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Found 2 results

  1. The title of this quest has a dual meaning: I want to take advantage of the last few weeks of the September-October challenge as a warm-up for the following one, but at the same time I want to learn to appreciate the early part of the day. I have a schedule that's preposterously full of stuff (full-time job, music lessons, dance lessons, band rehearsals and concerts) and once I'm finally home it's hard to summon the energy -- or even find the time -- to work out. Years ago, however, I had very good experiences working out on my way to work. I want to try that again, at least one or two days a week. I also have at least one weekend morning open, sometimes both. Main Quest: Start getting up earlier so that I can exercise when body and mind are rested and fresh. Subquest #1: Increase barbell squats to 125 pounds (currently 95) for one set of 5 reps. Subquest #2: Increase bench press to 100 pounds (currently 75) for one set of 5 reps. (I've lifted my goal weights before, but it's been a while -- Nearly 20 years. I'm older, but am I wiser? Only time, and the weights, will tell.) Subquest #3: Recalibrate my eating habits to make sure I'm getting at least some protein at least 4 times a day. Side quest: Make this hectic life of mine more peaceful whenever and however possible. That could mean uncluttering and simplifying my personal space, clearing up old projects before starting new ones, trying to figure out how meditation works, and/or not causing trouble on the Internet at 3:00 in the morning. Scoring: A for reaching the weight targets; B, C, D for each 5 pounds below the targets. +1 or more STR points. A for achieving 3 morning workouts a week, B for 2, C for 1, D for working out only later in the day. + to CON and STA as appropriate. A for getting quality protein 4+ times a day; B, C, D for 3, 2 or 1 servings. +1 or more CON points. Making any meaningful progress on the side quest: +1 or more WIS points plus CHR or DEX points if applicable, based on what activities (or inactivities) I opt for. This quest will continue into the next challenge period, with levelling up at that time.
  2. Main Goal: Compete in the Tough Mudder in Feb/Mar time frame. I have been working at this for sometime, but haven't really hit the running part as hard as I think I will need. So... Goal 1: Focus on the C25K training. I got through week two during the last challenge, so as I should be on track to get near the end of the program by the end of this challenge. However, the goal is to focus on getting three training sessions in a week, even if that means I am stuck on week three for the next six. 18+ sessions: A 15-17: B 12-14: C 9-11: D <9: Fail Goal 2: Attend more CrossFit classes. 12+: A 9-11: B 6-8: C 3-5: D <3: Fail Goal 3: Get back to 80% Paleo. I was doing good with this over the last four months outside of the later half of the last challenge. I again have another vacation planned midway through this challenge, so lets see if I have learned to plan ahead slightly better. Last time I gave this a pass/fail, though think I should change. So here's how I see rating myself this time... <2 cheat days (not meals): A 2-4: B 5-7: C 8: D >8: Fail I also need to stop the bad habit I have picked up again of snacking on candy bars, so I will count each candy bar as half a day of cheating. Yep, that should make me more accountable. Life Goal: Get back on a budget where I don't have to touch my savings. I am not counting things that I can't plan for. So to do this I think first I need to find all the nickel and dime payments I have and pay them off, minus the ones I have zero APR on as those don't really matter. However, that will only remove a couple things. So will have start planning on cutting back on things I really don't need, like eating out as it only hurts goal 3 anyways. Well I think that is a good set for this challenge...
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