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Found 8 results

  1. So life has been goofy lately. I haven't been very diligent with getting into the gym, or really anything associated with a healthy life style. Been getting 1-2 workouts in per week, but my low back is still a bit of a mess and overall, I'm not doing much to get back on track. So I think it's time to get back into the challenge game to give myself a kick start. So, I've been doing this for about a week now, and it's been working so far so I'm going to go with this for my challenge. I've been physically writing out a list of some daily stuff I want to get done (on top of my jo
  2. Hi! First of all, thanks for checking out my thread! I'm 100% new to all of this, so I really hope I'm doing it right! A little about myself - I am 24, a mom of 2 (6 year old and 6 month old!), a wife of an amazing husband, and a full time office-job-glued-to-my-desk worker haha . All-in-all I have about 60lbs to lose (about 25lbs is baby weight, the rest I had prior), but for me it's not the scale that I'm worried about. I want to look and feel amazing. Right now, it's the opposite! I'm addicted to sugar (no joke) and I'm tired of being a slave to food. If I can break my sugar addiction I bel
  3. Time to officially start my battle long on here. I've kept notes in my phone, but I'm hoping this helps me as well. I've been seriously lifting for about 6-7 months now. Sure, I lifted a little in my past, but not on any kind of program or any kind of schedule. I have seen huge increases in strength, which is AWESOME, but now I need to get the diet part figured out. I need to lose weight, plain and simple. It will help my overall health, and it will be easier to see the muscle I'm building. Ok, time to put up this last week's stats. Note:deadlifts aren't usually a separate day, it just
  4. Rachel's Battle Log: The quest begins (or rather continues, took me a while to figure out the battle log thing) Starting stats: 30yo female, 5'6, 142lbs Started a 5x5 program a few weeks ago put together by my wonderful powerlifting husband, an avid fan of Mark Rippetoe Max weights so far (lbs): Squat - 100 Bench - 85 Row - 45 OHP - 50 Deadlift - 110 Main Quest I have revised my main quest now that I've done some research on some competitive level female powerlifters in my weight class. At the end of 4 weeks (since I'm already 2 weeks into my current challenge) I would like to increase
  5. Last July marked the beginning of my NF journey. I was like Luke Skywalker when he first discovers that The Force is real: Excited! Motivated! Unstoppable! Bring on the Empire! But then after plateauing with newbie gains, I became frustrated and impatient. I couldn't get my X-wing out of the swamp no matter how hard I tried. Now I am listening to Yoda. I will move forward with patience and continue to make gains with the slow but steady 5/3/1 program. What I will DO in 6 weeks: I will carry Yoda (Squat 165x5) I will lift rocks (Bench 110x5) I will raise R2D2 (OHP 77.5x5) I will
  6. The Human Experiment Continues Last year I completed my first two challenges ever and made some substantial newbie gains doing the 5x5 program. After hitting some plateaus, I have moved to the slow but steady method of Wendler's 5/3/1 program. My goals are to continue making gains with 5/3/1. Currently lifting (lbs): Squat - 145 Bench - 92.5 OHP - 62.5 DL - 165 6-Week Goals (lbs): Squat - 165 Bench - 110 OHP - 70 DL - 200 Side quests will include accessory work to build up pushups & pullups and cleaning up the diet to detox from holiday madness. Simple. Sustainable. Full details
  7. Main Quest: Recomp continued For those who followed my last challenge, my priorities sort of shifted about halfway through and I began a new 10-week lifting schedule of which I am currently in the middle of week 3. This challenge will encompass the rest of my current 10 week plan with the main goal of increasing my big 3. Current Big 3 for reps in kg (lbs): Ø Squat = 64.6 (142.5) Ø Bench = 43 (95) Ø Deadlift = 65.7 (145) 6 Week Goals for reps in kg (lbs): Goal #1) Squat = 81.6 (180) Goal #2) Bench = 48.7 (107.5) Goal #3) Deadlift = 79.3 (175)
  8. Hi there, I'm here for the new 6 week challenge and hope to get involved with the NF community so I thought it made sense to introduce myself! I'm a 29 year old guy living in Edinburgh, Scotland and have been on a health and fitness odyssey since January 2012. Back at the turn of 2011/2012, I was in the worst shape of my life, weighing in at 116kg/255lbs at 5' 10". I felt terrible, was in horrible physical shape and had got to the point where I found walking any kind of distance really uncomfortable. My diet was awful and I suffered from GI/IBS stuff that I though was "genetic" as other fami
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