables EVERY DAY § Drinking 64 ounces of water per day § NO fast food/junk food o Do 25 consecutive pushups: STR – 3 DEX – 2 § BBWW three times per week · Progressively increasing count o Run an 8 minute mile: STA – 2 § Run/Jog/Walk 3 days per week o 60 second (consecutive) front plank: STR – 3 § BBWW three times per week · Progressively increasing time o Quit Smoking: WIS – 1 STA – 1 CON – 1 § Nicotine replacement is OK, but smoking once is an immediate failure § First day of quit is 2/24/14 · Life Quest (Six Week Challenge) o Study for and take the CCNP Switching Practice exam § Schedule the actual test I will update my progress at least once per week.
  13. "Meanwhile in Michigan" Someone who deep down knows how truly great people have the potential to be is yet to find himself. Yet to find the inner potential screaming inside of him. When suddenly he hears it. "Get your ass up!!! You are ruining everything!!!" He jumps as there is no one else in the room. Frantic he looks in the mirror and realizes he is not the person looking back. For the first time since he was a child he can see the real hero inside begging to be set free. "Just give me a real chance at life and I will amaze you. We will go places and do things that you thought were supposed to be for t.v. and late night pipe dreams. WE HAVE POTENTIAL" A half smile... Damn good place to start. The road ahead will be scary uncomfortable and hard. This soon to be hero has no idea how much things will change. No idea how much he will change. Yet a new feeling rising from within. Is this happiness? He can't explain it. Only describe how it makes his hair stand up and his eyes water while his body tenses pleading for action. Soon... Soon the outside will meet the inside and they will become the same. This new person new action and new life will break free and amaze the world. "The First Challenge" "Well we might as well get familiar as I will be haunting you until you become who you are supposed to be.Tell me about the body that holds me. I don't want to hear about jobs girls and other bullshit. Tell me about the real things that matter when you are alone in a room with a mirror and nothing but yourself and your own opinions. Give me the back of the trading card stats. You know what I mean." "I am 27 years old. Currently I weigh 260 lbs and am 6'4". *sigh* Measurements are as follows Neck -- 16.5 Chest -- 43.5 Right Arm -- 13 Left Arm -- 13 Waist -- 47 Hips -- 44.5 Right Thigh -- 28.8 Left Thigh -- 28.5 I don't have any abilities or cool things about me. Just a bit of a slouch and lots of body." "If only you could see what I do! See what you really have is inner strength bursting from the seams. Let me take over. Only for a small amount of time everyday and in 6 weeks we will look back in the mirror and see if the trading card can rise through the ranks from uncommon to rare." There it was again. That smile... As if some spell was removed he was lighter. Able to breath and move freely. "So here it is. Our quest for greatness." MAIN QUEST "This one will take the longest but you know that. It is time to become a real hero. We can break that down into smaller pieces. It will be quite some time before you can achieve greatness so lets stick to a few smaller goals to chip away at superhero status" "Like what?" GOAL ONE "We start by changing all the shit you have been shoving into your body. Without a strong body how do expect to be super? I know that things taste good and are easier the other way but its time to put a stop this travesty. It has taken you further away from who you are... Who we are. NO MORE. Great foods make a great body. I will be watching so don't slack off!!! You know what to eat so do it. Here is how we will monitor progress" 6 weeks of eating healthy foods = A 5 weeks of eating healthy foods = B 4 weeks of eating healthy foods =C 3 weeks of eating healthy foods = D 2 weeks of eating healthy foods = E 1 week of eating healthy foods =F "WHAT!!! No french fries?" "I am not trying to kill you so every Sunday of a successful week you get one meal with whatever you desire on the plate Choose wisely." GOAL TWO "Next up we have to work on cardio! If zombies were real they would all plan to meet at your house and eat you for days. It's not like you would be able to out run them for more than 25 seconds" "Ugh... true." "You have the knowledge passed on by C25K. Remember this isn't going to happen over night. Everything we are changing will be worked on till you die. So here is how we will monitor your cardio for the next 6 weeks. 