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Found 6 results

  1. I decided that I wanted to just redux this challenge since I didn't even scratch the surface of the other one and I wasn't too set on the goals when I went back and thought about it. They were too vague and I don't want a work goal in there because I feel like it'll stress me out in the long run. The previous week was kind of a wash due to the ice storm that hit Texas, too, and my workout schedule was messed up because of it. I did manage to get a garage workout in with my neighbor. It was cold but I had a good time either way. Did some benching. Did some chin-ups. Did some rowing. There's been a lot of changes recently in my life. We are having to move because my landlord is raising rent by $700. We figured rent would go up but the house we live in is NOT worth the additional funds. We love our neighbors and neighborhood but can't justify spending that much more on a house that is due for lots of upgrades, has foundation issues, 1-car garage, etc. when other houses in the area going for the same rate are bigger and better overall. It's tough because we've been in our house for almost 3 years now and moving just sucks. Costco told me a couple weekends ago that they were taking away my Saturday off because someone in the department is flexing their seniority and wants Saturday's. This really messes things up because I've had Saturdays off since Feb 2020 and working 2 jobs makes that one full day off crucial. I'm deeply unmotivated to work at Costco as it is and now this...I'm trying to remain positive and level headed about these changes. It's tough. Other than those things, the wolfpack is doing well. Orin ended his basketball season with his 2nd grade team scoring 19 of the 21 pts they had and beating their opponent by 4 pts. He's a stud. Racer ended his basketball season with a win and scoring 9 pts, almost matching his season high. And this coming weekend is the last game for Orin and Declan for their 10 and under team. ALL. THE. SPORTS. I've been super proud of Declan playing basketball and trying something new. He's not really into sports but he goes to the practices and puts forth the effort. Heather and I are doing really good despite my work schedule. Atlas is growing like a weed. He's VERY chunky. Trixie is a handful but it's only because she just doesn't listen worth a damn lol. She's very smart and independent. Jamison is also doing great. He's a big kid at 5 years old. Now that I've laid down the life update - let's get to the goals: [POWER] 1x a week KB Metcon while wearing 20# weight vest Tu/Th get in 20-30min walk with 20# weight vest 20+ min nap M-F [WISDOM] Listen to one non-fiction book during the challenge Veggies with at least 1x meal a day 100+ oz of water - DAILY [COURAGE] Pack leftovers each day - 2x a week eating out maximum Apply at Sam's, HEB or check the Costco closer to me *EDIT* Stay with the challenge. Don't ghost the forums! Let's dive in! Wolf
  2. "Link.... You may not be at a point where you have fully recovered your power or all of your memories, but courage need not be remembered, for it was never forgotten." Hi guys and gals. I know this challenge is nearly over but I'm hoping because I have friends in high places *cough* @Tanktimus the Encourager *cough* that it can be moved to the next challenge once it starts. I debated on just waiting till next weekend but decided I was an impatient prick and wanted to start now . Gawd...it's been a minute since I've been back. Lots has happened. The newest edition to the Wolf Pack™ is my last and final child, another baby boy, Mr. Atlas. Atlas was born July 11th of last year: National 7/11 Day. He is my 6th kid and 5th boy overall lol. But, yes.... LAST kid. Daddy Wolf got himself snipped in August. Some of you may be saying "FINALLY" but honestly, that's just mean. There's honestly too much to update and cover in one post. It would end up being a small novella by the time I was done. If you already know me and want to ask a question - then please do. I'll answer whatever . If you don't know me and want to know more - I'm an open book. Let's get to the goals! As you'll see moving forward, my theme is Zelda...or more Link inspired. Specifically fan art dedicated to the upcoming Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom coming out on May 12th of this year. I'm SO EXCITED! POWER What is power? Does it mean social status? Maybe a hidden super power? Money? To me, it is very simple. It's physicality. Being physically strong has always been an