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  1. Lilith the Chubby Kitten - The Battle Against Fear Level 3 Kitten (definitely not yet a Cat, or Tiger, or...) After having won the battle of heights from Ravi, things were happy and fuzzy and cuddly and nice. Lilith and Ravi had decided they were both the absolute best at everything kitty related, and were therefore partners now, instead of rivals. Lilith was growing up to be a much bigger kitten now, and became much more aware of the surroundings. The human servants especially deserved much more attention! There were two gigantic humans who could reach the shelves with food easily. The trick with those was to look adorable and a little bit sad, that way you could get extra treats! *nomnomNOMnom* But Lilith's favourite human was a small one, a kitten like her. They could play for HOURS (*cough* minutes *cough*) hyperactively, before Lilith would cuddle up to the kitten human and fall asleep. "ZZzzzZzzzzzzz purrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrr....." * Happy kitty dreams about outdoor adventures, capturing the flying noise machines! * A sudden earthquake woke Lilith up. What's that? Oh.. Her kitten human had run away to the outdoors portal (the one that was very strictly forbidden for kittens and not for mommy cats). Oh well... Lilith went on her drowsy way to a softer spot to sleep. WOOOOOF. *growls* Only to be waken up again by the monster of monsters. Smelly, bad teeth, gnarling.. And intently looking at her. NEVER TRUST THE OUTDOOR PORTAL! WHAT SORCERY, WHAT EVIL ENTERED LILITH'S SAFE WARM CUDDLY SPACE?! The adrenaline kicked in Lilith's veins. She was cornered, alone. She was the absolute best at sneaking past threats, but she never had to sneak past a threat that was looking directly at her, and very menacingly at that. One paw in front of the other. Stay low, you're invisible. Two steps later the dog barked again, jumping towards her.* RETREAT!* Back on top of the couch it was. Now what to do? She thought about Ravi, but couldn't call him for help. But she did remember how they both wanted to become the best sneaky kitty assassins ever. What would an assassin do? Lilith, scared as she was, realised she had to face her fears. Show the dog who's boss. "The key is not to look scared, don't look scared, maybe don't look at all.. Oh no, no I can't not look that's even scarier. " One, two, three....! That would teach him! Lilith felt strong, fierce, like a cat, like a lion! Raaaaaaawr! .... Okay doggie is gone run for the hiiiiilllllsss! O_o * Lilith is now hidden among the shadows, until further notice (notice being dog left the building)* Epic quest: From 73kg to 54kg. This goal will stay the same for a long time, which is why it's an epic quest. This challenge will be great for making progress in the epic quest, I'm sure! Especially because I'm going to try to focus on food again! I will grade myself for the epic quest too this challenge! Main quest: Kitteh is brave, kitteh is strong, kitteh is FEARLESS! Sadly, I am not as fearless as my kitten alter ego. Which is what I'm working on this challenge! BONUS goal 1: Workout 5 times a week. I will mostly be doing Insanity, ZWOWs, other bodyweight circuit training, toprope climbing, bouldering, and pilates. Maybe I will add in some running too, depends on the weather really. Anyway, point is, I don't follow a specific schedule. It works for me to do what I want (do I want to die? Insanity it is! Do I want something challenging but not too exhausting? Pilates it is) I do keep track of which Insanity workouts I do so I do those evenly spread out (they have different body focuses) The fitter and stronger you are, the less you'll have to fear! I'll be able to crush my enemies! Grading: No workouts missed is an A. For every two workouts missed during the entire challenge I lose one grade. BONUS goal 2: Skill practice 5 times a week. Again, this is the same as last time. So climbing practice that can include grip strenght, balance etc. Yoga also counts towards skill practice. But I'm making it broader, to make skill practice really 'having fun play time and seeing what my body can do' so it could also be walking, handstand practice, maybe I'll dare practice some safety rolls to prepare for parkour... Well you get the idea! You will soon find I'm very enthusiastic and basically want to do and try everything! How does this relate to fear? Well if I would do handstands and parkour stuff, those are things I'm scared of but would love to not be scared of anymore! Safety roll bitches! Grading: No skill practice missed is an A. For every two workouts missed during the entire challenge I lose one grade. Goal 3: BodieBoost. You guys won't know this, but it's a diet/lifestyle method (NOT a crash diet). It's not about eating perfect, nor is it about counting calories. I've been doing this for the duration of last challenge too, and it works for me so far. It keeps me from binging, it MAKES me eat two treats a week (no more, no less) and I feel happy and not obsessed with food when I follow it. I tried eating sensibly without structure, it doesn't work. I tried being perfect with food and counting calories, it didn't work. I'm going to try keeping to this because I notice I am losing weight and more importantly feel so much better in my skin! Anyway, this goal is definitely fear related, because I'm scared I'll binge again but I really want and need to tackle my food problem if I want to lose weight. Grading: A for a perfect day, B for a good day (where I eat one portion of food too much or eat one treat extra in a week). D for a bad day, where I didn't keep to BodieBoost. F for a binge. I'll have a grade for every day and I'll take the average for the final challenge grade. Lifegoal: Getting my life back on track. One of my biggest sources of anxiety is all the stuff I need to do for uni, like studying and finding an internship. Equally scary I find all the insurance declarations I still need to do and just that random official important LIFE stuff that I would love to hide from. And ALSO just doing house chores like tidying and cleaning and fixing flat tires etc... So I want to face those fears. It's unbelievably hard for me but I really NEED to because those things have a thing of getting worse the longer you ignore them... Grading: A if I had a very, very productive day, perfect, super awesome! B if I had a good day where I did useful stuff. C if I did one thing, which is not enough, but better than nothing. F if I didn't do anything. Tracker Measurements before challenge 23Feb14: Waist 85cm, Upper Leg 60cm, Chest (under breast) 88cm, Upper Arm (relaxed) 31cm 24Feb14: 70.3kg Assassins Guild 6 week Bridge Challenge - participating! Starting point, unable to do a bridge. (Cannot support my weight on my arms/hands/wrists and cannot push up high enough) Week 1 Workouts 5/5 Skill Practices 7/5 BodieBoost: AAAAADD Lifegoal: ACBBABB Mini Challenge #1: Monday: pigeon pose galore! Tuesday: Pigeon Pose, Deep Lunges, Cobra, Bridge (trying). Wednesday: cobra, pigeon, shoulder dislocations. Week 2 Workouts 1/5 Skill practice 1/5 BodieBoost: DDA Life Goal: CFB DID NOT TRACK ALL Week 3 Bodieboost: A B A A A B C Life goal:A B A C C B B Workouts: 3 Skill practices: 1 Week 4 BodieBoost: ABAAABA Life goal: BBBCAFA Workouts:2 Skill practices: 3
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