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  1. Introduction: Hi I'm Hannah. I love outdoor sports (specifically lacrosse, surfing and kayaking). I lack motivation during the off seasons to work out and when season starts I feel like I don't have the strength to perform at the level I want to. I joined Nerd Fitness to make being healthy a lifestyle, not just something I do for a few months a year. I'm not all that worried about losing weight, I figure I'll just workout and judge by how my clothes fit and how comfortable I am in my own body. Main Quest: Quest 1: (+3 STR) Lift weights 2 times a week (lax preconditioning) -squats, bench, power cleans, dead lifts, Quest 2: (+2 DEX, +2 STA) Do body weight workouts 3 days a week (alternating with quest 1) Quest 3: (+3 CON) Incorporate Paleo into Life -week 1&2: cut out sugary drinks -week 3&4: cut out fast food -week 5&6: load up on veggies, fruits and meats (yum!) Bonus: (+1 WIS) Play wall ball 1 day a week all 6 weeks Motivation: I want the strength and confidence that being healthy provides and this will help with that. I also want to get bast the beginner/intermediate rut my fitness level has kept me at in respect to my sports.
  2. I've been on a hardcore personal challenge since January 2014, I've gone from 207 lbs to 155 lbs to date. I just found Nerd Fitness and I'm ready to keep challenging myself. Main Quest: I want to get my body fat % down from 26% to 20-21% Missions: Travel at least 5 miles per day on foot (whether walking or running) Keep a daily caloric deficit around 800 Drink at least 8 cups of water per day & consume at most 1 soda per weekLife Quest: Save some money from each paycheck toward building my awesome gaming computerMotivation: For the past 5 years I've let my health fall by the wayside as I worked toward reaching my other life goals. I've accomplished some of those goals, but I realized that being insecure and embarrassed by the state of my body and health really took away from glory of reaching my goals. It's about time I took control of all aspects of my life and live the life I always imagined for myself. Starting Measurements: Weight: 155 lbs Body Fat %: 26.35% BMI: 25.2 Lean Body Mass: 113.4 lbs
  3. Hey you lot, MK from sunny Florida here! I'll be starting up my first challenge soon and I'm definitely stoked! Who else has the pleasure to live in this lovely state with its bipolar weather? My Main Quest is to run a 5k completely. -Missions: 1)Use the Elliptical 3x a week 2) Use the Treadmill 1x a week 3) Train with Zombies, Run! 5k Trainer -Side Quests: 1) Save $100 2) Start on "Fan-Girl Handkerchiefs"
  4. Well I've been perusing the site and have come to ask for help. I'd say that I'm a slow scout who would like to be a ranger. I'm female, 30 yrs old, average build. I gain weight on my hips/love handles and stomach. I began running about 2 years ago. In that time I've completed a marathon, a bunch of 25K trail runs, a few half marathons, and lots of smaller runs. Let me emphasize, I am not a fast runner. I am happy if I can run on flat ground under a 10 min mile. On trail runs it's really just hiking and slow running on the flats and downhills. Diet: I'm 5'6'' and I weigh ~145. I think what I need is both fitness and diet. I kind of eat whatever I want (moderately healthy but with no regard to quantity and I have a major sweet tooth). I don't mind the idea of paleo, however I don't really love meat. I can hardly stand eggs unless they're fried and covered with shriracha. I've started to majorly minimize my carbs/breads and candy intake. I stopped drinking super sugary coffee a few weeks ago and switched to black tea with no sugar. I am a teacher and I don't have a lot of opportunities to eat at school besides one 25min lunch and then not until the kids leave. I am literally always standing and moving and have almost no time to snack. This leads me to feel completely famished by 2:30 and ready to eat anything, especially candy that is to be found in the office... My fitness is something like this: Run between 2-5 times a week and between 10-25 miles. A short run is 3 miles and a long run is about 8. I try to make at least one of the runs a trail run with some elevation gain. I ride my bike once a week in a time-trial series that I do with the local group (each week changes: 5 miles, 10 miles, 40k, 5 mile hill climb, repeat). Occasionally I'll do a Body Pump class at the gym. Today I tried the beginner body weight routine and this is what I did: Squats: 50-50-50 Push ups (not all the way down): 15-15-11 Walking Lunges: 25-25-25 Planks: 60s-60s-60s Jumping Jacks: 50-50-50 Dumbbell Rows: 15-15-15 Burpees: 10-10-8 So I think I have a pretty good base fitness. My problem is I have slowly been putting on more weight over the last 2 years. 133 used to be much more normal for me. Also I used to not have much belly fat, just love handles. Now I have both My upper body strength sucks and even though I've had reoccurring dreams about doing pull-ups for over ten years, I've never committed to actually training to be able to do one. I'm trying to figure out where to start so I can sign up for the challenge (if i can sign up a little late, not sure). I don't know what I should set my goals for. Also I'm getting married in July and then moving to another country in August on an adventure so I'd like to be in good shape for those things! AND I have a twin sister who somehow always manages to look better than me. I know I shouldn't compare myself to other people, but it's really damn hard when you have an identical twin. Sorry to be so wordy, I just wanted to try to get everything out there. If you were me, where would you start?
