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Found 3 results

  1. Is it possible to lose weight within 21 days ???
  2. Hello all!! I've been quite inflexible my whole life... I tried doing yoga but I wasn't very consistent, mainly because the classes were so expensive. I can't touch my toes without bending my knees. My main objective is to be more loose so I can be better at dancing, which I plan to pick up again after not doing it since I was a little kid. What exercises do you recommend I should do to improve my flexibility, especially in the hips? I would be very thankful for any suggestions. Love to you all!!
  3. Well count this under the TMI category. I've lost about 60 lbs over the last few years. Most of my skin has bounced back, except for my upper thighs. Those damn upper thighs! I've always figured they will eventually bounce back with exercise and proper skin care (not that I'm any good at the skin care part, I'm not really hip on what all that entails beyond soap LOL). However, I am now encountering some issues with this loose skin - boils and chafing. I've had chafing before, and boils before when I was heavier - hadn't had for a long time... until last night/this morning! Woke up with a boil on my inner thigh that hurt like a mother! I've previously seen doctors about the same thing, and was told it's nothing to worry about - it will eventually pop on it's own, etc. But it forking hurts! So last night I went on a looong walk/run with my pup (for me). 5km walk/jog through path's near my house to the dog park, walked around the dog park a bit and then another 5 km walk/job home. The pants I was wearing were decent - running tights, but cheaper - I find their actually warmer, so for our current temperatures it works. However, these pants do fall down a bit when I am running - so i figure that is where I got the chafing and subsequent boil. Now my goals entail running a 5k... so it's not like I can just stop running for fear of chafing and these boils... so I am looking for a solution! To me, that means tightening up that loose skin, so it stops rubbing together so much! However everything I read states the upper thigh as being the most stubborn of skin to get back - and everything is either "do this wrap" or "have this surgery". I'm not up for cosmetic surgery, it's just not me and nor do I think I have so much that it is necessary. I've tried some wraps before - but those were more for "weightloss" as in they got out toxins. However I do hear that there are some home wraps that work awesome for the health of the skin. So my question to y'all is: what is your suggestion to tighten up skin? Do you have a skin care regimen (i hear dry brushing is good too, not that i know what it is), or a wrap or mask you've used that you see a difference with? Specific exercise that helps? Etc.
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