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Found 2 results

  1. So I am approaching my Deload week of my first mesocycle of 5/3/1. I used a calculator off the lifting report that had me put in my working weights and it both calculated my 1RM then turned it into all my lift numbers... but I need to add 10 or 5 # to my working weight,,, not my 1RM. I guess what I am asking is does anyone know of a simple calculator to figure out the next cycle or do I need to actually do the math. Is everyone doing the math for each cycle?
  2. Hey All, Wanted to get some feedback on people's experiences/thoughts on returning to a linear progression program (a la Starting Strength or StrongLifts) after being off of one. When I started, I used a linear progression (think SS with rows instead of cleans) and made good progress, even while cutting. Eventually (after about 4 months consistent use), I maxed out...then kept grinding away for 3-4 more months but had no improvements to show for it (generally still in a caloric deficit, although not as consistently as the previous 4 months). Technique started to suffer, I was demotivated...all was not well in the world I switched to 5/3/1 and have been using it for the last 4 months or so (still cutting), and I have been pleased. I haven't progressed on any of the big lifts at all (to be expected given the cut - 3500 cal/week deficit), but I really enjoy the program. However, I'm looking at go into calorie surplus in about a month (1750 cal/week surplus), with the goal of working towards a 1000 lbs total (squat/bench/dead). Currently I'm at about 825 lbs (275 squat, 225 bench, 325 deadlift - all estimated 1RMs based on current 3-5RMs). My biggest issue (I think) looking back at my logs and the timing of my stalls on SS, was my recovery. I wasn't eating enough or sleeping enough (had a newborn, at the time). Additionally, I was bike commuting to/from work a couple of times per week (46km/28 miles round trip), and those rides really took a lot out of me. The situation has now changed - will be eating at a slight surplus, sleep is better, and bike commute is significantly smaller (24 km/14 mile round-trip), although frequency will go up from 2x week to 4-5x week. So my question is, is it likely that I still have gains to be made from following a linear progression model? I had planned on continuing 5/3/1, but after some discussions on these boards re: pros and cons of 5/3/1, I'm wondering if using it would be sub-optimal for my upcoming situation and goals. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Can some of the strength-oriented folks chime in (well, anyone's welcome to chime in, really ) and let me know your thoughts? I'm 34, male, 6'5", and will be approx. 215 lbs with 15% bf when I start. Thanks!
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