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  1. Okay. I missed...a challenge? More than one challenge? I don't know. It's been a busy six weeks. I'm proud of myself for mostly keeping up with workouts, and keeping up with hydration and sleep. And writing a ton. But I'd like to get back on the wagon. Things aren't going to get simpler anytime soon, but I want to be doing better on my goals. I want to be less reactive. I want to focus on my own goals and move those forward. It's way past time to update my goals for Q2 2019, so here you go: So, since last we talked, the gaming con I was co-planning happened, it was awe
  2. December of 2017 was my first time in 51 years of life doing a formal year-end inventory, and I am using the data I gleaned from that experience to formulate my goals for 2018. I modified the categories from Level 10 Life, and came up with what I want to focus my attention on for this year. I'm stashing these here so I have a place to look for inspiration to create my four-week challenge goals more intentionally vice haphazardly as I have been doing. Spirituality: Add a daily prayer focus to the beginning of every day; add a brief gratitude bullet at the end of every day (re
  3. REVISING IN PROGRESS (indefinitely): ENCUMBRANCE #1 - Financial encumbrance ENCUMBRANCE #2 - Fatness (non-fitness) ENCUMBRANCE #3 - thriving vocationally THE CORE - Grounding in truth and knowledge - soul, science, world events THE LIST OF THINGS - the stuff about which I'm passionate and hope to do in this life... * Have 1 viable business * Learn Python (thank you Catspaw) * Master double unders * clean / jerk over 200 lbs * Break 30 minute 5k * Take my family on journeys around the world (well-traveled family) * Master outdoorsman, fora
  4. Tuesday, May 10 - June 7 (Had taken me awhile to get here, but I am HERE, and going to enjoy the last month of the school kids in school!) Heyo, back for another month! Here to roll for the fifth month of making a thread, and hoping to be active for my goals. The month of Quotes! Bringing in the Good Vibes! Good quotes of reminders, and pretty pictures. I actually had fun finding all these pics! (Usually I get tired or angry by the end). These last five months! Wow! Can't imagine a life without Nerdfitness, with all the positive vibes ping ponging all over the
  5. Get a helmet and strap yourself in. This will be a long and, hopefully, exciting journey, and I’m glad that you’re here along for the ride. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. Below is a living list of my goals in life; they are constantly adapting and evolving as I level up my life, complete these goals, discover more concrete steps for each, and find new goals to work toward. Fitness Goals reach 30% body fat live without added sugar do a full, dead-hang pull-up reverse my anterior pelvic tilt deadlift 250lb/bench press 200lb/row 150lb Hobby/S
  6. Events: IPF World Open - 10/11/2015 (live streamed on goodlift for those that are interested) Edinburgh BJJ Open - 21/11/2015 Southend No Gi Open - 29/10/2015 Newcastle BJJ Open - 6/12/2015 Goals: Competition: IPF Worlds - Top Ten STR - 3, Top 5 STR - 5, Podium (lol yeah right) STR - 7 Edinburgh - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, SIlver CON - 1, DEX - 1, Bronze DEX - 1 Southend - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, SIlver CON - 1, DEX - 1, DEX - 1 Newcastle - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, Silver CON - 1, DEX - 1, DEX - 1 Life Goals: Be more social Do at least one thing a week which isn't training related, even if i
  7. So after almost two years of no serious competition (TBH the Scottish Judo Open was more an experiment in seeing if I could still cut weight like a pro) I'm returning to competition. My first will most likely be a judo grading as the London IBJJF Open is a bit out of my league, bearing in mind I have to fight at blue belt. "Gentle means tired" was a favourite phrase used during competition preparation at the judo club, and right now I'm gentle very often. Sport Specific Activity: I'm already at classes regularly but I shy away a bit during rolling, people are gentle and won't hurt me. I
  8. Not very assassin-y but after the last two hectic weeks, I feel like Memphis tonight: MEMPHIS: "You'll have to forgive me. The music's gone clean out of me." MUMBLE: No, it hasn't. It's just like singing with your body. MUMBLE: It's just one big old foot after the other. That's it. MEMPHIS [singing]: You don't have to be beautiful... MAIN GOAL: Get that body composition in place - loose some weight! Loose 10kg by end of June 2015. I lost a couple of cm during the last/first challenge, and in this week that I took off, inbetween challenges, I lost just over 1kg! HOW: Q1 - Exercise 3x/week
  9. My Main Quest: In October I had a minor surgery. Unfortunately, I have to have a second very soon, likely in within this next 6 weeks. The recovery period from the first surgery did two things: 1) It inhibited my ability to work out for months. 2) It brought on about a week of intense anxiety attacks and about a month of not being able to fully control my stress levels. Going into this a second time my main quest is to make sure my body and my mind are as prepared as possible for the second recovery process. I want to be as capable of healing as I can be. My 3 Goals: 1) Record everythi
  10. Hi everyone, I've been around here a bit and am very glad to be part of this community. This is my first post in The Respawn Point, and I just wanted to make something clear first: I have not let my fitness and diet go (although it's Christmas so I'm a little more relaxed with my diet at the moment), so I don't need to respawn with that. Improve, always, but not totally respawn. No, I need to respawn in a different way. I guess you can call it a re-roll or a redistribution of my experience points. WARNING: This is long, so don't feel obligated to read or respond. I'm sort of ranting. It