  5. Backstory I've been working on my fitness and health levels for about a year now. I've dropped over 20 lbs from my heaviest (185) to now (160ish). I'm a nerd at heart, working on my dissertation (sometimes) and working in health and health policy (mostly). Before the Holidays went crazy, I was regularly going to the gym 5 days a week and working out for 45min- 1hr. I was getting stronger and looking a little better. However, I wasn't giving the workouts my all. I go to a pretty busy gym and would do whatever was available. I started with 80% free weights, but by the end of December, I was doing 80% weight machines. I've spent over a week reading like crazy on NF and you guys seem like my workout soulmates! Woo hoo! After reading the 13 mistakes, I found myself. I'm an emotional rationalizer. I take the ER route for EVERYTHING... spending, jobs, working out, eating right, you name it! I hope to find my super hero during this quest. The idea of transforming into my hero before even walking into the gym... Done! Plus, I wouldn't mind looking decent in a costume. My measurements. I'll try to keep this updated. Starting pic My Reason: I'm marrying the love my of my life Aug 31. And, I can do better and should look better! Strategy I'm starting a new job Jan 6. I'll be starting a new gym too. My gym has multiple locations throughout the District and I'll be moving to a gym right around the corner from my office. No more weight machines My weaknesses: (1) not working out hard enough and (2) not maintaining a solid, healthy, natural diet. Main Quest Lose 2" off navel measurement, maintain weight. Goals Decrease carb intake to 1 serving per day Grades A: 1 serving of carbs per day for a week B: 1 serving of carbs for 6/7 days C: 1 serving of carbs for 5/7 days D: 1 serving of carbs for 4/7 days F: 1 serving of carbs for 3/7 days Modify workout to 3 days body weight strength (S) & 2 days Interval (I) Training per week Grades A: Completed 5 day workout: 3S and 2I and finished with a wet shirt each day B: Completed 5 day workout: 3S and 2I and half assed it only 1 day C: Completed 4 day workout and finished with a wet shirt each day D: Skipping this letter F: Missed more than 1 day or half assed it more than 1 day Stop drinking soda Grades A: 0 sodas in 7 days B: 1 soda in 7 days C: 2 sodas in 7 days D: 3 sodas in 7 days F: 4 sodas in 7 days Life Side Quest Start new job and maintain a regular schedule Grades A: Get an avg of 8 hours of sleep, wake up at a consistent time, go to bed at a consistent time B: Get an avg of 8 hours of sleep, wake and sleep at mostly a consistent time C: Get less than 8 hours of sleep, wake and sleep at mostly a consistent time D: Sometimes get 8 hours of sleep and sometimes wake and sleep at a consistent time F: Get less than 8 hours and rarely wake and sleep at a consistent time
  6. Hello! I am a newbie!.... My ULTIMATE goal is to obtain a healthy weight of 160 pounds by December of 2014. I currently weigh 287 pounds. My Main quest for this 6 week challenge is to exercise at least 3 days a week using my zombie run 5k training app. My 3 specific goals are: 1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day 2. Follow my meal plan 100% ( Thanksgiving falls within the 6 weeks..I promise to do my best! ) 3. By the end of the 6 weeks, I want to be running for at least 2 minutes at a time. Right now I am at 15 secs. Motivation: I want to live life to the fullest. I been heavy all my life and have missed out on a lot of things. I am tired of watching the world go by without me! I want to run a 5k this spring, I want to hike the Chilkoot trail in Alaska, I want to hike the Pennine trail in England.
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