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Found 8 results

  1. So.. it's march. I don't believe I've lost any weight like I had planned to at the beginning of the year. It's very depressing. I work an office job then go attend meetings and then I travel weekly. So a lot of the time I'm sitting on my butt, basically. Now I am beyond discouraged.. It's been a viscous cycle of work, eat and sleep. When i'm not working, I'm sleeping, when i'm not sleeping, I'm eating. Today is just a really crappy day and could use some kind of motivation.. or something. I'd really just like to be home right now, in bed, sleeping.
  2. So I will try not to ramble so much as to quash all entertainment value from this but be detailed enough to be useful to me for further trips lest I forget what I learned. This trip planning had a fair amount of hubris. I always felt like I could really pound mileage if I had a light pack and quick meals. So I picked this trail http://www.hoosierhikerscouncil.org/adventure_hiking_trail_aht/to do solo. In fact I was a little concerned I would finish it in one day and not camp. Part of this trip was to see what it was like to camp solo. But life has been crazy and I spent little time planning and made several last minute decisions. I went with an outdated map. I had added labels to one version and lost it so I had the 8.5x11 listed on that website with no labels on shelters or any of the roads. I got up late and when I got to the area discovered my truck's GPS showed no roads visually or any names. I have no reference to where I am actually entering the map (I later found out the road I thought I came in on has ceased to be). I drive around trying to figure out where I am or where particular access points are. I finally drop water at 2 places marked as "ADVENTURE HIKING TRAIL" and park at another one. It is now 10 local time and I am hours behind schedule. I take off with my view of Fluffy Butt. I had previously looked at backpacks for dogs but wasn't sure I would ever take Atlas. That is two nail aprons jury rigged to his life jacket. He carried his own kibble and water. Probably 4# total on a 75# dog. This was a trail that connected to the AHT at a place where it was simply blue blazes for the trail I was on and Green Blazes for the AHT. I repeat, the Blazes were Green or green and white. Bark White and Moss Green So when the floor is covered in leaves and you navigate thin trails by blaze, it's hard to spot this from a distance. Many places were VERY WELL blazed. Close and using reflective markers. But some was not. Anyway, I had walked past this crossing and hit another trailhead and had to backtrack. Pretty dry with some streams only a bit of a trickle. Did I mention I had misplaced one water drop and the dog lost half his? Or that in my obsessive weigh cutting I hadn't grabbed my filter sock and chlorine dioxide tablets (at less than a quarter once total) Made some slow miles and stopped for lunch. I call them Krab doobies Started making decent progress but got lost in the Timber harvest area. Lots of other foot traffic makes it hard to stay on trail especially looking for green blazes. SPend about an hour off trail and pick it back up. Now it is after 4 local time. Light is getting sparse and I am needing to find the shelter or just make camp on the trail. In an effort to cut weight I have no shelter. Finally made it Make some dinner of Shrimp ramen, dehydrated seafood and bonita strips. I am now down to less than 1 liter of water. I know exactly where I am but not where my truck is and therefore not sure how far I have to travel on 1 liter of water after amking oats and coffee in the morning. Time to evoke bad trail mojo and take a pot of water out of the fire water buckets and boil it. Bottle up a liter of green water with drink mix and set aside enough for coffee and oats. Boiled rain water is typically safe but between tannins and algae it's best used mixed in things. Up by 5:15 and waiting for enough light to leave Find another shelter with poor former occupants. Bad trail joo-joo Restoring my good trail magic. I dropped this off at a later shelter on paved road. I believe it was around 8 miles. On to some neat ruins of a fireplace at the next shelter Atlas stopped carrying his own gear. I left on the lifejacket since it's deer season. Atas follows my trail like an ant. Exactly. He could have moved over three steps but instead he got stuck. THe life jacket has a handle so I lifted him over a dozen logs. This is dragging out, so cutting it short. I still didn't know where my truck was and got lost in poorly marked river bottoms. I only packed through breakfast so returning to my truck at 5ish local time was rough. I still had water but no caffeine and finished my last emergency munch once I was on an actual road to my truck. I had tried to return on original trail but it all started to look alike. Due to an achilles tendon injury during a trip on the Knobstone Trail a month or so ago I feared to wear my hiking boots or trail shoes and opted for the only boots that hadn't hurt it when it was at it's worst. All leather, padded, unvented leather Craftsman workboots not designed to do 22 miles of trail in a day. Especially when it rains the last 4 or 5 hours of the day and you don't don rain gear because you are almost there.
