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  1. I'm back. My big challenge for this month: my father is getting surgery later this month, and like me he won't take it easy when his pain is fully controlled unless ppl make him and my mom isn't physically able to do a lot of the stuff he would try to do and destroy himself attempting so to keep him from doing it she would try and probably hurt herself so I have decided to visit for a week to at least be around until his opiates run out and his body is acting as the limiter of his impulsiveness (I get it from him). I am able to do most of the stuff he could hurt himself trying to d
  2. *emerges from a secretive cave beneath a mysterious mountain a week late, as is per the norm lately~* OHO~ Crap guys it sure has been a while huh. HELLO HI GREETINGS! Jeez, where do I even start now?? Okokok, TL;DR version RQ - Last August I uprooted my entire life in North Carolina to move back home to Massachusetts. It’s been a long and, at times, heavy adjustment period as Literally Every Aspect of My Life Was Different. It’s been almost a year since the move and I feel like I’m finally at a point where I’ve settled into a comf
  3. Well, last challenge had one win, several losses. I'm pretty okay with that. This cycle: maintain, 3 workouts a week. Bonus - add an extra. I'm reaching the misery equilibrium where being sore is normal. I'm starting to recover well enough to push harder or add another workout. Tai Chi - time to go introduce myself. It seems like the norm is to find people face to face - phone calls and texts are not going to work. Oh well, adventure time! Goal is to make first contact and start classes! Food prep - once more unto the breach dear Nerds! Eat mor
  4. If you have been following me for a while, my usual challenges carry over and are implied. I'm in the midst of another Soulcon challenge, but for my challenge posts I want to try something different this time. This challenge is themed from an album trilogy titled One Wild Life by one of my favorite bands, Gungor. The albums are named Soul, Spirit, and Body, so that is what each section of my challenge will be titled. Soul: Pray every morning upon waking Daily scripture study and devotional reading Integrate prayer throughout the day C
  5. No story this time. This is just for me. For the past few challenges, I would push myself to do something, and I would simply let it slide and fail at doing them due to Life/Excuses. Then at work, someone said something that resonated with me. "You're so boring, being so serious all of the time." And quite honestly, she was right. I had forgotten how to have fun in life and in NF and Rule #32 in Zombieland "Enjoy the little things." So I'm not going to hold my exercising in such a high priority that if I slip my entire progress is ruined. I'm simply going to move and train and pus
  6. Lincoln's Log Stardate [-4] 94678.5 I've been meaning to keep a "blog" for some time, and while this isn't really the same, it serves the same purpose. As of today, I have had net success in my efforts to get fit and stay healthy. I currently sit at a net weight loss of 45 lbs, yet I still have a ways to go. My goal is to weigh approximately 220 lbs with a body fat percentage below 18% by the time my younger brother Curtis (name changed for security reasons) marries his no girlfriend. He intends to do so within the next three years. In the past, I've
  7. Hey thank you for looking in my Daily Battle Log Things you are going to see me post in this log: Daily journal; Workout/skill log; Xbox/PS gaming log; Anime/TV/movie log; Streaming; etc.. Old posts will be edited.
  8. RES

    RES The Return

    The Bitch is Back! As some of you may be aware, I am an accountant for a minor league baseball team. This is my first year and I discovered that until you find your 'sweet spot' it can be a bit difficult to balance everything. I also discovered baseball puns amuse me, so get used to them Now that season is over I can get back into the swing of things around here, next season I will likely go back to using the battle log format and work on maintaining some accountability...but right now I need to work on a few things! So the off season I will be doing challenges! My
  9. **Idea totally inspired by Cataleya - Roadmap. ***New PS4 Icon edited by Niilack on Reddit. Thank you! Could not find that image anywhere! I am a gamer who loves to Platinum games. =^_^= If you've seen any of my monthly challenges, this is abundantly clear. I loved @Cataleya's idea of a Roadmap so much, that I decided to make this year like a game that I need to play through and platinum. There will be bronze trophies, silver, gold, and the beautiful Platinum. Horizon Zero Dawn is the title because it's the game I am most looking forward too this yea
  10. I know I want this challenge to be about summer and getting more in touch with my primal self (this includes movements, diet, rest, etc.) as well as my spiritual self. I'll get my goals figured out and add them in later. For now... an infographic to serve as the rough draft of my challenge:
  11. Rolling Stoney changes her shape This challenge is all about change for me. 2017 was going to be a big year, but it happened in a way I didn't quite expect. My plan was to cross-train hard, eat well, do the derby, work hard, buy a house... but literally none of those things happened. I broke my ankle. Derby, cross training, working, and being able to cook my own food all went out the window. My partner got made redundant so our house loan got canned. And my boss is selling her cafe so I may not even have a job in a few months. But as of last month I can walk without a limp aga
  12. This are mostly personal musings, but it'll help me hold myself accountable by writing in daily. The more focused I am on my goals, the more likely they'll come to fruition. Current Stats: Female | 26 | 230 lbs. Class: Rebel | Level: 2 Fitness Goals: Mon: at home workout | Tues-Thurs: 30 minute gym workout | Fri: at home workout | Sat: rest | Sunday: 15 minute outdoor walk Diet Goals: Reduce soda to one a day | Reduce carbs by 50% | Drink more water Life Goals: Practice Spanish 15 minutes a day - 5 days a week | Social interaction at minimum once a week
  13. Brutal Bears Tanks Diablo Intro: Keep Your Footing -Track meals/calories every day and stay on top of Rising Heroes Keep the Sword and Board Strong -Lift 3x a week and do PLP daily Battle Cry and Pull Aggro -Practice Language Every day and Keep up the Apollo Philosophy daily posts Dodge attacks -Run Twice a Week Keep Threat Up -Support your NF peeps, stay up on here, and try to find time to help on other peoples Reward: Armstrong's Family Tunic
  14. This will be my first challenge, so I want to be careful with overwhelming myself... but I find that I work better under pressure and if I find that I have to hold myself accountable to other people. So here's to kicking ass in the next 4 weeks! FOUR WEEK CHALLENGE: FEB 12 – MARCH 11 Diet Drink one glass of water a day NO SODA Reduce sweets/carbs consumption by 50% Fitness 2 hour hike once a week Strength training once a week 30 minute gym exercise 3 times a week Life Wake up early. Must be out of be
  15. I have to admit, my willpower sucks. It takes a lot of effort to make even tiny changes in my life, even if it really makes me feel better. I often feel like my brain and body are not on the same page. One feels productive while the other is exhausted. Such is my battle with chronic depression. Depression is often misunderstood, even by us depressed folks. However, I have come to realise that even when I am not obviously having a down day, the depression takes the form of NO MOTIVATION WHATSOEVER. It's not just the willpower to workout or eat healthily that's g
  16. Hello, this is One Dank Medic, ....or at least, that's what I hope to become. Like him Or him But will probably end up like him at best I am a 22-year-old female, recent college graduate and working as a Lab Technician is an urgent care. My main life goal is to become an excellent physician and live life to its fullest. I found Nerdfitness about a year or so ago loved the concept. The idea of making your life into a game/adventure/quest was a childhood dream of mine! I also am nerdy ad love video games (LoZ is my favorite!)