appeal to me. Coming from a background of being lean and usually fairly light, I've always wanted more "bulk". I'm sitting around 188lbs right now, back up to my normal weight since having a large decline at the end of 2021. I've also been consistently in the gym say for a couple days here and there. So, this goal remains simple: 3x a week in the gym Focus on Legs/Push/Pull 1x a week implement a KB metcon WISDOM Ahhhh...to be wise. I've learned a LOT in my 35 years on this Earth. Some lessons I didn't learn the first...second or even third time around, but I did learn them eventually. I think wisdom may be the most important aspect of the Triforce when it's all said and done and is solid in nearly every situation. For this goal, I want to focus on the wisdom of maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and getting a nap in on training days: 3x a week of a 20-25 min nap (M/W/F) My bed time relies heavily on when I leave Costco but usually I can be in bed by 11. The goal is to be in bed and asleep before 11:30 on week nights. Friday is an exception. COURAGE I'm SOOOOOO close to being able to quit Costco and move down to working just 1 job. I'm super motivated at the moment and I'm loving my new job working for a pharmaceutical company as a sales rep. Right now it's inside sales gaining a 1% commission. The goal is to get promoted to outside sales where I get 8% commission. This is the difference in getting an extra $700 on my check to an extra 4k. As personable as I am, I'm still stepping outside of my comfort zone and I can't think of one attribute that attest to this better than COURAGE. The goal is: Shoot for 3-5 enrollments a week 20+ calls a day 3-5 sales a week Despite being busy and knowing I'll barely manage to keep up with my own challenge, I'm excited nonetheless to be back. I need the accountability. I'll try and stop in on some old friends threads to say hi, otherwise, I'll see you here in mine Wolf
  3. Annyshay was rudely awakened by Navi in July 2015 (for more details, see her battle log). She has come a long way since she was first summoned to the Great Deku tree and swept up in an adventure far bigger than herself. So far she: listened to her fairy (start days with quiet time with God) found a sword (daily movement) bought the deku shield (mindful, level 5 meals) followed the dungeon map (GMB Elements!!!!) aimed the fairy slingshot (craving control habit) used the compass (tracking nutrition) recovered gold skulltulas (meditation, studying, and recovery) cut lots of grass (5-6 vegetables per day) watched the weird egg (posted all non-paleo food) broke some pots (rewrote my “finished a task habitâ€) listened to Kaepora Gaebora (tracked on spreadsheet) Although her body composition remains far from ideal, she has made great progress on her journey towards the Triforce of Awesome (healthy, happy, look great). Her current habits work well. She doesn’t know exactly what lies in front of her - likely new cities, new dungeons, and entirely new races of people - but she continues preparations for the epic life ahead of her. Main Quest - Improve Body Composition by Easter (3/27/2016) Hylian Shield - Eat at the Table Eat at the table. Just eat. Stop doing everything else. This is a habit I need to recultivate in order to defend against mindless munching. Cucco Wrangling - Mindfulness Mental chatter and thoughts are often like cuccos. There’s a lot of cuccos running around my mental Karkariko village. Mindfulness, writing, and other introspection skillz help me to get these suckers back into their pen where they belong. This will be a free form goal where I continue to meditate and write about keeping my headspace healthy. Goron Bracelet - Integral Strength Integral Strength will make me strong enough to throw bombs, make me the bomb... or something roughly equivalent. Anybody who has been here before knows that I am WAY EXCITED for this new program from GMB after all the success I had with Elements. Also, GMB respects the triforce. Ocarina of Time - Self Love That’s right, Zelda and Shakespeare. Calm down. I know you can handle the awesome. Here are the “songs†I’ll be practicing (at least one daily) during this challenge:zelda’s lullaby = writesun’s song = natureepona’s song = animalssaria’s song = music Kaepora Gaebora - Spreadsheet I know, Kaepora Gaebora can get a little… well, annoying, long-winded, and detailed. Still, he keeps me on the right path. Much like my trusty spreadsheet. So, I’ll try to be patient and check in with him regularly. Off we go! PS... we're starting NOW!
