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Found 5 results

  1. I prefer to keep my planning rather simple and straightforward. So let's get right down do it: Goals: 1. Attend karate practice 2x/ week. I love karate. I pay for the classes. Make use of it, get to the dojo, don't skip. I'm a karate nerd, and karate is awesome. 2. Practice yoga at home 4x/ week. This does wonders for my physically and mentally. It keeps me from breaking myself when I do other things (such as #1). 3. Make a daily list, three personal tasks I wish to accomplish, and three things I did well that day. A daily reminder of what my priorities are, and what I'm doing well. That's pretty much it. As for why I've called this "Way of the Hawk" it's really based off a simple observation I made one day. Noting hawks soaring around the sky, I likened it to the ability to soar above the all the bullshit one may encounter. We all have the ability, I think, it's a matter of choosing to use that ability to it's fullest. Glad to be active on NF, and back in the Druid's Camp once again
  2. I decided that a spreadsheet was a better format for me than using the levelupyourlife website. Here's a link to it (viewable Google Spreadsheet)... Maybe I'm collecting underpants a little with the amount of time I've spent organizing it but it's a living malleable thing I'm pretty excited about it, and have started setting up goals, deadlines, rewards and consequences. I'm also looking at things one week at a time. I'm new to the forum style of website but hope to find a good group here to talk to other people who are excited about the book/process too!
  3. Living in a post-apocalyptic world changes your perspective of what's really important in life and what isn't. Well, I'm sure it would. I play too many zombie games, shush. When it really comes down to the wire, we humans need but a few things to keep us going. Unfortunately, I don't much like the idea of just 'surviving' being the reason for staying alive - because what's the point in being alive if you can't enjoy it? At the same time, I don't want to waste the time I have still alive killing myself with bad habits , life choices, and company. Also, if the apocalypse ever does actually come, I want to survive it. Preferably with my friends and family around to enjoy a brand new world with. Being alive in the apocalypse - and in real life - generally combines the following things; Mastery over Food:Not starving to death in the apocalypse is a mixture of being able to cook up food off a whim and a few scraps, being able to provide food that will sustain you the longest, and knowing what to eat and what not to eat to keep yourself in peak physical condition. These conditions are also important for leading a healthy - albiet currently zombie-lacking - life. Learning new recipes, gardening, and creating a sustainable eating plan will all help this. Food Mastery Skills (Started)cooking gardening healthy eating Quests:\ one / two / three / four / five serves of vegetables a day\ one week / two weeks / one month without takeout Grow an edible garden\ strawberries / lemons / chilli / \ potatoes / tomatoes / lettuce / beans / spring onions / pumpkins / zucchini / cucumber /\ basil / mint / thyme / lavender / parsley / rosemary / \ sunflowers / Mastery over Shelter:Having somewhere to store all your things and somewhere to hole up in case things go south is always helpful when facing the brainless masses. And being able to spend lengthy amounts of time in said place without it driving you mentally insane is also a bonus. Any permanent living space would ideally also be able to function as a sole unit, providing basic amenities needed for a comfortable life. Making changes to make a home sustainable, and keeping said place clean and organised all help this. Shelter Mastery Skills (Start Early 2016)sustainable livingcompostingrenewable energycleaninghouse maintenanceputting things awayhome improvement Quests:Own a house with Mr. TeaAll food scraps go into compost which goes back into the edible garden. Grow enough vegetables to feed one / two / more peopleGrow a tea garden:\ tea bush / lemongrass / ginger / chamomile /Have chickens for eggs. Have sheep as lawnmowers & woolHave the house running off self sustaining energy. $0 energy bills, or close enough to it.Maintain a level of cleanliness without stress. No dishes left on counters or tables, things put away neatly but easily accessible. Have people around for dinner often. have an apocalypse survival bag / planbe able to climb a tree Mastery over Company:Having people you can rely on in the worst situations makes surviving that little bit less difficult, and a little bit less lonely. But if one was to ever find themselves alone, being able to keep oneself company without succumbing to damaging thoughts is a must. The act of helping people in need also contributes to a life well lived, and something I've so far left way out of my life. Making time to spend with family, friends, and even the dog, meditating, and committing acts of goodness all help with this. Company Mastery Skills (Started)friends family meditationcharity Quests:catch up with friends occasionally / once a week. catch up with extended family once / twice / three times a yearmeditate every day for \ 5 / 10 / 30 / 60+ minutes.do something nice for someone I don't knowgive someone something without expecting recompenseTrain the dog to do cool things:\ play dead / heel / backflip Mastery over Survival & Knowledge: Having all of the above us a good start, but