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Found 10 results

  1. I fell off the wagon in the middle of last challenge. Honestly I'm not sure I was on the wagon to begin with, but I digress. TENTATIVE WEEKLY SCHEDULE: Monday - work 8h Tuesday - classes maybe, evening church group Wednesday - work 8h split Thursday - moar classes maybe, evening church group Friday - work 4h, maybe class Saturday - ???, church in evening (online ofc) Sunday - ??? probably housecleaning tbh TO-DO: Cooking Lunch duty M Dinner duty TWRF probably (dinner by 5 or 5:30 because that's
  2. I am new to working out. I have started body-weight workouts. I perform 2 sets of 10 push-ups and 10 assisted chin-ups (which don't follow a set-based method) on Monday. Two sets of 10 Lunges, 2 sets of 10 sit-ups and 10 reps of calf-raises for each leg on Tuesday. My questions are 1. Are these 5 types of exercises enough for the most part of my body? 2. When should I increase reps and/or sets and then resistance? 3. What are the exercises which I "must" include that which I have missed. 4. Optional:My weight is 74 kg, age is 20 and height is 5' 10".
  3. Hey all, so this is a very recent development. I normally do some lunges as part of my workout, but suddenly when I bring my right knee to the ground, I feel a sharp pain in my right thigh. Only on the right side. It feels fine when I stretch it out or try to do anything else with it, but as soon as I try a lunge, the pain is back. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello NF! I stumbled upon NF yesterday and it looks like exactly what I need to jumpstart my fitness journey. Growing up I usually played sports in school but never stuck to one sport long enough to get good. I never considered myself an athlete or to be in very good shape (cardiovascular or strength). I have always had a few extra pounds, but until recently my body weight/shape had remained very stable ("curvy"). My recent weight gain has moved me from a high normal BMI to a low overweight BMI, and my body feels/looks that way too. The extra weight combined with feeling physically weak afte
  5. I'm really struggling with the lunges in BBWW. A big part of the problem is that I'm out of shape - the first time I did the BBWW, I was really sore. I assume I'll become more graceful with practice, but in the meantime my form is pretty awful. Any advice on balance and coordination when doing the lunges? -- R
  6. Hey everyone, I know (most of you) aren't physical therapists or anything, but can anyone recommend a good example of beginner lunge form? I tried doing them like Steve does in the Playground workout video, but my knees hurt every time now, even though squats feel fine. Also, do lunges work different muscles than squats? I'd be happy to just do squats as part of my Beginner Bodyweight workout.
  7. Goal of the 500 club is to do 500 of something every week. This can either be part of your workout goals or in addition to. Examples would be -----this week I pledge to do 500 push ups. I would count full push-ups as 1pt, knee push-ups as .5, counter push-ups as .25 Squats are squats, lunges are lunges, burpees are burpees, pull ups could be negatives, assisted, or full etc. Any ideas or thoughts appreciated. I just wanted a thread to challenge myself to do more and give and get encouragement. Anyone is welcome.
  8. I'm just getting started with bodyweight strength training for the first time in 3 years on top of being 12 months postpartum. Curious, are there any supplemental exercises to help with lunges? Or is doing lunges the only way to get better at doing lunges?
  9. This challenge I'm going to take on 30 days of PLP (Pushups, Lunges, Pullups), starting on Monday 3rd June (this Monday). I'll be following the plan here: http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/plp_the_60day_challenge It's a 60 day challenge but I'm only committing to 30 days initially as I don't want to over train as I'm ramping up strength this challenge. If I get to the end of 30 and feel capable of more I may do the extra 30. Basically you do sets of Pushups, Lunges and Pullups every day for 30 days. You start at either 0 or 10 reps depending on your current level an
  10. I cannot do lunges right now- my right knee feels like it will go out if I do a lunge. I also have a lot of weight on me and just starting out so I am NOT strong at all. Do I just do modified lunges (like a half lunge) for now? Do I hold onto something and do a proper lunge? Any advice would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!
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