  11. Not quite sure how to do this. I thought it started today, not yesterday. Oh well... Okay, going to start. My main quest is to get to a healthy weight and be fit enough for my future which will hopefully be in a job as a prep cook and for being a better cosplayer. To do this, I will stay on Weight Watchers and start by slowly losing ten pounds, although I plan to lose fifty or so. I will also keep up a regular exercise routine that will give me strength and energy to last for a long time. (CON, STR, STA) Thirdly, I will study hard in my classes and do my best in whatever task I need to
  12. Hello, everyone! I'm new to the NF Rebellion, but have been reading NF articles and blogposts for YEARS. I finally decided to work up the courage and take the plunge and join the rebellion, since I feel as if I've been missing out on so much by being afraid! I'm known as exlibrispdb, but you can all just call me Libris I'm not completely new to working out, but I tend to lean towards a whole mind/body/spirit health and wellness as well wanting maximum agility, flexibility and dexterity. I'm still trying to decide which guild I belong to, but I'm hoping you all can help me out! Some o
  13. As my journey through life has progressed, I have come to realize that I need more out of it. My journey has been long, but it hasn't really taken me anywhere. I feel like, just maybe, there is way more to living than eating and breathing. Recently I came across an artifact that I had heard of, but never before seen with my own eyes. I feel, if I could just unlock its wonders, its secrets.. its power.. than I could harness some of it. I could become more than what I am right now. Brothers and Sisters of the Rebellion, I show this to you so that you might help me glean some insight into i
  14. Vengefulpear Eats Senzu Beans in the Medi-Chamber! Welcome back to another awesome challenge my Assassin friends Some of you may know that my shoulder is all messed up right now (well not that badly, but it's still on the mend) so this time around my challenge is going to be based around recovery, the final stages of slimming down and life goals! This year was supposed to be the Year of the Dragon, so I went with a Dragon Ball Z theme for this! Rather than just kicking some dragon bottom... Damn you shoulder! My main quest for this challenge (hopefully it wont last any longer than
  15. Guess I am one of the only ones here on a non-fitness challenge...but being without an income for almost 5 years , fitness isnt really the first thing on my to-do list (also because I am pretty happy with my weight of 48kg at 5ft height and I dont find it difficult to work out consistently....yes I'd like to get stronger..but,God willing, that'll be for some other challenge so, my main quest is to GET A JOB, God willing, by end of this year. I am a animator by profession who left job after 3.5 years of work in a big studio to make my own independent shortfilm with my boyfriend, which too
  16. Cleaning the litterbox: it's a daily chore. Actually, it's a twice-daily chore if you don't want your place smelling like cat pee. I tend to look at my life like it's a litterbox. I mean, I have two cats IRL, so I already actually have to clean two litterboxes (my boyfriend helps!) - but RL is the "dumping" ground for a lot of crap, and unless I take care of it on a daily basis, things get unpleasant pretty quick! I feel like I have a strong grasp on most of the stinky parts of living: doing the dishes, doing laundry, keeping the floors swept and the countertops wiped down, making sure my
  17. Everyone who's ever set foot into Vana'diel know that it was an endless, bone crushing grind back in it's day. I was one of those who had the willpower to play it out, so I figure I have a shot here at making my goals come to life. We shall have a number of different categories to play around in, each coinciding with various milestones in the FFXI world. Get My AF Set: As it stands now, I have 81 pounds to reach my goal. Every 10 pounds will give a piece of my artifact gear with level 8 granting me my Joyeuse (yes I know the game has far progressed past these items, but these were Holy Gr
  18. I figured that I had better go ahead and throw something in here to track my goals since I'm already starting to accomplish ones that I planned out previously. Check back for continuous updates to expand and reorganize this list, as well as progress reports as I start to cross them off this list. Current Status: Level 1, 40% more EXP needed to reach Level 2 From the Nerd Fitness Spartan Warrior challenge: 50 Push-Ups in a row 10 Pull-Ups in a row Bench press body weight 10x Press 75% of bodyweight overhead 5 times Deadlift 1.5 times bodyweight 5 times Squat bodyweight 5 times Run a 5k i
  19. I'm taking this challenge off - I'll still be in and out of this thread and the forums, but I've got a lot going on, and many of my goals will be non-fitness related. This will be my log for the time being, but expect sporadic updates and no scoring this time around. Anyhow, misc stuff I'd like to do: Life stuff: ALL the homeownership stuff:Move inFix the initial stuff that needs fixing(electrical stuff, hot water heater, mold in the attic)Furnish the place, including *the mancave*Lots of other little bits and piecesOther Life StuffMove forward with enrollment in Grad SchoolSucceed with m
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