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  1. At this point I need a non-fitness related challenge to level up. It seems a trend among monks Target 1: fight the telephone (and win) As of today I officially failed my life quest of last challenge. I have the name and the number to call, but I panic every time I have to pick up the phone. I have never liked to make phone calls, but this thing has become unmanageable. So, this is my big task for this challenge: call hospital and make an appointment with the surgeons. And since all this should happen in Dutch, I had some daily Dutch practice: 5-10 minutes of conversation with a colleague at work, or read a couple of articles in the newspaper. Summarizing: make the appointments (WIS +3)speak Dutch 5 days/week for 5-10 minutes (minimum) and read in the weekend for 30 minutes (CHA +2)Target 2: fight CHAOS (and win) I am messy and I want to make my house decent again follow Flaylady baby steps (CHA +2)Target 3: fight the software bugs (and win) At the moment we are quite busy at work, with a big delivery planned for the end of the year. The guy who was supposed to work with me is having health issues that do not allow him to work in front of a monitor for more than two hours per day, which is quite a problem if you develop software for a living. I manage to cut down the requirements to the bare minimum, but there will be a lot of pressure on my shoulders until the end of the year. To keep my balance I want to make time every day for meditation (15-30 minutes) and for outdoor activity (at least 30 minutes on top of the hour I need to bike back and forth from work). And of course I need to eat well and to sleep (no long coding nights) Summarizing: meditate 15-30 minutes daily (WIS +1)karate outdoor 5 days/week (working days) (DEX +2)walk 2 hours on Saturdays and Sundays (STA +1)sleep 50 hours per week (7 hours/day, but I use the average per week to give me some room) (STA+1)eat daily according to plan (2 meals per week are free) (CON +2)Target 4: plan next fights I realized that I don't have a long term plan, something that I want to achieve in the coming years. And for what is there I don't really have a plan. So, I'll do some brainstorming session with myself and report here weekly. By the end of this challenge I want to have a plan for the next 2 challenges (WIS +.25)something (at least 1 thing) I want to achieve by summer time (WIS +.25)something by the end of 2015 (WIS +.25)at least two item after 2015 (WIS +.25)As usually there will be a spreadsheet to track everything. There will be some wife-days in, so there could be some re-shuffling
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