  17. 'Tis the season for a new challenge! Yay.... I think. I'm saving my Swords of Power challenge for January/February when I will have maybe come up with a way to assign attributes that aren't all purely mental and habit control (ex: "avoid the influence of Mindsword/Skulltwister by not even looking at memes or Netflix or Crunchyroll or <insert long list of distractors>", "do not sit at home doing nothing for all of break like you're possessed by Soulcutter", etc etc). Anyway, what better way to theme at this time of the year than through Christmas celebration!
  18. Well, shit. Seems like I'm in good company these days and pretty much everyone across the board is buckling down -- either by doubling down on habits they've been building over the last few challenges, re-committing themselves to paths of action long abandoned, or by digging deep and getting back to basics. For this challenge, I'm planning a hybrid of double-down and back-to-basics - because let's face it, even when I'm doing a simple challenge I've got #Rangerbrain and can't pick just one thing. I want them all. Omfg. Best. Thing. Evar. Spoil
  19. I need to work on balance. In more ways than one. My personal physical ability to balance is something I enjoy working on. I even still do balance drills while I stand in line at the pharmacy and my boss just commented on the fact that I was on one foot almost the entire time I taught our active shooter class.(that was an accident) Working on my physical balance is something I already know I enjoy, so that will help me stick to it. This also fits in nicely with my hand stand goals. I also need to work on life and mental balance. I tend to gravitate towards being an all or nothing typ
  20. July/August Challenge A Civil War has turned everything upside down. It is a time full of upheavals and changes. The heroes of our world have left their old paths to remain the protectors we need.... I too have left my old path and am seeking a new one. But I'm still in the grey jungle in between them. I need to complete the transition this challenge.The time-table is somewhat clearer now, but can still change to a certain degree. I most likely won't move before the end of August and maybe even a month later. Depending on how the appartment and job hunting goes. My fit
  21. Play Time is Over. It's time to stop screwing around and start acting like an adult on a consistent basis, and kicking ass like I've done before, and I know I'm capable of doing again. Since January of this year I've been... inconsistent at best. I could make a few excuses(psychological recovery from a breakup, work being super busy, overtraining myself into a bit of Achilles tendinitis), but ultimately that's pretty irrelevant to this topic/challenge. The point is, the stuff that sidetracked me in the first half of this year is for all practical purposes behind me, so I need to
  22. So, last 6 weeks have been a bit of a revelation. After a fairly brutal first 2 - 2 1/2 months of the year during which running was about my only source of respite from an otherwise challenging time in my life, things started to click. I embraced the pain and fed my body a steady stream of 6x800 meter interval workouts and tempo runs. My training paces started falling. On a whim, I decided to enter a 5k in mid-March, and decided "what the hell, I'm just going to go hard and see what happens." What happened was a PR, and my first 5k under 21 minutes ever. This all helped buil
  23. This is a walking PvP that will be running until the end of the next challenge in April 2016 (approx 7 weeks total). This is a bit longer than usual so you have plenty of time for a stretch goal! 5 levels: Titanium - 128 km's (80 miles) Gold - 96 km's (60 miles) Silver - 64 km's (40 miles) Bronze - 32 km's (20 miles) Copper - 19 km's (12 miles) PVP Rules 1. Pick a level above that will stretch you but you think you can make. During the challenge walk that many km's in 4 weeks (7 weeks this time!). 2. Sign up in this sheet and track your km/miles during the challenge. 3
  24. I am totally stealing this from another lovely Nerd (Hi Leimanu) and wandering from the usual tracking, lifting BS, that have been in my Challenges forever. This is just for fun! Still logging workouts and other warblings and generally hanging out in the Warriors.
  25. So, 2016 has been absolutely nothing like I expected. After a wild but mostly awesome(barring the persistent back issues) 2015, 2016 kicked off with a completely unexpected breakup. The aftermath of that has been okay on the whole - or at least better than one would reasonably expect in this situation. January and early February were mostly staying afloat. Late February into early March were marked by my first foray back into the dating world in several years, and served as a reminder of how much I've changed(mostly for the better). Mentally where I really turned the corner tho
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