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Found 4 results

  1. Salutations! I'm Olivia and you're reading my first challenge. I came into the challenge a bit late, but I actually started before I created this thread so I'm probably right on track. I have wanted to get into shape for years, fantasising about having muscles, lifting heavy things, and running side by side with my friends on the cross country and track teams. (Also I wanted to look great in my upcoming cosplay!) My main quest is to become stronger and improve my diet. I am satisfied with the shape of my body, so I'm not aiming to lose weight, but I've lost 8 pounds so far and a few inches from my waist, hips, and thighs so I'm not complaining either First, I aim to work out 4-5 times a week. This will include two/three gym days lifting weights and two/three days running. I also have a wingman; I've had my cousin start a fitness quest of her own and we will be working together I'll be using Starting Strength for lifting and circuit training for running. Oh; and I need to remember to stretch before and after my workouts. Second, I am cutting out vegetable, corn, safflower, and canola oils and sugar. I'm not in a position right now to go full paleo, so that's the best I can do until September. Third, I want to increase my protein consumption. This will be the most difficult part as protein is very expensive where I'm living this summer. I really like Staci's 'chicken breast in a baggie' idea so I will be doing that often. My Life Quest is to improve my German skills. I just met a neighbour of mine who turned out to be German so I plan to speak with her often. And if any of our fellow rebels speak German, don't hesitate to comment in German if you want! My motivation is to look great in a Captain America cosplay by 4 September for Salt Lake Comic Con. It might seem silly, but it's something I've wanted for years and I've finally had the resources to create a beautiful costume so it really is motivational for me! (Also, if I make my fitness goals I'll let myself get a real spun aluminium shield!! Aahhhh!!)
  2. Elvish monk/scout with eyes set on ranger- I want to do it all. Main goal: Become a super hero! What real nerd doesn't want that! For now though, I’m just a lowly sidekick for hire. You know, when Batman has a wedding to go to and needs his tux but Robin is too busy “fighting crimeâ€. I’m the guy they call. But that’s how you get started in this job- there’s entry level positions in every profession and if it means spending three hours with a sandblaster in Avengers headquarters after the Hulk cleaned out the all-you-can-eat Hot Burrito and Clam Bake Buffet, that’s called paying your dues. Sure some of the other heroes decide to take the fast track, but that inevitably involves horrible scarring, watching your family being murdered or having the rest of your race killed and being stranded on an alien world. I don’t know if I could handle horrible scarring. The real plan is to become a super hero. Well, at least the closest version I can be. All those cool things I see those guys do- I want to do that. Or at least the real world equivalents. Like running fast, lifting heavy, martial arts and whatever else looks like it would be cool to do. At least until I can figure out how to get an enchanted weapon, learn magic, come from another planet or be affected by lethal radiation without it being … lethal. Goal A: Hit the weight room 3/week. (+1 STR) I've just started doing heavy lifting and I’m excited about the progression. I've never been strong; I’m skinny, fast and even good at body weight exercises due to only weighing 130 lbs. But not strong. I want to build a solid muscle base to work off of for future goals. Grade: A: No sessions missed B: 1-2 sessions missed C: 3-4 sessions missed D: 5-6 sessions missed F: More than 6 sessions missed Goal B: 5 second handstand. (+1 DEX) This is one of those cool things I've always wanted to do. The day The Beginner’s Guide to Handstands came out, I started following the instructions and practicing. I'm not able to do a handstand now, but I've got 6 weeks to get my arm strength and balance up enough to figure it out. Grade: A: 5 second handstand B: 3 second handstand C: 1 second handstand D: kick up to wall F: Still doing hand walk up wall Goal C: Full front splits. (+1 DEX) This is another one of those "always wanted to do" tasks on my list. I'm 4 days into the 6 weeks to the splits program. My kicks in sparring have gone down over the years, and they used to be one of my strengths, so I want to bring some respect back to my kicks. Grade: A: Both legs full front splits C: One leg full front splits F: Neither leg full front splits. Life Quest: Take care of finances. (+1 WIS) Tony Stark and Batman afford all those cool toys with money. I like money and cool toys, so I need to take care of this. I have a credit card that was cancelled in August because of a security leak, but I still haven’t switched all my automatic payments over. They’re all charitable donations, so my bills are getting paid, but I should still take care of it. My financial planner has been asking for more details on my accounts for over a year and I just keep shuffling it off. Finally, I’m overpaying income tax because I’m not having my RRSP contributions accounted for on my pay cheque, so I’m using my credit line until I end up getting bonuses or my annual, huge income tax return. I need to take care of all of these things. A: Take care of all this junk. B: Take care of all but 1. C: Take care of all but 2. D: Take care of all but 3. (the financial planner tasks count for 2 items) F: Sat on my butt and got nothing done. Alright, True Believers, time to start training ... right after I give Cyclops his annual eye exam.
  3. Main quest: To loose weight and to fit into a size 18 in 6 weeks Goals: Do beginner work out 2 times a week Take my animal companion for 1-1 ½ hour long walks twice a week To eat regular and healthy meals Life Quest: To pass my Cake Decorating and Artisan Bread Baking classes To earn a ribbon in either of those classes at the culinary competition Get my fiance to do workouts with me My Motivation: To eventually get down to 150 lbs for my Renaissance wedding, to LARP without passing out, and to commission bad-ass armor from my brother. IMPROMPTU MINI QUEST!! Only one plate of Salad/Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert for Thanksgiving
  4. Even if a game doesn't have a forced tutorial, a lot ease you into it with some beginning quests: collect the Kokiri Sword and buy a Deku Shield before that punk Mido will let you pass, beat your rival and get Oak that parcel of his, survive Helgen and make it to Riverrun (and while you're at it, kill a chicken and get a tutorial on crime and punishment). Since I want to be a warrior, my first challenge is going to be about getting a solid strength foundation and recomposing my body from that of a soft NPC to a solid warrior . Originally I was going to focus on weight loss, but after reading lots of conflicting information, I am going to focus on transforming my body through lifting and a macro-oriented nutrition path. These goals took a while to flesh out and I am confident that I will see results if I complete the challenge. NF Warrior Donar planned Goal 2 for me. Check out his challenge thread here: http:/facing-my-fears-blogging-my-way-to-the-stage/ Main Quest: Recomposition: Trade Fat for Muscle Goal 1: Do StrongLifts 5x5, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before work. Increase the weight each workout by 5lbs for squat, bench press, dumbell rows, and overhead press and 10lbs for deadlifts. I will be starting on week two, having completed week one prior to the challenge. Goal 2: Hit my daily macro targets: CAL/PRO/CHO/FAT = 2400 / 200 / 250 / 67 I will track this using an Excel sheet. Goal 3: Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Life Goal: Meditate 20 minutes each day. I am easily stressed out and would like to give this a try using different methods that I've read on the forums and elsewhere. I hope that this will help with Goal 3, because I am a restless sleeper.
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