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Found 5 results

  1. It’s been so long since I’ve last logged in here or even since I’ve last used this username anywhere. If I’m being honest, I’m mostly here because emcee got me to join this month’s challenge. I’m going through some changes with a new job, plus freelancing, and building my own brand so this is as good a time as any. Goals: 1. Fix Muscle Imbalances: Supplement 3x/week climbing with accessory exercises (need to strengthen and loosen push muscles) 2. Eat more vegetarian proteins and protein supplements (goal is 90g protein daily), as of right now I do not eat red meat as I’m sloooowly transitioning to vegetarian 3. Stick to a budget using Daily Budget phone app Keeping it simple. This week life is sort of on pause because I’m out in Arizona until next Monday (which is when I start work) so for me, the first week will be a pre-challenge prep and organizing time while I’m semi on vacation!
  2. I'm baaaaaaaaack. A lot of this is going to go along with my battle log that I created off-challenge, which I will leave on pause while I do this challenge instead. What's happened since my last challenge (or really all in the past couple weeks): Applied to Grad schoolMade a huge mess of an "internship" (really a repeat of my last wildlife internship) - Long story short, felt I was being used and quit, somehow still manipulated into volunteering 2x/week for February, which will be a pain the ass. Expect some rants through this challenge. Got hired by my gym!Accepted to join a research expedition in Honduras this summer studying bats!Got an interview for a third part-time job, also working with animals. So... GOALS THAT I GOT: NO BURNING OUT If you know me at all, you know I am a ball of stress. Most important goal is to stay level-headed and find ways to destress at least once per day (videogame, draw, read, Netflix, listen to music, etc). STICK TO WORKOUT PLAN [clicky] For now, Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for dumb internship. That's 10-12 hours walking on my feet so they're hardly rest days. PT PT AND MORE PT Physio routine as posted on my battle log. Daily. Treating tendinitis and also strengthening muscles to prevent future problems. FOAM (ROCK AND) ROLL Important stuff. All leg muscles/some tendons, even the arches of my feet, minimum once a day.
  3. llw becomes otterly determined to: Eat 130g of protein per day. Go to gym 3x/weekGot a yearly plan mostly sorted out for myself, for now it's just the first couple months.Also plan on doing this quick mobility routine before all workouts, if not every day, since it pretty much focuses on all the joints I wanna work on Focus on school work at least 2 hours each day outside of class
  4. So after a month and a half of nerd time (I know, I'm spoiled), I now have time to take all the inspirational sparks I get from you all and put it to work on improving my habits (again). Right now I'm living with my mom/back home because I've missed friends here and I wanted to be here for our Toronto Meet-Up. I can't afford to transfer to gym here though (18$-biweekly would go up to 25$-biweekly), there is still no way in hell I can afford to go back to muay thai again and I'm still unemployed. But we've still got things to work on that I can squeeze in within the last month of this challenge: 1. Mobilize once every day 2. Organize & Minimize Clean up my entire room, divided in parts: Bookshelves (already mostly done), dresser, side table, bed-headboard shelf thing, and posters. There are too many childhood things that need to either be put away or tossed.Get rid of my carpetDonate books, stuffed animals, etc. 3. Prioritize Less gaming and spending money, more doing homework and applying for jobs. So, each day I have to either (i) study 1/2 a unit or add a page to my paper that's due in September; or (ii) apply to at least 3 jobs.Start putting money away for visiting SirEarl this DecemberException: 2 games off Steam ... Summer sale. 2 games I want are on sale for $2.50 ea.
  5. llw's Become a Model Citizen Challenge (a dual-challenge with SirEarl) Main quest: Be a model citizen. Basically, to stop messin' around and do stuff in a somewhat organized routine. Train every week Lift 3x per weekAdditional random exercise ab work, box jumps, shadowboxing and/or cardio 2x/week (may include fuckarounditis) Eat all the things Eat when hungry, stop forgetting to eat. I'll be listing my foods as usual... if it looks like very little food, yell at meNote: Not even worrying about paleo this time around. I have gained nothing in the past 4 months. Even when I stopped working out (although I've definitely lost some muscle). Mobilize and stretch every day 4 minutes of ankle mobility each dayMinimum 6 minutes of stretching each day, (this includes post-workout stretching) Work before play every day! Put a timer on and complete 2 hours of undistracted school work before any social networking every day after school (This is also where I need to be yelled at.)
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