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  1. I've been a little inactive here lately. The boys have their summer break, and for some reason they want and often need my attention a lot (J is 5 and A is 7 years old now, almost 6 and 8 ). And the time I do have left I have used doing my chores, some work, focusing on getting at least some exercise, tuning my diet and watching youtube :p But now SH (Super Husband for those who didn't know) is home for the last two weeks of their summer break giving me some more time to do the stuff I want to do. Like getting back on Nerd Fitness. I've been playing around with intermittend fastin
  2. So here we are. Break week of August challenge. I have no idea what I am doing atm. Tapatalk is on the fritz so I am typing on my teeny tiny phone browser. Life is weird. I am weighing in Monday at 94.2kg. I have been in a plateau around 95kg for the last 7 months. I have been fighting myself, driving myself slowly crazier and crazier to a point where some part of me was seriously considering cutting calories severely for a month or so, just to get out of this rut. I. WILL. NOT. Though. It has taken years to get to that horrible start weight (103kg April 2015)
  3. Hello fellow rebels! I'm a bit new around here, been lurking for a little bit, and wanted to go ahead and make a place for my first 4 week Challenge. I recently had a bit of a wake-up call in my life, and am ready to lose weight and get fit. I want to get There (healthy), and never come back to the way I have been living my life. I have always been kinda overweight, but I am currently the heaviest I've ever been (well within obese) and I'm ready to change. I've made some half-assed attempts at weight loss in the past, but I intend to stick with this. This is for the rest of my life, not just t
  4. I skipped last round of the challenge because... well, because. The previous challenge I had participated in, I had accepted that I'd be using crutches for at least another year (I already had nearly 9 months under my belt - plus two months from ACL surgery). Then I met a magic chiropractor the same day I had met with a surgeon to schedule foot reconstruction. The chiropractor made some tweaks and adjustments. If my leg hadn't been so atrophied from not being used I think I could've walked out of his office without crutches. However, I walked 2 miles two days later with my crutches slung over
  5. This year is going to be all about losing weight for me. Last year i totally kicked ass by increasing my running performance. i went from being out of breath after 500meters to running a 19k with obstacles. I really proved my worth on that. This years focus will be all about losing weight and passing my second year at college. How am i planning to lose weight? The idea is to get my food straight and excercise. nothing special there. Everything will be monitored in a Kcal app from "Het voedingscentrum" My days will consist of something like this Breakfast A slice of bread with
  6. Terah kicks ass - Daredevil I've got the feeling I'm on the right track. So I'm going to continue what I was doing last challenge, but slightly more difficult And since I really enjoyed daredevil, this is going to be my theme this challenge Food Stay within 1600 kcal every day. And no food past dinner. Exercise 20 exercise days An exercise day is a day where I exercised for at least 30 minutes. This can be zumba, dancehall, strength training, biking, swimming (without kids) or something like this Learning 45 Sp
  7. Mega Quest: My 2016 theme is "Opportunity favors the prepared." I'm in a better position to pursue a career opportunity when I maintain my network and resume and take time to build my skills. I'm in a better position to go on an amazing last-minute hiking trip if I'm already active and working on being fit. Sure, it's nice to dream about moving to Germany, but it's a lot more likely if I speak the language (classes started in January). And in general, luck seems more likely to come my way when I'm keeping myself happy, healthy, and fulfilled via self care and pursuing my interests. I want
  8. LEVEL 1 REBEL CHALLENGE (Jan 4-Jan 29): Diet Take one processed snack you have each day and replace it with a healthy protein, fruit, or vegetableSubstitute one sugary coffee drink per day for black coffee or tea. Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 1x a weekLevel Up Your Life 5 minutes meditation daily From December 27th-now, I have been drinking chamomile tea and water instead of coffee which I limit to one cup per week. I am thinking of continuing this progress for the dates listed above. I am still working on substituting a processed snack for a fruit, but I have eaten mor
