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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys and Gals, Lokes' here again! Been away for about a year or even more... Sorry about that. Just Remember that even though I was away, my heart was still with you all, because I kept referring this beautiful group of people to almost everyone I knew (Not a smart move for a Rebellion, but we're so strong that everyone knows we exist and we still fight the Evil). So, I wanted to recharge and find that fun way of living life. Which of course, led me back to you. And from now on I'll be sure to stick around. I think that my major problem in here was the hiatus be
  2. After refinding is faith, the Vikingr Assassin, Lokesbrah, understood that his calling required more. This life required him to disciplined himself and strive to impress the gods. As such, he drew inspiration from the tales, and begun his life, dedicating himself to work hard. Body: Goal I - Parkour Training (+3 STA, +2 DEX) First up, it's parkour training. have trained once in the small Christmas vacations (one week off school and work, so good) It was clear that I do not need a particular skill in parkour... I NEED ALL OF THEM. I haven't trained in AGES and that worries
  3. How? How can I be Vikingr and an Assassin?! Follow the nine, honor the gods and dedicate yourself to the cause. Freedom of mind, freedom of body. Move swiftly, strike hard. No mercy. Gain discipline. Own your life. Goal: Review the Code Review the 9 every night and evaluate how I lived to these virtues. Goal: Train Everyday Random workout from the filtered Darebee following this: (L2-L3 means that I aim to do it at LvL 3 but I'm possible only on LvL2) Sunday: Strength Workout (L2-L3) Lower Body Monday: Ab Work (L2-L3) Tuesday: Strength Workout (L1) Full
  4. I wish to be reborn. Not a restart for sure, but I need to rediscover myself and my world. So in that sense: "Haven't forgotten the brotherhood, I hope?" + 3 STR, +2 STA I never truly forgot my brotherhood, the Assassins. That said, this time no Parkour goals. I've started Darebee's Strength Protocol in LVL II and I intend to finish it. So, since this whole Assassin's Guild is about bodyweight and Callisthenics, I thought It was appropriate. I'm currently on day 7 (tomorrow it's the 8th day) "It doesn't matter how hard you hit, what matters is how hard you can get h
  5. HELLOOOOOO, I'M BAAAAAAAACK Sorry for the long wait mates, I guess I had to HIDE MYSELF for a while AHAHA (Get it? 'Cause I'm an Assassin? No? oh well, I tried...) Now that I've calmed down a bit: Yeah brothers and Sisters, I'm back. Again. So in lieu of a Revival, I'll keep this first challenge un-themed, and simplified. (sorry folks, no story intro this time) Goal 1: Parkouring (+2 STR, +2 DEX) Gotta find time to practice at least 1 hour, 2 times a week. I'm not gonna set up a specific time, not yet. Goal 2: Armour (+3STR) B
  6. SENSES ARE TINGLING Quest One: Learn what you can... (+2 WIS, +1 CHA) So, you're going to a universe where we don't quite know what is happening. I know my evil me is doing something to the citizens, because there is an increase of mutants around the city. We need to study those mutants and see what we can find. In the mean time, we're going to study my "Evil-Me" moves. Because you're going to... Study time. Before being an Assassin, I'm a Scholar/Scientist. Therefore, I need to stop making studying such a bad bug in my life. I want to be able to sit down and compl
  7. The Hunter Quest One: Parkour Once Per Week (Minimum) = +1 DEX, +2 STA "I am constantly in need of eyes, ears and most of the times, someone to help me chase the runners. I am only one, so I tend to prioritize my targets, but this way I can cover more ground. Meaning, you'll cover ground for me and chase the ones who flee from me." Similar to my last challenge, I didn't get to actually train once per week. So I'm sticking to this until I can do it, and slowly increase the frequency as soon as I can. Quest Two: Drink 1.5L of Water = +2 CON "I'm
  8. Into The Academy I don’t know what happened. One second I was going to my fridge, the next second everything was black. I woke up to the sound of non-stopping chatter. Opening my eyes slowly, hoping not to be noticed, I started to become aware of myself. I am not trapped. I am not in some weird cell. I’m in a bed. Why? Let the shit it the fan then: - “I do not know who you people are†– I said, trying my best to sound as confident as possible, even though I had no confidence in that moment – “But I assure you, I will find a way to get out and hurt you in as many ways as your im
  9. Yup. Hi guys/gals. It's me again. I know I know, Haven't I got enough already? Actually... No. Hi peeps from the internets. After a LOOONG time break, and with the new Character thingy, I decided I wanted to come back to this place. So I made a Restart. Overall, I think what really got me down was that I burned "myself", my flame, too fast to quickly. I Jumped into the challenges and everything head first, and Although it was a great way to break the walls that stopped me from posting up, made me start to loose focus on why I did It, and what I wanted to accomplish. So yeah, I'm starti
  10. The phone rang in my pocket. “Wait. What?! I have my phone in my hand! What’s ringing in my pocket?†My thoughts began to cloud my mind. Was I going crazy? “Hello?†I said, with fear in my voice and my heart racing. “You’re going to do exactly as I say, and maybe, just MAYBE, you’ll get out of this alive.†“Who is this? Why should I do anything you tell me to?!†I started to panic. This was out of this world. “I’ll answer everything later, for now, turn left and waitâ€. This was the beginning. This was how I met the killer codenamed Bourne. The first time I was wi
  11. The Assassin in Mind and Body I never quite understood what happened. Some say that the Order caught me and faked my death. I don't know. All I know is that in one moment I was strolling in the street and in the other I was trapped in a cold and dark, but yet familiar place. I somehow knew that I was at the dungeons in our castle. The voice that called me was... unexpected, to say the least. "Lokes. I assume you can hear me?". Even to this day I can tell with no shame that I jumped as I heard it. Who the hell is talking to me? Why am I here? These were questions I would hope this "frie
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