  3. Hello everyone! I stumbled upon Nerd Fitness only yesterday and have been reading articles and poking around. I love the site! I have thought about joining the Nerd Fitness Academy, but do not know if it would be right for me. I am a disabled veteran, and as such it is a struggle to figure out how to keep fit & active with my injury. Anyway, in the mean time, I was trying to figure out how to become a part of the community here. I saw the 6-week challenge that started only yesterday and would love to participate, but to be hoenst, I am pretty overwhelmed by all of the information in the forums. Where/how do I start? I read the info on the 6-week challenge post, but I am kind of confused. Would anyone be willing to help a totally newbie learn the ropes and start her adventure?! :-D Thanks to everyone who read & replied!!
  4. I made up some challenges however, I can't find a way to level it as others have.( to show my progress)
  5. Came across this by a friend who recommended it. The Story After numerous attempts to lose weight and tone up nearly all had failed. After tipping the scales at 16stone in 2011 i decided enough was enough. Previously i had attempted Weight Watchers and lost about 2 stone, only to regain. Like wise with slimming world. After seeing myself on holiday in size 18 swimwear i decided id had enough and this was no way to spend my young adult life, having fought with my weight for many years. I started on cambridge weight plan in Nov 2011 and ended March 2012 after losing over 4 stone by liquid diet. This was great apart from the extremely unhealthy relationship it gave me with food and the lack of it. I managed to keep the weight off for about 18 months eating normally again, only wavering 6-7lbs. Gradually after that its crept up again to 12stone2lbs on New years Day 2014. I started my New year resolution to go the the gym every other day with my partner in an attempt to lose weight for a family holiday in May. After 2 weeks all i had doe was gain weight whilst my partner lost. We were eating normally (which wasnt classed as unhealthy, no snacks or fast food and no secret eating) but we were doing different regimes at the gym. So for the next 2 weeks i followed my partner step by step to watch what he did and see what happened. My partner lost 7lbs and i gained 5lb. At this point i was starting to lose hope. I have never liked the gym, especially cardio and after all this effort i was actually getting bigger and was now 12stone10lbs. It was at this point i spoke to a friend of mine and she recommended this site, showing me her results and guiding me through it. i immediately told my partner who spend and evening reading it all and to my surprise he leapt at the chance and started clearly the cupboards out and researching paleo foods. Now to the good bit. Unaware that there was specific dates for the challenge, we started on 17th Feb and finished today 31st March2014. After 6 weeks of paleo (with only a few minor slips and not half as much water as i should of had), plus 10-15 mins of hard cardio every other day with 45 mins of heavy weight training and dead lifts. i know these machines can be very unreliable but this is what i got.(ignore it says 1994) Date Calf Thigh Bottom Hips Waist Underbust Chest Bicep Relax Bicep Bent Before 40 109.5 106 94 85 102.5 30.5 28.5 02/03/14 39.5 62 108.5 106 91 84 101 31 31 20/03/14 40 61.5 108 105 92 84.5 99 31 31 31/03/14 40.5 62 108.5 104.5 92.5 85 100 30 32 There isnt anything i can see different in the portrait photos hence its not being posted.
  6. I am 25 and 180 pounds give or take. I just recently found out I am pregnant but I am more motivated than ever to lose weight. I used to do PT in high school and I'm quite the walker but I have never been the epitome of "fit". I have always been chubby and gained a lot of weight with my first born. I lost most of that "baby fat" but fell in love all over again and gained most of it back. I am back to square 1. I am going to lose weight all over again and I am going to get stronger and I am following the rules. My diet consists more of quality calories instead of quantity. My workouts will become more routine and less of a chore. I'm excited. I'm ready. I'm ecstatic. Although I used to kickbox and run often, I have not in a long time and I feel it best that I start from the bottom again even though i'm of the mentality that the harder I go the better the results. My goal is to be feel comfortable in my body and in my clothes by my 26th birthday (26 March). Main Quest: Keep up a daily workout routine 5x a week, lose 2 pounds a month, gain muscle and get to a healthy body fat percentage. Goals: 1. Workout 5x a week ​beginner's workout 15-30 minutes Tuesday and Thursday1 hour brisk walk Monday-Friday2. Maintain a diet of 1400 (quality) calories Motivation: For my family and my health I want to be a good role model to my children and husband I want to be happy with my image
  7. Hi! I'm an adventurer and one of my goals is to try and get some basic stretching and meditation once a week. I'm not really sure where to go with this though. I have little to no flexibility, hence why I feel I should start doing this. Are there diagrams or easy stretches for people with very very (very) little flexibility? Is there a list of a couple that I should try and do? Like the title says, I'm a bit lost. A mini-challenge last time showed just how badly my range of motion is. For reference, putting on socks in the morning is a B*****. Any advice, or pictures, or super-easy tutorial welcome.
  8. SO I just lost 1.2kg, and my gut has started receding, Now how to keep it off?
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