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  1. Hi guys and Gals, Lokes' here again! Been away for about a year or even more... Sorry about that. Just Remember that even though I was away, my heart was still with you all, because I kept referring this beautiful group of people to almost everyone I knew (Not a smart move for a Rebellion, but we're so strong that everyone knows we exist and we still fight the Evil). So, I wanted to recharge and find that fun way of living life. Which of course, led me back to you. And from now on I'll be sure to stick around. I think that my major problem in here was the hiatus between challenges and I must set up smarter quests, in the measure sense. I have a hard time tracking, well, anything. So, I'll restart at 0 (Been to long, tutorial needed), and I'l make sure to set up my challenge nice and proper Also, funny enough, I recently wrote my purpose in life/code of conduct, and I want to share it with you: I am a sheer force of positive emotions, a lone rebel fighting to place some sense in the world. I will not bow before adversity and I will speak my mind when something is amiss. No matter who stands with me, no matter the cost. because "those who mind don't matter and those o matter don't mind". I will turn the world much brighter than it was before I came along. I am the spark that will light the flame of positivity that will make the world a better place. I will succeed. Battle by battle, until the war is won.
  2. After refinding is faith, the Vikingr Assassin, Lokesbrah, understood that his calling required more. This life required him to disciplined himself and strive to impress the gods. As such, he drew inspiration from the tales, and begun his life, dedicating himself to work hard. Body: Goal I - Parkour Training (+3 STA, +2 DEX) First up, it's parkour training. have trained once in the small Christmas vacations (one week off school and work, so good) It was clear that I do not need a particular skill in parkour... I NEED ALL OF THEM. I haven't trained in AGES and that worries me, because it is something I love. One PK training a week (if possible more than one, even if it is half an hour at night.) Goal II - Be like Thor (+4 STR, +1 CON) I finally took that one extra step and got a gym membership. I'm in no way leaving basic callisthenics behind me, because let's face it, it's fun as it can be, but I hope to improve in power (and if the looks get better, it's a bonus thing. I'm going to start with a basic 5x5 program, so I guess that's 3 times a week a workout. Goal III - Be like... I dunno, Ullr? since tracking? I don't know... (+1 CON) Still struggling to track my food. I use FitnessPal, but sometimes either I don't have the recipe, or I'm not sure of the ingredients, or something at all (or I am just lazy sometimes) and I loose track. Since I'm still not thinking about a particular diet, and more of creating a baseline, I'll keep doing this until values are set. Spirit: Goal IV - Follow the Nine... AGAIN (+1 CHA, +2 WIS) Last time I started loosing track. however I do want to set up this habit of checking out how I did following the Nine Virtues. So let's give it another shot.
  3. How? How can I be Vikingr and an Assassin?! Follow the nine, honor the gods and dedicate yourself to the cause. Freedom of mind, freedom of body. Move swiftly, strike hard. No mercy. Gain discipline. Own your life. Goal: Review the Code Review the 9 every night and evaluate how I lived to these virtues. Goal: Train Everyday Random workout from the filtered Darebee following this: (L2-L3 means that I aim to do it at LvL 3 but I'm possible only on LvL2) Sunday: Strength Workout (L2-L3) Lower Body Monday: Ab Work (L2-L3) Tuesday: Strength Workout (L1) Full Body Wednesday: Ab Work / Stretching (L2-L3) Thursday: Strength Workout (L2-L3) Upper Body Friday: High Burn / HIIT Workout (L1) Saturday: Strength Workout (L1) Full body Goal: Track and adjust meal plan Main focus on tracking because apparently I suck at tracking my food. Goal: Parkour? Going to try and train more again. On the weekends, by the morning, I'm going to train. If I can extend the training to the whole day, it's bonus, but if I can't I'm going to be happy just by training Sunday and Saturday.
