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  1. For years, the term “Alpha Male” has been used with some liberty but mostly it carries a negative vibe to it. Many times, when speaking about Alpha Males, is paired with being this macho like controlling and aggressive male who gets all of the women and doesn’t take crap from anyone. This has created a negative feeling of what an Alpha is or could be. First, we should establish from where the term Alpha Male derives from. Is a common way of seeing the behavior of animals (mostly wolves) and how they appear to develop on their own society They have been studies in both side claimin
  2. My 4 week challenge goals are going to be pretty basic as I want to SUCCEED for my respawn and make life changes!! Diet eat a vegetable with at least one meal daily Fitness some form of exercise every day Level Up Your Life Meditate/pray daily
  3. Janus (Latin: Ianus. Pronounced: 'ja:.nus]) is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings. There are respawns, and there are respawns. I do a lot of the first one - every month, every week, sometimes even every day. Things like 'I'll stop this now' or 'This time I'll do it this way.' These are normal. These are for those times when you fall off the wagon, but you only need jog a bit to climb back on, or maybe you lay on the ground for a little while and then grab ahold again when the wagon laps you. Sometimes, however, a respawn is
  4. Hey all, So I know I'm not quite the most novice beginner as I'm almost a year into my fitness journey, but I don't yet feel comfortable saying I'm experienced with all of this either. I ultimately started because I was wildly unhappy with how I looked in my graduation photos and I didn't want to be the fat kid in the PhD program I was starting. As I was starting out, I used a whole bunch of bodyweight circuits from over at Darebee, and I saw a good loss of belly bulge and moderate increases in strength, and since I've moved on to dumbbell work and building strength through iron. R
  5. I'm just starting this new adventure...a bit ill-prepared...but no time to start like the present, eh? So, here I am...jumping into this challenge (head first). Here are my goals/quests. 1.(diet) Drop down to 3 glasses of pop/soda per week. Yes, I said "week" because I dropped it down to one a day...and it's slowly progressed in the worst way...I'm drinking at least 1-2 glasses a day. It used to be a lot worse... 2. (diet) Eat more veggies and fruit. Kind of sound a little big...but I do try to eat at least 1 veggie with supper everynight. I'd l
  6. I've noticed a couple of people scattered throughout this forum mention minimalism and the minimalist lifestyle in passing, for various reasons. Sometimes because of an upcoming move, or sometimes from a desire to slim down the amount of chaos material stuff tends to bring into their lives. I've flirted with the idea quite often - often from necessity, and most recently from an expected move. It took the looming threat of a move to realize that, push come to shove, I could load a backpack and be gone, but holy carp - where did all this stuff come from? To that end, I wanted to s
  7. Here I go, trying yet again to organize my life despite my affinity for chaos. So many goals, so many challenges ahead, and yet so much accomplished in 2016 that I'm confident and optimisitic. 2016 was a year of improvements for me: I lost around 50 lbs, give or take 10 or so depending on my bloat level. I got a new job that I don't hate with a passion (used to regularly tempt myself with the idea of hopping into traffic on the way to work, not to kill myself but because an injury would mean at least a day off). I began dressing like an adult- no more hoody and jeans
  8. INTRO I had to do something interesting yesterday: Clean off my entire desk as quickly as possible. I had placed my tea maker back down in way that the excess water had leaked out all over my desk, and I didn't realize it until the sound of it dripping off my desk tore me away from what I was working on. So in the span of a few seconds, I had to snatch all the loose papers and other things off my desk and clean the water up. I had to decide what was actually important and what had just been lying there because I hadn't made it a priority (much appreciation to Steve for the artic
  9. Dear fellow Assassins, I'm writing this to you while I'm working at my lawfirm, which is the daytime facade of my secret life. In the last years this daytime facade, of an mid-30-ish businessowner with three cats has been taken over my entire life. I've even started to believe that this is all there was. But then there was the wakeupcall by Rebel One who reminded me of my true calling. Since then I've been prowling around these perimeters, while I started to recreate my own self-image beneath this mainstream, middleclass, woman. Now I'm joining in this challenge with some tasks: - do
