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Found 14 results

  1. I have decided to continue my LotR themed challenge since I am in the midst of a 30 day challenge that is relevant to what I was struggling with last time. I'll copy and paste my challenge goals below: I have been wrestling with the urge to read the LotR series again, so what better way to motivate me than to theme my challenge after LotR. I could use some inspiration and heart from some of Tolkien's heroes. As this challenge progresses, I will no doubt be channeling some of the traits of some of my favorites, specifically the race of Men because I find myself identifying most clos
  2. I’m Ann of Vries, often Adventurer and occasional Ranger. I decided it was time to do my semi-annual “holiday” to the Rangers Guild. I’m an American currently living in London with my British husband and 2 year old son (more on him later). However, this urban status is to be short lived as we are in the process of purchasing a woodland property in the magical Wye Valley/Forest of Dean and expect to move there this autumn/winter (move date TBD). (You may not have heard of the Forest of Dean, but you’ve probably seen it. A lot of movies and TV shows have been filmed in i
  3. Dearest Adventurers, It has long been the ambition of mine to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Fellowship of the Ring. And so, I have began something of a pilgrimage of their footsteps, from Bag End to Mordor. But I also have long felt a connection to the lost Entwives, and I seek home, a garden to tend. I don’t think I will find the Entwives—no one else has—but I can find one in myself. (I already have an Enting, after all!) So it is while on this long journey I hope to find my place in Middle Earth to settle down. During the last few weeks, I journ
  4. I have been wrestling with the urge to read the LotR series again, so what better way to motivate me than to theme my challenge after LotR. I could use some inspiration and heart from some of Tolkien's heroes. As this challenge progresses, I will no doubt be channeling some of the traits of some of my favorites, specifically the race of Men because I find myself identifying most closely with Tolkien's human characters. . Lately, some... temptations have arisen, so it is also fitting to work through a challenge that themes these temptations as the pull of The One Ring. And so it be
  5. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday. This was a tough one for me personally because it was our first without Papaw. But it ended up being drama-free, and I was surprised to find myself less concerned about gifts and money and instead enjoying time with family and friends. My challenge set-up this time may be edited later as ideas/problems/concerns arise. I plan to continue certain daily habits, such as early rising, prayer, getting outside/earthing/stretching in the morning, Bible study, etc. but they probably won't be mentioned in the challenge goals below. As promi
  6. less of a secret, more just simple. i figured out some shit last challenge (pun intended) and i'm coming into this next challenge like but with life things stacking up, i'd like to keep fitness things pretty simple for now. do a solid 4 week challenge of goals instead of changing them every week like i did last challenge. Exercise. I have a 5K and spartan sprint in this challenge so i'll be following the Tough Mudder prep plan. I'll be adjusting some of them to get in heavy lifting. i've also upped my pull up bar play by a minute. 5 Tough Mudder w
  7. Walk to Mordor and Back Again All who dare step outside The Shire will likely encounter many nasty adventures. The journey is not for the faint of heart, as the typical traveler must endure years of commitment. There will be other brave souls making the trek, providing much welcomed support and company, but only you can put one foot in front of the other. The fate of Middle-Earth hangs in the balance... are you prepared to walk to Mordor to destroy the One Ring? Open the spreadsheet, click on the 'Sign Up' tab at the bottom of
  8. So I just completed my entry for yesterday in My Fitness Pal, and it gave me an error message that said 'You are likely not eating enough'. When an program that is clearly designed to help people lose weight tells you that you aren't eating enough, LISTEN! (In my defense, I've been feeling like I'm getting a cold, which kills my appetite. But still. I really need to eat more than 1,000 calories a day.) Okay, so I'm ElvenEngineer. I'm a 22 year old female grad student in civil/structural engineering. Contrary to the above, I am not trying to lose weight. I am quite comfortable at 135#, size
  9. New challenge! After the last couple of challenges, which I failed to complete because of crazy work schedules (work life balance?? What's that??). But now I'm back! LOTR THEME!!!!!!! OMG WTF LETS DO THIS So one of my goals relates to step counting. By my calculations, by the end of this challenge I should have done nearly enough steps to have traveled from the Shire to Bree. Actually, I think we will end up in Barrow-Downs, but close enough. And being in New Zealand, what could be more appropriate than a LOTR theme?? So what're we doing?? Well, I really want to get into the fit
  10. Her rope snapped, the anchor at the top of Cirith Ungol had come free and she was holding a slack rope in her hands. Bracing herself she continued the climb, holding on to ropes of web that met her as she ascended. She was getting close, the monster was likely silently waiting for her, hopeful of a snack consisting of more than orcs and unfortunate vermin. She had read of this demon, Shelob. She was confident in her fighting skills but hoped to avoid a confrontation with the creature. It was time to traverse the web, carefully, using the web and the rock to hopefully evade her adversar
  11. She held her head high. She had made the start and she was proud of how far she came. I can do this. She had to keep going, had to be stronger, better, faster, and had to get higher. She paused her run at the base of the mountain and looked up, she had a long climb ahead of her. MAIN QUEST A brief intro – After a crazy awesome first start I am back for another round. I love rock climbing, and am still new to the sport, At the beginning of the last challenge I was climbing about a 5.8 and was hoping to have a long term goal of a 5.10a. Now I've climbed a 5.10a and am not planning on s
  12. The first part of the Top Secret Mission I was working on last challenge was completed successfully. Operation Birthday Adventure for my Hobbit was a success! He had no idea about the adventure, nor did he know anything about part 2 of the Mission: We are going to New Zealand! (Yes, I am just a little excited) Because our trip will be happening right in the middle of this challenge, I am going to alter the challenge format to fit my life circumstances. Part 1 (Weeks 1 & 2): Prepare for the trip Part 2 (Weeks 3 & 4): Enjoy the trip Part 3 (Weeks 5 & 6): Recover an
  13. Hello, Hey! Whats up! How is everybody doing? My name is Beto, i stumbled into this website via Google Plus and here is my story! Ive been alive for 25 summers, going for 26 in february. I have always been a pudgy kinda guy, i played defense alignment in high school football which is the middle guy in the defense line of football. Ive gained weight since then. When i was 23 i lived in Las Vegas Nevada, and i managed to drop weight pretty fast working landscaping i weighed at 215. Now i am at 250 give or take a couple of lbs. On October 13 of this year 2014, I got a surprise attack by The
  14. Well hello there! I am an overweight nerd chained to her computer and work. A week ago I decided to change that and started walking to Mordor! The goal is to make it all the way to Mount Doom in one year. So far I am a week in and have gone 57.05 miles. I am also starting on a Paleo diet variant that I modified to take into account my food allergies and to also resemble a hobbit's diet. This means that I am limiting myself to two servings of dairy a day and one serving of grain a week. My weight loss goal is to be back down to a small/medium by Christmas. Week 1 pictures are coming. If anyon
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