  4. I wish to be reborn. Not a restart for sure, but I need to rediscover myself and my world. So in that sense: "Haven't forgotten the brotherhood, I hope?" + 3 STR, +2 STA I never truly forgot my brotherhood, the Assassins. That said, this time no Parkour goals. I've started Darebee's Strength Protocol in LVL II and I intend to finish it. So, since this whole Assassin's Guild is about bodyweight and Callisthenics, I thought It was appropriate. I'm currently on day 7 (tomorrow it's the 8th day) "It doesn't matter how hard you hit, what matters is how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward" +3 CON Keep tracking my intake of food, and have 2 eggs and a piece of meat a day. This will hopefully improve my protein intake. This goal is suitable to changes throughout the challenge, according to my calorie intake and overall well being. "The gods are not here to serve me or you. They have their own agendas and plots. But one can ask for empowerment to conclude his own agenda and plots." +2 WIS This time I'm going to change a bit this meditation thing. Instead of the traditional Asian meditation, I will simply take 15 minutes (or more) to be completely by myself, no phone, book or computer near me. I will find myself and renew my beliefs alone... "Information is key. Those who know have power. Ask Odin himself..." + 3 INT STUDYYYYYY. Everyday I have to take at least 20 minutes to study. There's always something to study. If no exams are near, I am to search for information for my Master's Thesis, and if I can't do that for some reason, I will search for a technical book of my craft (Chemistry) and Study it.
  5. HELLOOOOOO, I'M BAAAAAAAACK Sorry for the long wait mates, I guess I had to HIDE MYSELF for a while AHAHA (Get it? 'Cause I'm an Assassin? No? oh well, I tried...) Now that I've calmed down a bit: Yeah brothers and Sisters, I'm back. Again. So in lieu of a Revival, I'll keep this first challenge un-themed, and simplified. (sorry folks, no story intro this time) Goal 1: Parkouring (+2 STR, +2 DEX) Gotta find time to practice at least 1 hour, 2 times a week. I'm not gonna set up a specific time, not yet. Goal 2: Armour (+3STR) Bodyweight training (I'm currently doing the daily workouts on Darebee on the training days) on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Goal 3: Record - What?! (+3 CON) So, I guess I'm finally going to start taking this thing seriously. But I don't want to overwhelm myself on taking record of protein, calories, carbs and every other crazy thing our body has. So For Starters I'm gonna monitor my Protein intake (Going to aim for 2g per kg, meaning, 120g of protein per day.) (I'm trying out this thing right here). Goal 4: More of the same (+3WIS) Guess who's back into meditation now that the Master's Degree is starting again? yeah. Everyday. At least 10 min, but I'll try not to force it. A few minutes are better than none. That's All folks! Might go on some mini's if I feel like it... AND SORRY FOR THE LATE POST! PLS DON'T HURT ME!
  6. SENSES ARE TINGLING Quest One: Learn what you can... (+2 WIS, +1 CHA) So, you're going to a universe where we don't quite know what is happening. I know my evil me is doing something to the citizens, because there is an increase of mutants around the city. We need to study those mutants and see what we can find. In the mean time, we're going to study my "Evil-Me" moves. Because you're going to... Study time. Before being an Assassin, I'm a Scholar/Scientist. Therefore, I need to stop making studying such a bad bug in my life. I want to be able to sit down and completely focus. Also, this is my finals week so. I need to pass. Goal: Do AT LEAST a 25 minute Study/Work Session, completely focused. Quest Two: Got the Moves son! (+2 STA, +3 DEX, +1 STR) ... have to fight him as well. I can hold my ground but fighting against myself is hard, we're going to predict each other's moves. But if you fight him... that's better. The gloves you're wearing will give the ability to stick the walls like me. In the mean time, we're going to have to practice because you need to get a grasp of moving on the wall thing. This time, I want to try and go for Parkour Training 2 times a week. I'm going to mainly practice runs, and sometimes a few flips to make sure I can do them. Quest Three: Prepare yourselves! (+2 STR, + 2 CON) There will be a lot of fighting and running around, so when you're not studying or doing movement training we need to increase your power. Let's do some basic strength training. Get you the power. You do want to be more than a suit right? I mean you are a half-elf yes, you're not exactly a suit, but you catch my drift here right? Just some bodyweight training. I'm going to divide it in two parts, the lower half of the body, I'm going to do the maintenance of Air Alert, and the top half I'm going to do: -Pull ups -Core (Toes to Bar, probably) -Push ups -Decline Push ups -Kettlebell military push -other stuff that I still haven't decided. I need to work on this. Create the Workout. Maybe even use one of Madbarz's trainings. Quest Four: Guild... Leader? (+2CHA, +1 WIS) Listen, while we are trying to save everyone, going alone into the madness against thousands of Mutants is a bad Idea. At the same time we are studying the Mutants and see what's happening, you are going to make some of them come to our side. If we can make them become the good guys... that's a bonus for the Academy and The Multi-Verse Force. You're going to be the leader of any squadron you create in this universe. I also want you to become the best hero you can, and that goes a long way for leadership. Show us what you're made of, kid. I am currently trying to get an Organization/Association going (Still can't tell you the full details, until it's official) but I am not giving it enough time. Also, I am a bit of a scary cat, so I'm going to forcefully put me in a position to lead, going WAY out of my comfort zone. This time there's a lot going on, but I'll do my best as a leader to keep myself organized. Let's do this. Goal is to Once a Week plan out what needs to be done, and how I can achieve it.