  9. Hi ya'll, So, I'm new to NF! I am not sure which Guild I'll want to join yet (Assassins, maybe?), but I'm super excited. I've been stalking the forum for a couple of weeks, but I finally signed up today. About Me I am currently a BMI of 45, weight of 360. This is completely unacceptable. I'm very tall for a woman, and I've been told I "carry my weight well", but that's just not okay anymore. Goals: By 12/1, I want to be a BMI of 40, weight of 320. Of course, the world doesn't always work that way. So instead of focusing on that, I will have 3 behavior goals to help me achieve that! 1:
  10. My feet are not happy. they ´re shuffling along yelling "stop it, we´re injured!" all the g*ddamn time. the huge scar on my tummy is bitching: "i just got here, gimme a break!" my brain shouts: "eat them burgers!!! eat pizza, eat kebap, eat ...!!!" i can't seem to get the f*ck over it. looks like its time for me to SHUT THEM UP!... ! i will not hurt myself but i have the ok from my doc to ease into my workouts again ! GOAL A: Walk 70.000 steps /week. track with fitbit. GOAL B: create stretchin
  11. Hey everyone, About me: First posting here, long time fitness/nutrition student and frequent athlete! I live/work in Denver, CO, and play tennis, throw discus, play video games, and chill out in my free time. I love playing tennis, but I know that my body fat and weight are seriously hindering my performance on the court after the 1st set, and I want to compete at a higher level and win local tournaments. I know there are an infinite number of resources about weight loss, but now that I've gotten the general principles down, I've run into some confusion given all the wild debating about
  12. Hey, what's up Nerd Fitness squad? I first found this lovely website in August, but I have not yet undertaken a six week challenge. I figured now is as good a time as ever, so here I am! A little about me: I love singing, dancing, reading books, playing soccer, playing instruments, and learning about subjects that interest me, like history, other cultures and languages, and English. I love to help other people improve their lives, and I get a lot of personal enjoyment and fulfillment out of striving to better my health. A side result of my committment to living life to the fullest is tha
  13. Introduction: Hey everyone! I'm a 5'5" 23 year old female from Canada, weighing in at 190 lbs as of today. I spend a significant amount of my time gaming or watching Netflix, and right now my current job has a lot of downtime in which we just sit around for the better part of the day. I want to continue to increase my confidence instead of sliding back into old, destructive habits. Main Quest: Drop 5 lbs (or more) by the end of this challenge. Quest 1: Maintain an 80/20 paleo diet 6-7 days per week. This does not imply some insane binge day, but say a sociable meal out that I wouldn't want
  14. I'm Going Home Hey guys! So last challenge I did pretty good, but went to extreme as far as working out and eating. It wasn't healthy at all. I am moving back in with my parents. This trip to Oklahoma shed some light as to what she really thought of me. And I can't take it anymore. My parents are happy I'll be moving back, as far as a room of my own....I don't know how that will work. The baby has the only room right now. Mom is talking about getting me signed up for CrossFit which I was excited about. Then my twin let me in on the secret, mom delayed on the bills to send my sis $500. So
  15. Lola stopped, glancing around at her new surroundings. No, this was not like the place she'd left. The Adventurers were a strong community, sure, but they were no match for the agile group she saw before her. "Did I make the right choice?" Lola murmured under her breath. "Odd man out isn't the half of it." At 6'3", Lola was statuesque, sure, and her mind was quick and strong. Her hair was a shock of red, clashing against the sea-colored eyes that narrowed in careful thought. But her curves were enveloped in softness, cushioning the appearance of an otherwise rather hard woman. At 27, Lola was
  16. Challenge 2 2014 Main Goal Lose 70 lbs 54.4 lbs. My Quest Lose 5.4 lbs. I want to get under 168 lbs (12 stones). Goals 1. Continue around 1200 calories daily. Add intermittent fasting 16/8. Only eat between 12-8pm. 2. Daily Convict Conditioning habit. 10am every day (except Saturdays). I will set an alarm. 3. Daily Cardio habit. Every day complete at least one of the following: The Walk Zombie Run, 5k Fitness Video. Life Quest Spend at least an hour every day w
