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Found 6 results

  1. A Bullet Journal Accountability group you say... This group might be for you if you do any of the following. Do you enjoy writing down the things you accomplish? Do you track your exercise, sleep, or water? Do you need to write down dates and times in order to remember them? Do you feel that most planners are not flexible enough for your daily needs? Do you make thousands of to do lists? My plan is to post some resources I've found helpful and encourage others to share what's been successful for them. Let's create a place where bujo enthusiast can post pictures, a
  2. Breathe in, breathe out. What needs done today? At least once a week, do crocodile breathing. Note 1-2 tasks every day on the daily to-do list. Do them. That's it. Work, workouts, parkour, language practice, and the job hunt are all continuing. I will not let any of it stress me out: I will adapt, breathe, remain calm, and continue to kick tail. Sounds simple, no?
  3. ☐ ☑ It is time. My birthday is coming up, a day of family and cake, and another of potluck and boardgames with friends and then I am officially a year older. Who would have thought? (What's with the English speaking side of the world continuing to pretend I were 29? What kinda BS is that? I LIVED those years. I EARNED those exp. Who dares try take that from me? -sometimes cultural differences are so hard.) Anyway Wednesday week 1 I am turning 33 and I love it. I am happy and proud to have run my very first Mud Run this past challenge. It was fun, and it was aw
  4. Hey all you wonderful people <3 My brain has been a terrible jerk lately. Depression and anxiety have been far too high for me to function. So it's time to work on battling the brain beast, and try to get back to what has worked. So....daily to do list! That's my only goal. It worked well before I got derailed by a break in my routine, and then it was just so hard to get back on track. No use dwelling on that though because the only thing I can control is what I do right now. So here we go....
  5. Last challenge was my first after being on holidays. I needed to get back to eating well, and by tracking my intake after I got home I seemed to get that under control. I also needed to get back to cross-training to improve my strength and speed for Roller Derby... And that didn't get done. I am struggling to maintain my energy levels at work by eating enough, let alone throwing in exercise as well. This time around I'm going to attempt some basic exercise to cover the basic things I need to improve on to get better at derby; strength and cardio. I'm going to do some quick HIIT exe
  6. My name is Bearlee and I've been trying to lose weight and become more healthier for a little over a year now. During that time I've lost nearly 80 pounds to go from 388 lbs to 310 lbs. I've also recently had a physical and my blood pressure has gone down from 123/92 to 111/62. I'm still waiting on my blood work lab results but will post them when I get them. So far this year I've been kicking ass and I've lost 10 pounds so far. More importantly I've gotten back into my grove of doing my exercises and eating right. Currently I'm doing body weight exercises 3 times per week, stationary biking
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