  10. I have been playing a lot of Overwatch lately and can't stop thinking/dreaming about it. SO... Let's make it my themed challenge this month! D.Va - Gaming 100% Uncharted 4 and Collect the 5 dragons in DragonVale Genji - Agility Practice yoga on off days and stretch until splits (front ways, both legs) are obtained Symmetra - Knowledge Read 30 mins a day and finish two books this challenge Zarya - Strength Green Arrow workout MWSa and Handstand progression everyday Lucio - Music Learn a
  11. -Xo

    A Paleo Newbie

    Hi there, Xo here. A close friend recently recommended this paleo diet to me and explained the logic behind it (which I have to say is quite convincing). Today is my first day giving it a go! I have a trip coming up in a few months and am hoping to see the weight drop before takeoff. I wanted to know what everyone elses experience is with it. Has it been successful? How did you feel? Any tips or pro recipes? Everything help! -Xo
  12. Bard Brainstorming: Bards are famous for being quite versatile and also for being the life of the party. Things I find unique about Bards: 1.) Music (Instrument) - I feel they are primarily known for being travelling musicians and therefore a pre-requisite should be either knowing or/ currently learning an instrument (singing could also be applicable in my opinion.) Though an instrument (ie. Drums) could definitely be implemented into an exercise routine. 2.) Music (Writing) - Many bards became famous for the unique stories/music they wrote, which set them apart. After all, nobody real
  13. Right, so I did like three challenges successfully-ish, but then I moved and started college and it all sort of fell by the wayside, but midterms are over and Christmas is soon and I'm back! Unfortunately I've lost most of my progress and am starting from square one again, but at least I know I can do it now. Goals will be updated in the progress bar, and here. They are: Sleep: 7-8 hrs sleep every day Food: 1200 kcal, 16 hr IF 5 days a week, and one day of 24 hr IF. every meal has fruits/veggies (1st week), cut out pastries, chips, chocolate, cookies (2nd week), cut out all other junk f
  14. Hi NF'ers I have just started actively following a fitness plan and tonight is my first evening shift at work this week; I was wondering if there were others out there like me who have a varied schedule, and I was curious as to what you do / eat / drink to keep yourself energised and feeling well without succumbing to copious amounts of caffiene and sugar (two of my biggest downfalls!) What kind of meals should I eat to keep myself energized, or is a quick afternoon nap more the way to go? Or do I just continue my daily routine (breakfast, lunch, workout, dinner) as per usual and just "suc
  15. Hey all! First things first, I've begun my journey to becoming a badass Assassin. I finished my first challenge in the recruit section and I did fairly well but I know I can do better! And since I'm able to post this in the current challenge thread that starts on April 13th I'm starting a little early. So lets get a little bit of back story for the new people; Throughout high school I was 6' 120lbs on a good day, wore all black, read fantasy books in my classes (mostly dragonlance), and had a very small group of friends. I was picked on, but I figured that was a part of high school. Shor
  16. Hi, this is my first time on the boards and I'm excited to meet like minded, motivating and positive new peeps. I started my fitness quest after I realized that if I didn't change my ways, my parents were going to have to bury me. I was an uncontrolled diabetic [A1c = 9.2], on insulin and about 3 other meds, using a c-pap at night because my weight was crushing me and cutting off my breathing. I would be so winded after 1 salsa dance that my legs would give out. I was 5'6" and ~252 lbs [114.3 kg]. I am currently going to a supervised diet plan that encompasses not just weight loss but
  17. Hello everyone! So I finished my brief tutorial for the last challenge. Now, it's time for the real deal. I'll keep my specific goals from my intro challenge. These were though for the last two weeks, so I guess I should continue improving upon them. I need to create a sense of discipline. So, I added three more side quests that might help me do just that. May you all find success! Main Quest: I want to look like a skinnier version of Wolverin, but also become stronger and healthy. Specific Goals: -Do Level 1 of the "No Gym Challenge" every day. -Eat Paleo for 16 out of 21 weekly meal