  17. Challenge #3 Ultimate Quest: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Necessary skills: - STR: Fend off zombies with melee or hand-to-hand - STA: Outrun hordes for long distances - DEX: Be agile and quick enough to cover rugged, varied terrain effortlessly (parkour style) - CON: Have the supplies and wherewithall to bunker down and equip myself properly - WIS: Be wicked smaht. Because zombies are dumb. - CHA: Charm the pants off of handsome survivors. Steal their shit. Current Quest: 4/14 - 5/25 Main Quest: Complete a 5k in under 60 minutes (Color
  18. So great news on my health front! I have been periodically weighing myself. The last 6-week challenge I did not watch what I ate at all and ended up gaining weight from 208 up to 215. This was because I was not watching calories and was instead just gaining muscle and fat together. However this time by both watching my calories AND exercising regularly I have just weighed in at exactly 204 pounds meaning from the start of this 6-week challenge to now I have lost 11 pounds! and I look and feel fitter than I have in years!! Looking forward to seeing where this fitness regimen will take me over t
  19. Hello again everyone! I’m in a much better position than in January, and I’m looking at improving even further this time round. I now weigh 74.5kg, or 11st 10 in old money, and based on how I look in photos, I’m doing a good job of losing fat and at least keeping muscle, maybe even building some. I still want to lose waistline, because I don’t want to buy too many new clothes when I know I’ve got some ready and waiting in the closet. In fact, I want to get to a more svelte size ready for buying new shiny clothes in the size I am under this sneaky fat. Train martial arts at least onc
  20. I am joining a 3 month "Biggest Loser Challenge" at work to lose the largest percentage of body weight. I only have 30-40 minutes a day on my lunchbreak to work out. Any suggestions? Brian
  21. RANDOM INFO Motivation (goals): Bodyweight: 67 kg | 148 lbs Height: 165 cm | 5'' 5' Photos: Instead of start telling you my past, I think I prefer starting again without looking back, so this is what I am RIGHT NOW and the new journey that I am going to start. I am an amalgam of different classes, but I am trying to focus on my spiritual side, so I think I am more druid now, but I like to lift weights - which makes me closer to warriors - and run - like a ranger/scout. My main problem is food. I don't know how to eat properly (healthy). On one hand, I am Buddhist, so I feel co
  22. The last time I wore this suit was at my wedding. I am including my wedding picture. Bet you can't guess which one is which.... (Be nice) I actually think it fits better now. Even have the same tie.
  23. Greetings adventurer. It is good to see you. My name is BringTheRaine, and I am not from this realm. I come from a place that is very dark. This realm is known as The Nether, and it's a place full of negative energies. My people have long searched for a new realm that was full of light and forgiveness, and mustering all the power from their faith, they were able to send me here. It was fate that has brought us together this day. You see, I am on a journey - a quest if you will. The Nether has left me nearly powerless, and I am here to train and build myself into the champion of faith tha
  24. Okay. I sterted phase II of my weight loss journey by shaking things up. I switched from random weight lifting and lots of HIIT to 5 x 5. I switched from a low carb ketosis diet to paleo. I was nervous. not so much about the diet change, but gym time. I was spending 5 days a week in the gym, about 6 hrs. total at my peak. I am not a newbie on weight loss, having lost 79 lbs. in the first 24 weeks. I lost three lbs. this week, ate really good, and lost three pounds! Now I know it is just one week, but this is not just water loss. I only spent 1 1/2 hrs in the gym last week! I said wh
  25. Hi Everyone, I've been trying desperately for years and years to lose the excess body fat on me, everytime I've tried I've made progress for 2 or 3 weeks then I turn back to junk food and gain back all the weight I've lost plus some more :-( Well now I want to put an end to that, I've been doing Starting Strength for the past year and weightlifting for the past 2 years or so. I've been dabbling with Intermittent Fasting since April (whilst still eating junk food so my results haven't been good at all). This is my battle log to help track my progress, keep myself accountable, and hopefully ins
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