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Found 2 results

  1. I've been contemplating the goals for the next challenge for a couple of hours now .... no lie .... and I conclude that I just need to START and refine as the week (and challenge) goes by. THEME: School for Magic-Users Because: I'm starting my (hopefully) last year as a professor. Classes start August 25th (my birthday), but preparation officially starts August 1st. I'm expecting my first grandson (they found out in the amniocentesis) in early February, and I feel the need to learn the updated theories of childcare ... and a whole host of skills (baby CPR, for instance) ... and explore how to be a fun grandma (which is a long-term quest that will show up as a battle log soon) I've been interested in trying out the D & D Strixhaven campaigns The Hero's Journal Magic of Istoria is also tempting me I want to re-read the Harry Potter series. Yes, the movies are good, but they leave out so many details!!! A few things that I know I will include: Use the WW program to lose 3 pounds this challenge (should land at about 157 to 158) Workout daily, using the Pressure Gauge system to set daily expectations. Most of the challenge should be in the green zone unless I get sick (COVID-19 is surging locally) Read the book Today's Grandmother .... by Angela Bowen (set page goals per day) More to come!!
  2. I have been a Batman fan since childhood. I’ve watched him in movies, animated TV shows, and in the comics. He is relentless in his efforts to be in the best shape possible so he’s ready to face any adversary. But what people don’t often see in his stories are the countless hours of training he goes through to stay on top. He’s trained with ninjas, super heroes, and learned from his nights battling super villains. He maintains a strict diet to fuel his efforts. Since he has no super powers like super strength, super speed, or flight, he has to rely on his own body (and some help from some high-tech gadgets) to save the day. I admire his dedication and want to use him as my workout role model. Batman will be my “patron saint†of fitness. Bat-stats Batman is in peak physical condition so he would be level 50 for strength, dexterity, stamina, and constitution (STR, DEX, STA, CON). I can certainly aspire to his physical attributes. Batman is without question a level 50 for wisdom (WIS). He is the world’s greatest detective, has defeated some of the most intelligent villains in the universe, and is regularly consulted by the Justice League for his expertise. But his type of wisdom is based on crime fighting as a vigilante, which I do not intend to do anytime soon. I want to gain wisdom in how to be a happier person, a pursuit that Batman has set aside in his quest for justice. Batman’s charisma (CHA, defined by the Nerd Fitness model as “force of personality and physical attractivenessâ€) is used to lead a double life as Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight. He is the best at what he does so is a level 50 in this category in his own right. He uses the art of intimidation to strike fear into criminals through his symbolic bat-suit, muscular frame, and no-nonsense dialogue. But his brand of charisma is not very practical for a citizen such as myself. I’m not sure yet how to define my ultimate aspirations for charisma. For these reasons, I will likely look for other patron saints who reflects my level 50 aspirations for WIS and CHA. Please post in the comments any patron saint ideas for WIS and CHA (another super hero would be a great option). Stats Summary STR level 50 = Batman DEX level 50 = Batman STA level 50 = Batman CON level 50 = Batman WIS level 50 = ????? CHA level 50 = ?????
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