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Found 10 results

  1. Helloooo! This is my first challenge and I am a complete newbie to NF! I've read several NF articles & figured I'd give it a try! I'm lacking the area for support in my goals or where to even look! So I thought I'd try NF! By day I work as an architect and am currently in season coaching softball at a local college. A year or two ago I tired rock climbing outdoors (scored a $25 4hour deal!) and really enjoyed it - it was the first activity I didn't COMPARE myself to someone else. Never had a climbing place close enough to really go and train that was convenient for my schedule/
  2. LEVEL 1 REBEL CHALLENGE: Diet Eat a vegetable with two meals every day Eat at least 3 times a day Fitness Walk every day (15 minutes) Level Up Your Life (Pick One) Have a 5 minute dance party each day
  3. Diet (pick two) Swap out one soda per day with water - Already done!! Eat a vegetable with one meal every day - Done!! Reduce fast food consumption by 50% - Done...so next level Stop fast food all together. Take one processed snack you have each day and replace it with a healthy protein, fruit, or vegetable - I will work on this this month. Substitute one sugary coffee drink per day for black coffee or tea. - Work on this as well. Fitness (pick one) Walk every day (5 minutes) - this could even be in the form of standing up at your desk and walking around the office. - Done!! Complete the
  4. Like any journey there is preparation. This is what this post is, soon the journey will begin for real. I am currently gathering the equipment I will need and mentally preparing myself for what will come. I will step on ground both familiar and new...but will push myself further and harder than I have before. There is a need to move away from the old me and find the new me that wants to be released. I want to participate in activities that are only viewed from the outside, taking on challenging adventure races (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder...) return one day to the Krav Maga classes that
  5. BelleRose’s First Challenge I used to swim a lot but over the years it’s become less frequent. I want to get back into it because it always made me feel happy as well as healthy. Main Quest By the last end of this challenge I will consistently swim at least 3 kilometres over a week Goal 1. Diet – lay the ground work of eating healthier. Over the last few years my diet has been terrible so I want to bring it back to being more balanced. During this challenge I will aim to eat 2 pieces of fruit a day and to eat healthy home cooked meals 5 out of 7 days. Goal 2. Daily exerci
  6. Introduction: I am Superdeformedchibi. I love anime, superhero movies, Star Wars, LOTR, GoT, Harry Potter, and Japanese RPGs. I was a biology major and consider myself to be a mad scientist (and the student loans to prove it, lol!) I have two bunny rabbits and a wife that I love. I'm out and proud pansexual. I suffer from depression/anxiety and PCOS (it puts me at risk for Type 2 diabetes). I have been struggling to lose weight, gain energy and get my groove back for the past 3 months and then I found Nerd Fitness and discovered that I can make this fun for myself by accepting a 6 week chall
  7. This is my first time doing a challenge and I'm super excited! ! My Main Quest is: I wanna build muscle and feel stronger and healthier. First mission: I am going to eat at least 3000 calories every day with quality foods. â— I'm a college student so I'm a little tight on cash. My main goal with this mission is to eat the least amount of processed foods possible under my budget while reaching my 3000 calorie goal each day. Grading: every day per week A: 3,000 calories or higher
  8. I'm very excited about my first challenge. Sorry I'm a week late to the party, but I have spent the last week pursuing my goals so I'll share them here with you. My main quest: To build muscle in a healthy way, to get a comic book body without comically injuring myself. My specific missions: Do a weight exercise program three days a weekReplace beverages with water (except for the occasional glass of wine!)Pursue a paleo dominated diet (not ready to give up my artisanal bread just yet)My life quest: Finally finish that novel I've been writing for, I don't know, eight years. My biometri
  9. Hi, I came across this site yesterday and Im pretty Impressed. Here my attempt at the level1 6 week challenge - wish me luck! Im a 29 year old guy who is 5'10 tall. Main quest Lose 15 pounds in six weeks. I'm currently 185 pounds and I want to get to 170 ( which was my weight a couple of years ago). Sub-quests : 1) Religiously maintain a daily food log to track what I'm eating. My food will consist almost entirely of Fruits and Veggies. I'll have eggs and tofu for protein. I will keep milk and sugar to a bare minimum 2) Every alternate Day, I will work out for 30 min on either
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