6 weeks of running 18 times = A 5 weeks of running 15 times = B 4 weeks of running 12 times =C 3 weeks of running 9 times = D 2 weeks of running 6 times = E 1 week of running 3 times =F His legs were shaking and lungs were breathing deep. Not out of fear but shear excitement of the thought of being used. GOAL THREE "You can't be super without strength. We need muscles... Not for show but for use. Again I can't stress enough that this will take a long time. 6 weeks from now you will finally notice that you indeed have muscles under that fat eager to be used. You won't be able to pick up a train but you will be able to convince yourself that this is something worth fighting for when you look in the mirror. We will have to ask a lot of people for advice when it comes to a good workout schedule but for now I will help you as much as I can. If only there were a community of awesome and heroic people able to listen to our conversation and give some input Here is how we will monitor your workouts." 6 weeks of working out 18 times = A 5 weeks of working out 15 times = B 4 weeks of working out 12 times =C 3 weeks of working out 9 times = D 2 weeks of working out 6 times = E 1 week of working out 3 times =F "This will be tough but I am starting to get pumped!!!" "YES! I feel a fire inside that has almost burnt out. It held on for as long as it could by itself. If you don't try it may still die but if you push and believe it will grow into a wild fire" LIFE GOAL "I am going to set a goal for myself as well. Every week I will set a portion of my wages back. After the 6 week challenge I will spend it selfishly on myself! Every hero has sweet clothes and I want that too!" "That's perfect but don't go easy on yourself. For each week you don't achieve your 3 goals you will take that wage you set back and give it to a charity of my choice." "That's going to be hard... You don't get to be super easy! I am confident that I will not fail so deal. " The change has been made. Our soon to be hero has started a journey that will forever change his world as well as many others. The hero needs your help to succeed! On top of achieving your goals which will inspire him to reach higher your advice and encouragement will give him the strength and know how to become something great! Keep watching for updates as well as before pictures soon to be posted. Thank you so much for reading. I hope my first challenge goes well. Sorry for lack of punctuation errors and if the format is wrong. This is just the best representation of who I am Some pics of motivation
  14. Main Quest - Climb Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in the 2014 season. The Half Dome climb is a strenuous, 16 mile round-trip with approximately 4800 feet of elevation change. Thus, my main quest is to put one foot in front of the other many times in a row and get to the top of some of the most beautiful country America has to offer. And then, I will throw the One Ring off of it and save all Middle-Earth. (No, no, every park ranger that just had a heart attack. I promise I will not do any such thing.) However, just like any other chubby, asthmatic hobbit who enjoys second breakfast and plenty of ale, I have a lot of training to do in the meantime to make sure that Gwaihir and the eagles don't have to come save me. - Complete Couch to 5k: This will be my primary cardiovascular and aerobic training. I've gone to week 4 or 5 multiple times in the past, but never actually finished. (Let's face it. I just hate running.) I will follow the plan and run 3 times a week. - 100% Sync: No repeats, 18 sessions. - Two strength workouts a week: using either the Sworkit app or the Beginner's Bodyweight workout here on NerdFitness. I may substitute these for self-guided yoga or long stretching routines as my health dictates. 12 sessions total. - Sworkit (100% sync) - start at 10 minutes per session, advance 3 minutes a week. - Beginner's Bodyweight (100% sync) - start at 1 set. Advance in reps or sets each week. - Hit the trails: The county has graciously given us an entire network of hiking trails - albeit much less strenuous than Yosemite - just a mile away from my house. One loop through the closest trail is 3 mi, and there are a total of 8 mi of trails all within walking distance from the first trailhead. My goal is to start at 3 mi per week - one loop this weekend - and increase each week until I reach 18 mi: an increase of 3 mi per week. While I'd like to pledge to do all those in one day, my night shift schedule often means I won't be able to awake at dawn and dedicate an entire day to hiking every week. Completion Criteria: Since some aspects of the main quest are out of my control (i.e., weather, Half Dome permits, travel logistics) I will consider this quest completed if I complete the three sub-goals successfully. Side Quests - Life Goal: There's no getting around it - I like my beer. I'm by no means an alcoholic, but I'm also keenly aware that I'm drinking many, many calories during the week, largely out of boredom or to 'wind down' (unhealthily) after work. Thus: No alcoholic drinks during the work-week. (And no binges on the weekends to 'make up' for it. 1 drink per hour ONLY + proper hydration.) - Fitness Goal: (LOCKED) Motivation:(http://52brandnew.com/2012/09/30/frequently-asked-question-7-do-you-still-seek-new-experiences-for-yourself/) "What do you fear, lady?" he asked. "A cage," she said. "To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.†― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King ============================================================== +sheet/stats for Aes Sedai Anaelle============================================================== Age: 29 Race: Hobbit Sex: Female Height: 5'4.5" Weight: 145 lb Class: Adventurer -> Ranger Level: 0 Inventory: 1 x Fitbit, 1 x HR Monitor, Hiking Boots, 1 x flask of Scotch Companions: 2 x level 0 common housecat Strengths: Viking Metal Weaknesses: Asthma, Comfort==============================================================
  15. (to defeat. the Huns). Heya Dudes (regardless of sex/gender), I am here to join the challenge! I have loved this website, and I need to get back in shape. My Main Quest To build muscle and flexibility. How Do? Beginner Bodyweight Circuit 3x a week. Get at least 50 grams of quality protein a day. Walk at least 2x a week, with dance/strength training on Fridays. Record, record, record food intake, exercise, report back here...Even if it shames me. Stairs, not elevator (unless late to methods) Life Quest Dance– ballet, flexibility, things like that. Get an A in all my classes this semester. Rock the Miniteaches. Coordination. Sidequest Sit down and fill out my Reverse Analysis. Connect with my daemon. Motivation To be a happier, healthier me. To listen to the doctor. To listen to my body. To build a routine. I would like a partner to chat with. Get involved with the forum, and to not listen to my bull.
  16. Ultimate Quest: Topsy-Turvey Traceur! I want to be able to free-run with the best of them. I don't necessarily mean doing all the crazy backflips and cartwheels off of walls and whatnot, but I do mean being able to sprint and jump over obstacles with confidence, without breaking anything in the process (myself included). Whether it's slaying vampires, running back to the TARDIS, or defending Hyrule, I want to be able to do it all Current Quest: Leave the Starting Zone and Progress to Level 1! Strength, endurance, and flexibility are keep components for any traceur, and so this challenge I will focus on honing these attributes. GOAL 1 - STRENGTH Strength-training 3x per week, (except the first week, because of the way it's laid out) for a total of 17x this challenge. - Attend all of my scheduled Personal Training sessions (do not cancel or re-schedule!) - Supplement PT sessions with a rotation of strength-training and HIIT DVDs A (90%) - 15x or more B (80%) - 13-14x C (70%) - 11-12x D (60%) - 10x F (59% or less) - 9x or less GOAL 2 - ENDURANCE C25K 2-3x per week, ending with cardio a la my DANCE PARTY WEDDING, for a total of 16x this challenge. - I'm starting on Week 4 of C25K tomorrow morning, so will be ideally situated to complete the program by the end of the challenge. A (90%) - 14x or more B (80%) - 12-13x C (70%) - 11x D (60%) - 9-10x F (59% or less) - 8x or less GOAL 3 - FLEXIBILITY Practice yoga 1-2x week, for a minimum total of 9x this challenge. - Additionally, spend a minimum of 15 minutes stretching after strength-training and C25K A (90%) - 8x or more B (80%) - 7x C (70%) - 6x D (60%) - 5x F (59% or less) - 4x or less Though I'm grading myself based on challenge totals, I actually have scheduled a specific activity for every day of the challenge as follows: Week 1 - C25K / Personal Training / Yoga / C25K / PT / Yoga / C25K Week 2 - Strength-training / C25K / ST / C25K / PT / Yoga / ST Week 3 - C25K / PT / Yoga / C25K / PT / Yoga / C25K Week 4 - ST / C25K / ST / C25K / PT / Yoga / ST Week 5 - C25K / PT / Yoga / C25K / PT / Yoga / C25K Week 6 - ST / C25K / ST / C25K / PT / Yoga / DANCING FOOL Life Side Quest Read. Read read read read. Wind down at night by getting in bed early and reading for at least 20 minutes, 6x per week, for a total of at least 720 minutes by the end of the challenge. A (90%) - 648 minutes or more B (80%) - 576-647 minutes C (70%) - 504-575 minutes D (60%) - 432-503 minutes F (59% or less) - 431 minutes or less MOTIVATION Right now, my short-term motivation is MY UPCOMING WEDDING AND HONEYMOON! I'm getting married on September 8 - the last day of this challenge! My long-term (and admittedly more stable) motivation is that I'm paying quite a bit for my personal training sessions, and I hate wasting money, so it's only to my benefit to really work it, and make this investment count! Also, misugrrl put it perfectly when she said, "I want my body to physically reflect what I know myself to be" and that just resonates with me.