  7. The Hunter Quest One: Parkour Once Per Week (Minimum) = +1 DEX, +2 STA "I am constantly in need of eyes, ears and most of the times, someone to help me chase the runners. I am only one, so I tend to prioritize my targets, but this way I can cover more ground. Meaning, you'll cover ground for me and chase the ones who flee from me." Similar to my last challenge, I didn't get to actually train once per week. So I'm sticking to this until I can do it, and slowly increase the frequency as soon as I can. Quest Two: Drink 1.5L of Water = +2 CON "I'm going to teach you survival kid, and let me tell you, while I was on that island my number one priority was staying hydrated. So you'll follow my footsteps and do the same" I used to drink a lot, but lately I feel like my water consumption has been lower that what is recomended, lower even for someone who trains a lot in the outsides. So now I'll carry a 1.5L bottle of water that I need to drink everyday. Quest Three: Commit to the Air Alert 3 Program = +2 STR, +1 STA "Let me tell you something, if you want to catch the runners, that you're legs need to be on peak performance. While on the island I had to jump from rock to rock, run uphill and do all sorts of stuff. You are not on the island. Yet, you will train as if you are." Since I am getting pretty serious with the parkour training, I figured I needed to get back/increase my jumping power and leg strength. So I decided to re-do the Air Alert 3 Program. Let's see how this goes. In the off days I'll probably do my Groot Upper Body, just so I don't get completely uneven. Life Goals: Quest Four: Studying = +2 WIS, +1 CHA "I am not letting some punk control my company nor my city. I am to become mayor of Starling, and for that I cannot be just another dumb guy with a suit and gadgets. I need to know my way around the world. So I want you to grind through some books and ask questions when you don't know the answers. This will help you get better with people and dealing with your own failures. But talking about this reminded me as well to tell you to..." College is coming along, and I was never really a fan of digging the books. However I know this is necessary and can be an "acquired taste". So I am going to study everyday for 15 minutes minimum. At the end of each week I am going to evaluate myself and see If I can increase the minimum time. Quest Five: The List = +2 WIS, +2 CHA "... never forget your goals and ambitions. I used to have a pretty defined path I needed to follow. And in order to not lose track of myself I scratched some names of a list I had. You're going to make a list as well. This will surely help not to lose focus of this training, and of what you need to do." Going to follow the footsteps of Darth Yoga in the last challenge and actually do a list of what I need to do. I am a reeeeally forgettable dude, and I get lost in my own ideas of what needs to be done. This way, I'll see each evening what I need to do in the next day, order the list in a way that I can do it all sequentially and I hope this will make me much more organized and confident of my self, seeing that I am completing my tasks. This my seem like a lot of quests, but in truth, other than the Air Alert and the Parkour trainings, these quests only take up an average of 20 minutes of my day, and not that much effort. At least right now it does not seem like much. I'll probably skip the Mini's in order to be completely devoted to my quests, unless I truly believe it's helping me on my quests. BTW: Started the Air Alert today, and my only change was that I did the calf raises with 12 kg extra weight. Setting up my tasks right now, and gonna start the drinking and the studying tomorrow.