if something ever goes wrong you need to know that you will be helpful and contribute to solving a crisis if needed. It doesn't pay to be the weak link in any survival team, especially if you are the only team member. Physically you need to have control over your body and have it able to perform certain tasks, and mentally you need to know various skills that could come in handy. Learning to move yourself, move things around you, know what things around you do, the best way to use things, and various skills that allow you to use the world around you to your advantage all help this. Survival Mastery Skills (Started) Moving Distance running Sprinting & intervals Parkour Yoga Lifting Derby Quests \ sprint 100m / 200m / 500m+ (comfortably) \ run 1km / 2km / 3km / 5km+ (comfortably) master simple parkour moves: \ Dive roll / jump obstacles / climb walls / master the handstand: \ 10secs \ 20secs \ 30secs / 1min / 2mins / 3mins + touch my forehead to my shins. (comfortably) master yoga poses such as crow/crane pose / headstand / splits / scorpion / others deadlift my own body weight / twice my bodyweight squat my own body weight / twice my bodyweight bench my own body weight / twice my bodyweight do pull ups. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ do chin ups. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ do push ups.\ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ handstand push ups. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ do pistol squats. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ plank for everrr. \ 1min / 2mins / 3mins / 4mins / 5mins+ Roller Derby: \ Pass Fresh Meat / Pass Min. Skills / the27in5 / 30in5 / play a bout / win a bout / Knowledge Mastery Skills (Start!) learn a new language / 2 languages / 3+ languages: \ Esperanto / French / Russian / Japanese Learn to sew your own clothes: \ socks / underwear / bras / hats / beanies / shirts / pants / tights / jumpers / jackets / corset / probably some other thingsCrochet an ugly christmas sweaterLearn to spin yarnMake something with homespun yarnLearn more about Albany Learn more about the world Write a book Write and record a Horror Radio Play Create, design, code & complete a computer game Sell something I've made Mastery over Travel: There is nothing bad about knowing about the world's many customs, food, people, beliefs. Knowing these things will help survival in unknown places, as well as make the places you know and live in all the more colourful. There are places I would like to go, so I'm starting a list! Travel To a beach with bioluminescent waves To the North / South Pole Deep under the sea To a buddhist temple To a rainforest To the snow To outer space! (one can dream, right?) Overseas Places Visited: Brunei / Cambodia / Thailand / Vietnam / Singapore Mastery of Life's Purpose I hope that by branching out my life into so many different aspects, that I can find the reason I'm keeping this body warm and moving. I also hope to find a program or something that I can work through to get myself in the right mindset and on the way. I have no idea how to even approach this. Not even kidding. Despite a mostly bubbly demeanor I can fall prey to some dark moods - I have a cycle of a few months of happiness and a few months of darkness - so I hope that by creating something to cling on to the happiness is increased and the darkness forced back and I can give myself a sense of, well, purpose. Life's Purpose Mastery (Ongoing) Quests:Find a job I like to fund my life\ media developer / waitress / short order cook / Fill life with meaningful pastimes and passions\ crochet / drawing / sewing / cooking & baking / yoga / meditation / writing / Roller Derby / To formulate all these things into the semblance of a useable routine, this is what I would like to be doing with each day that passes. I am very much of the "go where life takes you" mindset, but that doesn't mean I can't steer this wild ride. Having an idea of where I would like this to go will also help me in future challenges when I want to work on different things; I will know what time of day should work best for me. This will probably change 100 times as I work out what's best for my life at different times but that's fine. It's a working draft of a plan. That's more then I've ever had in my life ever. My Ideal Day:up with the sunrise.exercise or yoga. something physical. meditation.breakfast. something filling and satisfying. working on life passion / actual job if it's rostered.lunch time. something refreshing to get me through the rest of the day.working on whatever I didn't do in the morning.nap timemore working if I'm feeling inspired.dinner. games and relaxing. indulging myself. meditation. bed time;sleep a solid 7.5-8 hours. Epic Quest:HAVE SOMETHING WORTH LIVING FOR. Die Happy
  4. CHALLENGE ONE Main Quest: From a waist size of 34 to 25. (Dream big! ) Quest 1: No sugar drinks in a week A - none B - 1-2 C - 3-4 D - 5 or more Quest 2: Have enough sleep everyday A - 8 hours or more B - 7 hours or more but less than 8 hours C - 6 hours or more but less than 7 hours D - 5 hours or more but less than 6 hours Quest 3-A: After using the loo, squat 5 times. (everyday) A - 40 or more B - 39-35 C - 34-25 D - 24 below Quest 3-B: After entering the bedroom, do 5 push-ups. (everyday) A - 25 or more B - 24-20 C - 19-10 D - 9 below Life Quest: Be thankful for something wonderful that happens each day. A - did it! B - I'll do it tomorrow. P.S. I don't have any rewards XP yet as I am still exploring about the point system and stuff.
