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Found 8 results

  1. So.. it's march. I don't believe I've lost any weight like I had planned to at the beginning of the year. It's very depressing. I work an office job then go attend meetings and then I travel weekly. So a lot of the time I'm sitting on my butt, basically. Now I am beyond discouraged.. It's been a viscous cycle of work, eat and sleep. When i'm not working, I'm sleeping, when i'm not sleeping, I'm eating. Today is just a really crappy day and could use some kind of motivation.. or something. I'd really just like to be home right now, in bed
  2. So I will try not to ramble so much as to quash all entertainment value from this but be detailed enough to be useful to me for further trips lest I forget what I learned. This trip planning had a fair amount of hubris. I always felt like I could really pound mileage if I had a light pack and quick meals. So I picked this trail http://www.hoosierhikerscouncil.org/adventure_hiking_trail_aht/to do solo. In fact I was a little concerned I would finish it in one day and not camp. Part of this trip was to see what it was like to camp solo. But life has been crazy and I spent little time pla
  3. Hello everyone! I stumbled upon Nerd Fitness only yesterday and have been reading articles and poking around. I love the site! I have thought about joining the Nerd Fitness Academy, but do not know if it would be right for me. I am a disabled veteran, and as such it is a struggle to figure out how to keep fit & active with my injury. Anyway, in the mean time, I was trying to figure out how to become a part of the community here. I saw the 6-week challenge that started only yesterday and would love to participate, but to be hoenst, I am pretty overwhelmed by all of the information in th
  4. I made up some challenges however, I can't find a way to level it as others have.( to show my progress)
  5. Came across this by a friend who recommended it. The Story After numerous attempts to lose weight and tone up nearly all had failed. After tipping the scales at 16stone in 2011 i decided enough was enough. Previously i had attempted Weight Watchers and lost about 2 stone, only to regain. Like wise with slimming world. After seeing myself on holiday in size 18 swimwear i decided id had enough and this was no way to spend my young adult life, having fought with my weight for many years. I started on cambridge weight plan in Nov 2011 and ended March 2012 after losing over 4 stone by liqu
  6. I am 25 and 180 pounds give or take. I just recently found out I am pregnant but I am more motivated than ever to lose weight. I used to do PT in high school and I'm quite the walker but I have never been the epitome of "fit". I have always been chubby and gained a lot of weight with my first born. I lost most of that "baby fat" but fell in love all over again and gained most of it back. I am back to square 1. I am going to lose weight all over again and I am going to get stronger and I am following the rules. My diet consists more of quality calories instead of quantity. My workouts will beco
  7. Hi! I'm an adventurer and one of my goals is to try and get some basic stretching and meditation once a week. I'm not really sure where to go with this though. I have little to no flexibility, hence why I feel I should start doing this. Are there diagrams or easy stretches for people with very very (very) little flexibility? Is there a list of a couple that I should try and do? Like the title says, I'm a bit lost. A mini-challenge last time showed just how badly my range of motion is. For reference, putting on socks in the morning is a B*****. Any advice, or pictures, or super-easy tu
  8. SO I just lost 1.2kg, and my gut has started receding, Now how to keep it off?
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