  8. Into The Academy I don’t know what happened. One second I was going to my fridge, the next second everything was black. I woke up to the sound of non-stopping chatter. Opening my eyes slowly, hoping not to be noticed, I started to become aware of myself. I am not trapped. I am not in some weird cell. I’m in a bed. Why? Let the shit it the fan then: - “I do not know who you people are†– I said, trying my best to sound as confident as possible, even though I had no confidence in that moment – “But I assure you, I will find a way to get out and hurt you in as many ways as your imagination allowsâ€. If I was to die, I though, I might as well play the part of the badass.“There will be no need for thatâ€. I looked to the source and I was baffled. How could this be? Wolverine?! “I don’t usually do this welcome thing, but the guys said I should do this one, that I might actually enjoy it. I see why they said that now.†I must’ve looked like a complete idiot because about 2 seconds later of Mr. Logan just staring at me he said “Are you gonna stay there looking at me, or are we getting started?†“Started? With what?†I found some leather uniform next to me, and as I dress up I noticed some other familiar faces in there: Daredevil, Spiderman, Batman, Green Arrow… just where in the earth am I? “Look – Logan said – Let’s keep this short because I have no time for this, and I’m afraid you don’t have neither. This is the Hero Academy. We call it the Rebellion.†“The What now?!†“Rebellion. Hero Academy. Through some new technology (that no one appeared to want to explain to me) the greatest minds in the world created a device that allows us to communicate between time and space, multiverses and all of that. We decided to put that to a good use and so the Rebellion was created. Since I said we had no time, let’s get down to business. You are here because our scanners indicated potential. Your superpower or superpowers are already showing and we need to make sure you don’t go all “Thanos†on usâ€. “You must be mistaken. I have no superpower!†“Oh really? For all your life, haven’t you been saying that you are afraid of so many things? That you could not evolve because of that fear? That is your superpower. Your HyperSense to Danger, let’s call it the “Loke-senseâ€. Like the spider sense of the Webhead, but on you. The reason you are so afraid of everything is because you can’t control it. That’s what we are here for†As he talked we passed through a giant hall, with so many doors I’ve lost count. “The regime here is simple, but hard. During one whole month, you are going to train and be supervised by one hero, the one we believe is more akin to you in your stage in life. Sometimes you’ll train more than once with them, others, you may never even meet. During that month you are going to be evaluated and you are going to learn. A lot.†“okay… so I assume you cannot explain anything right now, and I’ll pick up things as we go so, fuck it, When do I start and with who?â€-I was eager to test myself, even though I could not comprehend the situation completely. “I like you, Lokesbrah. I believe we are going to work just fine. Right now you need discipline. And I cannot give you that training. You’re first Hero is one who will help you become aware of your own body, and become disciplined as hell. You are to work first with Daredevil.†As he spoke this words, he made me enter through a door into a room poorly illuminated. “I hope the lack of light does not disturb youâ€- DD spoke – “it’s just useless to me. And I hope it will be for you too, at least a little bit more… enduring, staying in the darkâ€. As no words came from my mouth he continued: “You are lacking discipline, or so I’ve been told. We are going to drill it into your body, and into your mind. First your body: 2 days of work, one day resting. This will prepare your body. Next up, everyday you’ll meditate, first for 10 minutes, adding 1minute every day. This will train your mind, and help you control it. Once or twice a week you’ll help me search for clues to help Hell’s Kitchen. Rooftop from rooftop, that’s my way, and so is yours now. I do hope you’re ready. The clock is ticking. Let’s start…†TL;DR: It has been a while since I came here, so I restarted. Goal 1 – 2 days working out, one day rest, for the month – To drill my discipline and general fitness Goal 2 – Meditate each day, one minute increase every day, start at 10 min. – To become calm, aware and focused (school’s starting again) Goal 3 – Parkour once or twice a week – Because I love it, and I need to turn it into a habit of at least training once per week. Life Goal: Swedish – 10 xp on duolingo every day. I know it’s little, but it’s the habit I’m looking for now.