  17. Hey y'all, (Yes I'm from the South). This is my go at entering the forum. Never been much a chatboard/forum person, but the more time passes, the more I realize that the right people are awesome to be around. Especially NF Rebels. So excited to hear from fellow Rebels and to help other Rebels exceed their goals! I'm a senior at University of Tennessee studying Economics. Personally I'm reserved but can be goofy from time to time. I'm a business, productivity, and self-help nerd. Love the stuff. Listen to HBR podcasts and the like walking to classes. When 2013 rolled around I took to NYE resolutions with a fervor. I set 10 in particular that will be accomplished before 2014 shows itself on the calendar on the wall. These weren't pie in the sky either. Each one had 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month milestones. In addition on a weekly basis I work on adding them into my productivity system (OmniFocus. Any other OF users out there?). The 1-month and 3-month goals will be adjusted on a rolling basis as they are achieved or not. So here goes: #1 Make the first sale for my company. I've started up a little side business to help students when they talk to recruiters and interviews. This year I will make my first sale and officially have started my own company. #2 Write 26 articles for my blog, FrankenLife.org. Another initiative of mine, this is a blog dedicated to designing a better life and broadcasting some of my personal views about personal productivity and achievement. #3 Reach 12% body fat. For a long time I've been the chubbier guy and at 225lbs. out of high school (with some muscle from sports) I was a little larger than I'd like. While the weight has been whittled down, this will be the year I give it the final blow. PS I'm actually ahead of schedule here due to cutting weight for a boxing tourney soon! I'm lighter than I was as a junior in high school! #4 Go on 8 dates Never one to have much social confidence, I've sorta allowing dating to come to me. No more. I'm going to start making a conscious effort to get into a relationship. #5 Publish an academic paper As an aspiring economist publishing an academic paper means quite a bit to me. It would be make me incredibly happy to see my name in a peer-reviewed journal no matter how small. #6 Establish my 7 Habits Based off of Covey's 7 Habits I want to finally delve into them in a very Ben Franklin way. Of course there's never any such thing as completing the 7 Habits but having a strong basis in them is the idea. #7 Increase my confidence A little nebulous, but I had trouble quantifying a concept as nebulous as confidence. The idea being by the end of the year, my friends will see a difference in me, and I will feel more in line with my "true self" in a way. #8 Improve my charisma Really you might say #4, #7, & #8 are similar and you'd be right. But this is different in that it's not just about communicating with the other sex (#4) and about connecting with other people, not myself (#7). Again the litmus test here is do my friends see it? #9 Visit Europe In between high school and college I had the amazing opportunity to live in Hungary for 3 weeks and ever since I've wanted to return. Instead of talking about it, this year I'll go. Already saved some Christmas money for the cause. #10 Learn Hungarian Kinda a bonus to #9, it would be great to get to Hungary and be able to somewhat converse with Hungarians. I have a pen pal in Hungary and she'll be the judge of whether I know Hungarian by the end of this year. I know that was a lot so thank you for reading! AND LET THE REBELLION BEGIN!
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