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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, First I would like to mention that I am a senior in high school currently at the age of 17. For all of high school I kept telling myself that I would get in shape and be more active in and out of school. I fell through basically every year and just sat on my ass for way too long. I've finally decided that I am not going to make any more excuses and I will put actual effort and time into working out and getting in shape. I made a first step (in my opinion) by joining the fencing team in my school. It's not too physically straining, but still enough for me to realize that I
  2. Andu-falah-dor! Let Balance Be Restored! I'm making a slow transition back into Nerd Fitness because I have been away too long. And it is showing. My eating has gotten terrible. My exercises have become non-existent. Everything is just out of a good, healthy balance. I need to fix this. I want to fix this. I've come back to the Druids for a number of reasons, but the most important one is taking the time to re-learn this balance. Find your inner peace, begin and continue the healing process, and build up a strength both physically and mentally.
  3. First post for the Assassins! Supah excited ^.^ (This is my happy face) I'll be attempting the mini challenge this time around, but first I must set up my quests! #1: Ze Strength Training During my last challenge, I found that I rather like lifting heavy things and blowing the minds of the guys in the weight room. So, during this challenge I'm going to aim to up my weight lifting goals, as well as ensure I have proper lifting techniques. I'll be working with a trainer at the gym. Deadlift: Increase from 60lbs (10 reps) to 70 lbs (10 reps) Bicep curls: Increase number of reps
  4. Hey Everyone, I had caught myself looking at Nerd Fitness a few times via Google searches on various healthy topics. Specifically I saw that the owner of the site is a fan of Henry Rollins - Iron and the Soul piece which is a big plus in my book. What really drew me in though is unlike other forums (T-Nation, BB.com, etc...) the commenters seemed more human and "everyman-esque". After wrestling with the idea a little bit I've joined my first fitness forum! A brief background on myself: In October 2012 I found myself recently single, broke, and grossly out of shape. I'm roughly 5'9" a
  5. Welcome! Hi I'm Xena and this is my first challenge. I am active on Nerd Fitness and with my lifestyle change since 3 weeks. My overall priority goal is to lose weight, so far I've lost about 3 lbs. I achieved that by sticking to this 3 subgoals: My main goal for this challenge is: lose 7lbs.I've lost a pound per week so far but since this is a challenge, I wanted to push myself a bit. So by losing 7lbs I would lose more than usual and it's doable. This I want to achieve by modifying/ heading to the next level with my previous 3 subgoals: One meal per day shall have a d
  6. Hi everybody, I'm a newbie to that community and to that kind of commitment, so please be indulgent as I will be to myself. Proud mother of two : a little boy for the first time in school after 3 years eye to eye with his "maman" : a baby girl who starts crawling all over the house and who still spend lot of time sleeping. Also exausted mother of two : unemployed full-time dedicated mum, my body still look like a pregnant woman's even if the numbers on my balance are ok. 1/ MAIN QUEST !! Looking like myself again ! Not beeing restricted by my body's weakness, beeing pushed forward by my bod
  7. Index Preliminary and general information Goals pre-1st-challenge1st challenge...Food logs (Junk food days aren't logged!) week 5 (1., 2., 3., 4., 5.)Workout logs week 1 (1., 2., 3.)week 2 (1., 2., 3.)week 3 (1., 2., 3., 4.)week 4 (1., 2., 3.)week 5 (1., 2., 3.)week 6 (...)week 7 (1., 2., 3.)...Weekly recaps recap 1recap 2recap 3recap 4...Reward and punishment system My motivation #1 My crisis plan w00t?!
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