  9. Yup. Hi guys/gals. It's me again. I know I know, Haven't I got enough already? Actually... No. Hi peeps from the internets. After a LOOONG time break, and with the new Character thingy, I decided I wanted to come back to this place. So I made a Restart. Overall, I think what really got me down was that I burned "myself", my flame, too fast to quickly. I Jumped into the challenges and everything head first, and Although it was a great way to break the walls that stopped me from posting up, made me start to loose focus on why I did It, and what I wanted to accomplish. So yeah, I'm starting new now. I Probably won't jump into challenges right now, and I'll lurk around, gathering information and everything, and only then I will challenge myself. Also, I definitely don't see myself doing every single 4WC. I think I will use the 4WC's to do what needs to be done, Changing Habits. So, it's only after some thought and consideration that I will do any commitment. I'm not afraid of failure, I just want to be in the right place to make that decision. So yeah... This is the "new me". Let's see what comes out. PS: I haven't even really started to think about Epic Quests on my "Regular" life, but I'll get there... sooner than I think, Probably. Keep up Jumping, Pumping and Running
  10. The phone rang in my pocket. “Wait. What?! I have my phone in my hand! What’s ringing in my pocket?†My thoughts began to cloud my mind. Was I going crazy? “Hello?†I said, with fear in my voice and my heart racing. “You’re going to do exactly as I say, and maybe, just MAYBE, you’ll get out of this alive.†“Who is this? Why should I do anything you tell me to?!†I started to panic. This was out of this world. “I’ll answer everything later, for now, turn left and waitâ€. This was the beginning. This was how I met the killer codenamed Bourne. The first time I was with him face to face will be unforgettable. It started by asking me why “them†were after me, and as I proceeded to ask “who’s them†he thought that I would answer if he showed more, dedication. That’s why it will be unforgettable. It’s really hard to forget the barrel of the gun aiming at the middle of your eyes. The after successfully explaining that I did not know who was he talking about, and after a change of pants and underwear for me, he explained while drinking in the hotel room. Treadstone, Blackbriar, they were after me. And he told me he would teach me how to survive. “But why are you willing to help me at all?†I asked, again with so much fear in me that I could not see his face clearly. He said that there was something he could gain. By helping me survive, he would have found another ally and both of us could figure out what Blackbriar/Treadstone wanted and how we could prevent it. And so my training began. The thing was, we could not be always together for that would raise suspicions. So he told me that when we could we would meet for some one on one training we would meet, however, I would have to develop some skills on my own. So I started, turning my fears into skills. Overall Mission: Defeat Treadstone/Blackbriar Goals: Escape Blackbriar (running and general Fitness) (+2 STR; +2 STA; +1 DEX) Gather Information (Studying) (+5 WIS) Blend (Language learning) (+5 CHA) Each week I will get a target for every goal. I have to report to Bourne everyday telling what I did and what I didn’t (I report to you people and you’ll tell me what I can do to improve). First Week Targets: Escape Blackbriar: Run 40 minutes + 20 pull upsThis is a personal goal of mine. Both of them. The 40 minute run is something that I still can't do no matter what. I'll try to blend my Parkour training in there, so it will be a more dynamic training. On the days that I am not running I should be doing some sort of general fitness training. Mainly Bodyweight (obviously). Gather Information: So far I still haven’t got a specific target. I still haven’t got an exams scheduled so… I’ll leave his one blank for now. Blend: get to lesson 30 of Pimsleur’s Norwegian.I’m currently at 17 but at the beginning of the challenge I’ll be at 20. Sometimes I have to listen to two lessons. Hopefully, by the end of the challenge, I will be albe to read news in Norwegian and who knows, listen to radio or podcast in that language. My daily reports will be small, quick and objective. If I start to make it hard I will never be able to it regularly and everyday. If I ever skip one I need you guys to make me try harder. See ya soon (23!)