  5. This is Sparta Hispania! CURRENT GOALS: Run to Mordor: 2.45% achieved (43.6/1,779 miles) 30 days without smoking: 33% achieved (10 days) Run 5K in less than 30′: achieved in 29' (27/10/2013) Run a 10K: achieved: 22/9/2012 [1h 8' 52''] Get a master Level 1 (completed: 2013, August) Find the person of my life See an international music band Go to a music festival Get a degree Run a 5K LIST OF GOALS (there are ‘only’ 25 levels, I’ll enjoy suggestions) Travel goals (20% exp) Go to Asiavisit the Great Wall of Chinasee the Taj Mahal in Indiaclimb Mt. Kilimanjaro in TanzaniaGo to Africavisit the Pyramids in Egyptwalk on Sahara DesertGo to the USAride the 66th RouteGo to South Americavisit Machu Picchu in Peruvisit the Mayan Riviera in Mexicogo through the Panama CanalTravel Europe with an Inter-rail PassIn Europedo the Way of St. Jamessee the Parthenon in Greecesee the Statue of Leonidas in Greecego to Pompey in Italyvisit the Stonehenge in Englandvisit the Louvre in Francevisit the Uffizi in Italydo a trip on a Venetian Gondola in Italydo the Way of El Ciddo the Way of El QuijotePersonal goals (20% exp) Pass the driving testGet a piercingGet a tattooPublish a bookFind the person of my life (achieved) and have a relationship with herSpend a year as a volunteerLearn how to shoot with a bowHave a dogGo to a nudist beachCampingSee an international music band (achieved: 9/8/2013 – Doro in Leyendas del Rock’13)Go to a music festival (achieved: 8/8/2013 – Leyendas del Rock)Go to an international music festivalSee Pearl Jam in concertSee Opeth in concertSee Héroes del Silencio in concertEducation/Career goals (20% exp) Get a degree (achieved: 7/2011 – Hispanic philology)Get a MasterBecome a librarian, 1/2 / Get more than 5 on the public examinationsBecome a librarian, 2/2 / Pass the public examinationsFinish the medium degree at the Professional Conservatoire of MusicGet admitted into the Superior Conservatoire of MusicGet a music degreeGet a third degreeGet a music MasterWrite a PhDLearn htmlLearn latinLearn ancient greekBe able to improvise/play jazzHave a heavy metal band \m/Get admitted into an orchestraPlay on a concert (no obligatory auditions)Read 5 William Shakespeare’s tragediesRead all the books ofJ. Martínez RuizJames JoyceHermann HessePío BarojaMiguel de UnamunoHealth goals (20% exp) Lose 15 lbs (150 lbs to 135 lbs) | 7 kg (67 kg to 61 kg)Lose 20 lbs (135 lbs to 130 lbs) | 9 kg (67 kg to 58 kg)Lose 25 lbs (150 lbs to 125 lbs) | 11 kg (67 kg to 56 kg)Maintain this weight at least six monthsBe able to sit in half-lotus positionBe able to sit in lotus positionBF under 25%BF under 20%Fitness goals (20% exp) Run to Mordor…and come backRun a 5K (achieved: 30/12/2012 [~35'] - 09/10/2013 [31' 7''] - 27/10/2013 [29'])~ under 30′ (achieved: 27/10/2013 [29'])~ under 25'Run a 10K (achieved: 22/9/2012 [1h 8' 52''] - 28/10/2012 [58' 50''])~ under 50′Run a half-marathonRun a marathonRun a cross country raceFinish a duathlonDo a chin-upDo a pull upDo >20 push upsLift my bodyweight on bench pressLift 150% of my bodyweight on bench pressSquat my bodyweightSquat the double of my bodyweightDeadlift my bodyweightDeadlift the double of my bodyweightHold a plank more than 10′Do a dragon flag30-days challenges (20% exp) without smokingwithout alcoholrunning (at least 20′)without Internet (training – see below)having cold showerswithout coffee/teameditating (at least 20′)eating 100% Mediterranean (clean)eating veganeating 100% paleoeating raw veganintermitent fastingwithout dairyPremium goals (100% exp) Live a year without InternetGet marriedGo into outer spaceBuild my own houseHave children (at least one)Finish an IronmanBeing a musician as a main job
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