  18. When I was little, I had this misguided idea of what a Scribe was. I essentially thought they were fiction writers from the middle ages, but I now know that more often than not they were essentially secretaries whose sole function was to copy papers. Scribe is still a cool name. I'm going to try and form this into some kind of repetitive daily function that is easy and fun to write and hopefully to read as well. So, to start out I'm going to start tracking my day-to-day nonsense, goals and challenges: Mostly Vegetarian, Mostly Paleo - A maximum of one food-item that isn't paleo, if an
  19. Okay so, I've been struggling so hard with losing weight like, ever since I was 10 years old (and my mum kept on saying that i was too fat and i had to lose weight even though i was only 2 or 3 kg above average)? Now, 8 years, 2 eating disorders, loads of therapy and a few food intolerances later, I feel determined (actually more like desperate) to lose 7 kg. I am still incredibly struggling with the way I see myself and find it hard to respect my own body. I still have bruises on my legs, arms, hips, etc from times I just couldn't bear feeling my body move and when I see myself in the mirror
  20. I have made some surprisingly clear goals for the first challenge. I graduated on Christmas and started working full-time, so now I've got some real free-time and I can focus on fitness! I've been having quite a lot of different kinds of physical hobbies in my life. From dance to horseback riding. Now my main hobbies are gym and climbing (I know I should belong to the assassins' guild, but my body type is too heavy for that... in my opinion.) Main Quest: Sticking into healthy lifestyle and building strong body! (Exercise routines (both strength and cardio), almost vegan diet and getting out
  21. Introduction: Greetings fellow nerds, Jawad here! ^^ I've known about NerdFitness for quite a while now but never got involved until now. I know I'm starting this 6-week challenge a bit late, but I think it's definitely better late than never! (Longest Joke in the world reference? ) I'm not in the best shape right now and it's definitely time for a change. For the past few months - heck, years - I've been telling myself that it's time for a change, but whenever I start something it never lasts more than a few days. And I think that this challenge, and joining NerdFitness will be a great
  22. Came across this by a friend who recommended it. The Story After numerous attempts to lose weight and tone up nearly all had failed. After tipping the scales at 16stone in 2011 i decided enough was enough. Previously i had attempted Weight Watchers and lost about 2 stone, only to regain. Like wise with slimming world. After seeing myself on holiday in size 18 swimwear i decided id had enough and this was no way to spend my young adult life, having fought with my weight for many years. I started on cambridge weight plan in Nov 2011 and ended March 2012 after losing over 4 stone by liqu
  23. Hi Everyone! I've been on and off the fitness train, I consider myself a beginner because I still don't know what i'm doing, or if what i'm doing is right. Being a girl who weighed under 110 pounds growing up, living in a house with no set breakfast/lunch/dinner time, not knowing the difference between whats healthy and whats not, and not having a active family/lifestyle... I started gaining and not knowing why or how to lose it. In December 2012 I weighed the most I've ever weighed, and to make it worse, at family gatherings they noticed and picked on me about it (which never feels
  24. This will be my first official challenge at Nerd Fitness; I've been waiting for this since I signed up 6 weeks ago! I could have jumped straight into the previous challenge but at the time my motivation was running on fumes so I thought I'd ease into it before tackling anything scary like a real challenge. Gotta complete the tutorial before playing the game! The challenge doesn't start for another couple of days which will give me time to nut out the details, but I'm not too worried about stat points at this point because hell, I'm level 0. Just getting to level 1 will be a big deal! But I w
  25. So, before I get to my question, here's a little background on how I got to this point: I started eating paleo about a year ago, but I have had a lot of issues with slipping back into my old SAD ways for stretches of time. When I was younger, I lost a lot of weight by restricting my calories to 1200/day but my diet mostly consisted of lite and fit yogurts, kashi go lean cereal, salad with salsa and sliced lunch meat. Thinking about that now makes me cringe. Needless to say, that didn't last and I gained the weight back. One thing that did stick with me from that time in my life however, was
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