  11. The Assassin in Mind and Body I never quite understood what happened. Some say that the Order caught me and faked my death. I don't know. All I know is that in one moment I was strolling in the street and in the other I was trapped in a cold and dark, but yet familiar place. I somehow knew that I was at the dungeons in our castle. The voice that called me was... unexpected, to say the least. "Lokes. I assume you can hear me?". Even to this day I can tell with no shame that I jumped as I heard it. Who the hell is talking to me? Why am I here? These were questions I would hope this "friend" could answer me. "yeah yeah, I hear you. Who are you? Where is my Mentor?"."Your mentor?". I could sense a little bit of laughter in this voice. "Your Mentor is no more, Lokesbrah. He was a traitor. And so, you too, are considered a traitor.". Say what now? My Mentor? A traitor? How come? And why was I being punished by mistakes that other made? "I somehow find that hard to believe" I said, trying to sound more confident in that situation than how I really was."But even so, I cannot find how this means that I should also be trapped in my own house". At this point I tried to move. I found that I was not trapped, but a nasty wound was on my back. "So you DO know where you are?" Of course I knew. I had spent so much time here in my Apprentice times that all I could feel was Nostalgia. "Well, Lokes, Here's the thing... Your mentor was found betraying the BrotherHood. And most of our comunity thought that maybe you were one too. However, regarding you, we chose to do what had been done once before with the Grandmaster Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. We killed you, so that you can be resurected. We know, Lokesbrah. We always knew, about your wrong path. Or should I say, non-dedicated path?" At this point I fully understood. You see, reader, up until this point I found my life pretty confortable! I would skip most trainings, instead of the library I would be in the winery with some other "friends" drinking. This was not how I was educated. And to you all of this may seem a bit... well... Exagerated, but my Order believed that the only way to make up for this life's mistakes was to get a new life and start from scratch. And so this is how I began my life as an Apprentice again. I expect all of this letters to get to you once in a week, if it reaches you always and not some others. I hope you find in my story, the will and strenght to begin your own. Hello Assassins. Happy New Year! Here I am, trying to Acomplish another goal and habbits! This time It my be a bit weird, but my goal is to do something that will transform me, or should I say, resurect me? Let's start now shall we? After I got released they told me that I would have to do the life of the Aprentices again. Mingle with them. Make new Friends. But most of all, they told me that I should start to reform my life. Everything I thought I knew, would have to be relearned. And so, I passed most of my days in the library studing both philosophy and alchemy... Which brings me to Quest One: Study: This is a simple quest, but it is for me to start building the habit of learning and discipline. I need to study. I am one of those guys that has been longer in college that he should've had. And on top of that, I'm not even a "good" student, I just get the grades to pass. So This time I will have to at least study for 15 minutes, but my real goal is to go for 45 minutes everyday. I only put out 15 minutes in the quest because I feel that if I make that 15 minute mark, I can just go on. The alchemy represents my Chemistry Course, and the philosophy part is more related to a sort of miniquest, which is reading in general, so I'll be reading more books. Right now I'm starting with Homero's Odyssey. (+3 Int and +2 Wis) ... and trainning my body in the skilled art of the Assassins... This one is just like my other quest: train. I am to train every other day, and during the week I'll do some calisthenics, maybe flexing, and in the weekends I need to train Parkour/Free Running. It isn't much Parkour train, but it's the only time where I can do it freely and with total focus. (+3 STR and +2 DEX) ... and somehow I found in my new aprentices friends other ways to have fun. I had forgotten, reader, how to have fun with little or no posessions. I found my pleasure in arts again, I we often spent our lunch breaks playing our songs for everybody to hear! And so, Quest Three: Music! I need to restart my music skills, so I need to play my guitar at least 15 minutes... I got sloppy and I often forget how good I feel after playing a bit. I need to invest in this hobby of mine, so, guitar playing. (+5 CHA) And the great thing of being an Aprentice again, reader, is that they force us to think about our day and our actions in the end of the day. I can't tell you how much I've missed this little bit of quiet and peace of mind. Just me, my gods and my thoughts. If you ever feel lost, I recomend you to sit, close your eyes, and breathe. To this day I never forget one lesson that I was thought. There is this ancient history, that one of our Brothers to the far east was always overthinking his plans, constantly dwelling in an anxious state. And he was talking to his master about "how he would have to remember the path to go, the angle of the shot, the escape route" and his master told him: "And don't forget to breathe." Quest FOUR! (I'M ON FIRE!): Meditation I need to find myself and my spirituality again and I found that the best way to do it is by meditation. I need to sit at the end of the day and meditate for as long as I have to, but I'll put a minimum of 10 minutes. (+5 WIS) So, I'll bee seeing you guys once a week for my weekly report! See ya soon!
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