  4. My previous Battle Log is here and gives some of my fitness background. It's time to start my journey over in a more focused way (and prove Navi wrong).
  5. Main Quest - Weigh Less than 160 lbs by 3/27/2015 From - this lovely artist, minionslayer Dungeon Map = GMB's Elements Any explorer or potential hero needs to know where she is and where she's going. She needs a plan, or you might say a map. Luckily, this hero stumbled across an excellent plan from Gold Medal Bodies called "Elements". It focuses on helping explorers develop "physical autonomy", which they describe as a balance of strength, flexibility, and motor control using a familiar symbol given to us by the goddesses. I want to move well, and I'm sick of reps and sets, so this is the map that I'll follow for the next phase of my quest. Fairy Slingshot = Craving Control Habit I really wish that I had a weapon that could help me knock down cravings before they take hold and change my behavior. I'm imagining a ranged weapon that would be small and easy to take wherever I was going - something sneaky and micheivious, like a slingshot! I've used mindful eating a lot in the past and found the book Eating the Moment very helpful for exercises and experiments to continue developing my skills here. I plan on writing about my experiments here as I practice. Compass = Level Up My Diet My weight has not been going in the right direction lately. I've learned that drastic changes do nothing to help in the long term. I already eat fairly clean paleo, except for the occasional victory of my sweet tooth. Forbidding certain foods works for a little while, as does calorie counting... but restriction just beeeeeegs for a binge. So, in keeping with the above, I want to experiment until I find a reasonable in between. Tracking carbs in MFP for a while and then transitioning into healthier habits with some mental calculation. Gold Skulltulas = Extras I will count up the days that I do each of the following for at least 5 minutes. If I get more than 90% in any of the three, I earn that gold skulltula. 1) Meditation and Quiet Time 2) Study 3) Active Recovery (foam roll, nap, stretch, walk, etc)
  6. ZELDA: A LINK TO THE FUTURE It's 2015. Welcome to the future. Your consciousness has finally been downloaded into a computer. The singularity is upon us. Time to start figuring out how to use these virtual bodies. Since now you have the ability to create your own reality. You have of course decided to create the greatest environment possible by creating virtual Hyrule. You are awoken by a voice in your head telling your they are locked in the dungeon of a nearby Hyrule Castle. You wake up to see your Uncle getting ready for battle. "battle... must battle" he says. He leaves in a hurry towards the castle. You know that you shouldn't follow because you are woefully unequipped, but you feel compelled to chase after him. You come upon your Uncle. And it is not good. He has been mortally wounded... no hope. He hands you his sword and shield. You take them and carry on to find the princess. Now you are in this dungeon. You need to find Princess Zelda. Time to crawl through this dungeon and find her! THE RULES Let's get down to business. We are dungeon crawling during part 1 of this challenge. We have to crawl all the way to where Princess Zelda is being held. It's a pretty long way. We may encounter some baddies along the way so stay alert. Have your sword and shield ready (subscribe to this post). Our first team goal involves doing an Army Crawl. They look like this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qFeuj6hrKzQ One rep = both sides (left, right... right. left or however you accomplish that) You don't have to do forward then backwards. It is just recommended so you use alllll of the muscles and work your core hard, bro. TEAM GOAL = 1000 crawls/reps >>>A spreadsheet to tabulate your crawling progress.<<< Other rules: - Mini-challenges are not mandatory, feel free to ignore this one if you don't want to participate. Don't let mini-challenge hinder your own goals. - If you're not sure how to register something, post it here. - If you already have some army crawl-ing in your challenge, then yes! It counts for both - Keep it simple! - Don't hurt yourself! Every sleuth who competes in this mini-challenge gets +1 STA for crawling through the dungeon! Assassins, remember to be safe and have fun!
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