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Found 12 results

  1. Staff choreography to music Pre-challenge Goals: 1. Find a song to do my choreography to. @mu , any ideas? Really, anyone though, I’m up for ideas. 2. Find easy tricking videos Challenge goals: I would like to find some easy tricking moves to learn to work into the staff spinning. I feel like I may be biting off more than I can chew because I've never done any tricking let alone working it in with a stick in the way. I’m still going to be counting my staff workouts, aiming for 6 out of 7 days, and hopefully working on the choreography for at least
  2. Lightsaber skills Create a routine for staff containing the tricks I already know plus at least 2 new tricks to learn this challenge. Routine should be around 20 mins including warm up. (probably will be lots of video and bloopers this challenge) Why it's a challenge: Honestly, picking up my staff and playing with it is not really a challenge. I truly love it. However, the challenge lies more in the time management. I am THE WORST™ at time management. I have to structure my morning better to accomodate a 20 minute session and still get everything re
  3. Andddd here I am, crashing back in for another challenge after being away for 6 billion years. A quick rundown of things that have happened recently: Was very sick for a year, lost a scary amount of weight. Got better, moved to Hoth to care for my mother who is very sick. Mother got slightly better, so I moved out to my own apartment nearby (she still needs her house cared for, but she doesn’t need anyone living in anymore) My goals for this challenge are as follows: Fitness goal 1: Saber skills (freestyle staff)
  4. I didn't really feel like I was ready to upgrade myself to Je'daii Ranger, but continuing the Journeyer theme gives me the perfect framework for this new challenge. Also: GUYS! Do you realize that this challenge will carry us through the premiere of Star Wars Episode 7? Like, by the time this challenge is over, we will have seen it, and know for certain whether or not J.J. Abrams' desecration of Star Trek was even a little bit worth it. ----- Master Alora Denn's holocron tells me of the ancient rites of the Je'daii--those who came before, the first Force users. They lived on Tython, the
  5. Part I There is no ignorance; there is knowledge I have a tournament coming up in November (a big multi-art shebang in MA), and last Friday, Sifu was talking about my white-sash test coming up in a couple of months. I'm hoping to impress him enough that he might test me before the tournament, so that I can proudly wear my sash to said destination. Part II In balance with chaos and harmony My second focus is going to be on food. I have problems with food. I need to find balance between chaos and harmony when it comes to my eating habits; I find them very easy to manage when in harmony (
  6. Episode IV Revenge of the Rogue Jedi Yup, that's right, folks--that's me in that picture, about to get my butt handed to me by my Sifu, who is wielding two lightsabers. If you're curious to see that duel in full, it starts here. Y'know, watching my Nerd Fitness challenges, one would think that I'm a serious Star Wars nut. I'm really not. I've always been a Trek kid, in fact, with fond memories of watching TNG with my dad at a very young age. However, the fact is that while much of the actual Star Wars media isn't that great (guys, two/two-and-a-half/maaaaybe three movies out of six be
  7. My thoughts are clouded, the path ahead is no longer clear. The Force is discordant within and without. I set out now on a long and lonely road. With only my wits and my lightsaber I must find the way to harmony Before the Dark Side's grasp becomes too strong. ------------------------ I've found myself feeling pretty scattered for a while now. It's harming my concentration, my work, and my home life, because instead of being able to focus and get things done, I've been getting nothing done instead. Every spare minute is spent zoning out, just trying to recover for the next thing t
  8. I have decided upon 5 challenges. 1) Figure out how I want to roleplay my way through this. I have an idea, but I need to research back accurate back story (yeah, I 'm one of those). +1 Wisdom 2) Limit myself to a single can of diet coke a day. Long term goal is weaning myself off it entirely. +1 Con 3) Cook myself at least 2 entirely paleo meals a week. +1 Con, +1 Cha (everyone likes a good home cooked meal) 4) Practice lightsaber forms at least 15 minutes a day. Studying videos does not count for time spent. +1 dex, +1 str 5) Lifestyle- Make my 52 week savings challenge deposits on
  9. So, I don't really have a choice for my challenge theme this time. As those of you who hung out on my last challenge thread might know, I'm taking a Lightsaber Dueling class with my Hung Gar Sifu... and it starts tomorrow! While part of me wishes that I could be a good Jedi and follow the path of peace and harmony, the truth is, I know myself too well for that. There is no strength in chaos, but strength can be found in both peace and passion, wisdom in both ignorance and knowledge--for who is wiser, he who claims knowledge where none is found, or he who admits to himself and others that
  10. Yes, the thread titles don't get much more nerdy than that. I'll soon be working on systematizing basic lightsaber combat techniques and appropriate signature moves of the seven canonical forms describes in the SWEU. First a little background on Why: As someone who performs displays of medieval swordfighting for entertainment and educational purposes, I have recently put forward a proposal for team building workshops in schools which use HEMA and theatrical choreography. One option, aside from the medieval/renaissance style of swordsmanship we offer, will be a more theatrical approach usi
  11. Fifth Challenge [ February 24th – April 6th ] Through the Crystal Caves Where I came from... Where I went after this.... BACKGROUND STORY Yoda lead William Waldgeist and the other initiates in a single file out of the shuttle and into the cold. A last test, they had to pass before they could become padawans. The temple entrance was small only compared to the cliff it was carved in. On the inside was a great hall with smaller chambers on the sides as well as a huge doorway deeper into the rock, closed with some crystalline substance. In the center of the chamber a sin
  12. <bows> Greetings and Salutations Monks! I'm Hugh and this is my 10th Nerd Fitness 6 week challenge I am taking a hiatus from the rangers to visit some of the other guilds. Last time was the Assassins, this time it's The MONKS! < cue thunderous applause > For this challenge I'm going to do something I've been thinking about for a while... Systematize a Lightsaber Martial Art! Additionally, where possible, I will be combining the burgeoning array of techniques with my fitness training in an attempt to make sure that, when the time comes, I can put these techniques to good use.
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