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Found 3 results

  1. I might be lumbar-CHALLENGED but I'm not staying down. I'm not sure what this challenge will involve fitness-wise yet, except to say that there will be steps/walking and Whatever The Doc Says On Friday. That, therefore, will not be the focus. Goal: Stay positive, stay productive, and (Lack of whining not guaranteed.) Diet No focus on protein or intake, since I am not supporting any weight training or activity at the moment and don't know the future just yet on that. Suffice to say I'll separately track for maintenance on both, increasing with any increase in activity. Instead, vegetable 3x per day. Drink 40 oz water a day at minimum (might as well play with hydration goals as something to do) Life 3x chores daily 2 household goals per week 1 decor upgrade per week Sanctuary Upgrade the lady cave into a pleasant ixaera habitat Fitness WHO KNOWS?! I'll probably just track it here once I get the what-do NEWAYZ
  2. Hi! I'm Tei! I am a halfling Assassin who is going to get hella strong this challenge because it turns out that This challenge, I want to re-focus on strength building because I believe it's going to help me the most right now in gymnastics and climbing. Also because Mr. Tei and I climb with two dudes both named Ian who are both stupid strong and I want to be stronger than them. Schedule-wise, I'm hoping to be able to do the occasional two-a-day because my gymnastics practices tend to be in the evenings and quite short. So instead of doing conditioning at gymnastics, which would be a waste of the equipment I'm paying way too much $$$ to have access to, I'm going to do my strength training, conditioning and stretching in the mornings and just work on gymnastics skills that I can't practice anywhere else in the gymnastics gym. Lifting: Image by RickGriffin on deviantart I started a 5/3/1 program before, but that was right before the holidays and I didn't get into the gym often enough for it to really stick. Now, I have read the original 5/3/1 book thing (which is here, but now that I've read it I wouldn't really recommend reading the whole thing since it's full of all sorts of mysogyny and body-shaming and similar grossness and the basic info is available from other sources...) and I am going to do the 4x/week w/ bodyweight assistance version (on pg. 52 of the book) which looks like: I lift at a climbing gym, so climbing will also be on the menu; I don't really have any specific goals for it, because I tend to either just do a bit of it while I'm there lifting, or go with the group and do an all-climbing session. Food I had considered doing some sort of calorie-counting for this challenge, but I decided that ultimately, I want to do more, not less, so I'm not going to eat less, at least not by that particular method for the time being. Do not want. Instead, my food goals are: 1. Only eat breakfast in the morning after doing a 1/2 hour of something bassoon-related. I've been trying this and it works great both from a pseudo-IF standpoint and a getting-stuff-done-in-the-morning standpoint. My new morning routine seems to be: herbal tea after shower, tea latte while practicing, then omelette after first half hour of practicing. Obviously, if I'm doing something in the morning, at an hour that would make playing the bassoon before it impractical/ rude to the sleeping Mr. Tei, I am exempt from this. 2. No chocolate under 85% cocoa. (Unlimited chocolate that meets this criteria, but one of the great things about super dark chocolate is that I eat one or two squares and then spontaneously think, "Okay, that was good, I've had enough now."!!!!) 3. My old standby: Only food from home! Meditation Last challenge, I tried to use Kit Laughlin's lying meditations. Unfortunately, they were waaaaay too long for a (currently) very fidgety person like me. So this time around, I am going to spend 10 min with Headspace every day and see how it goes. Stretching My basic goal for this challenge is "stretch every day," which is vague but I know what "stretching" is and what "cheating because you want to meet your Challenge goal" is I bought the Stretch Therapy "Master the Full Backbend" series, so I want to incorporate more exercises from that into my routine. Okay assassins! Let's do this! Image by tartii on deviantart
  3. Hey everybody, Hows it going? Are you ready for this next 6 week challenge? I am. My first challenge went pretty well. It definitely helped to keep me accountable for my water intake. I'm getting better about drinking at least 64 oz of water a day, but not there yet. Below are my goals and the scores assigned to them for completion. A little about me: I am an IT guy and I play emo rock in my free time (theeffieafton.bandcamp.com). When I'm not doing those things I like to play Magic the Gathering, video games, Dungeons and Dragons, as well as read comic books. In June I went to my doctor for a gout inflammation and weighed in at 347 lbs. I began my journey on December 1st. I started changing my diet and exercising regularly. The first time I weighed myself since June was December 6th (when I bought a scale) and I was at 329.1 lbs. I have been eating clean (mostly, though not paleo) since December 1st and can't imagine going back to the way it was. I don't feel like I'm missing anything or deprived. I feel healthy and strong. As of last Friday (weekly weigh-in), I was at 300.7 lbs. I'm hoping to cross the 300 lb threshold tomorrow morning at my weigh-in. Goals ++ Increase Squat weight by 40 lbs (+4 STR) ++ Drink 64 oz of water every day (+4 CON) ++ Get down to 285 lbs (+3 CHA, +2 DEX) ++ Get an A in my programming class (+2 INT)
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