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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm new and exited, it's nice to meet all of you. For years I have been passionate about learning aerial acrobatics, and I want to finally persue learning. Unfortunately, I am not in the financial position to pay for clases. Seeing as it is dangerous, and I don't have an apparatus, I'm not sure how to start. Is there anything I can do on my own? Or anything I can do to build skills and condition myself for when I have the opportunity to take classes? I have a background in yoga, pilates, ballet, gymnastics(not since I was little) and a little bit of modern dance, and while I can't take cla
  2. I have never done this before so I am attempting to kinda make this into a story kinda plot line for my own amusement. Maybe it will help me out and actually keep on top of things, My goals are going to be pretty much circus/ strength training. Goal 1: Fitness 5 training sessions/week (usually i am at the studio Monday- Thursday 1-3 classes a day) (3) Run 1x/week (3) Walk 1-3 miles a week. ( I see this as reasonable since Pokemon Go keeps me moving most of the day!) (3) Goal 2: Circus Goals Conti
  3. Alrighty...this is my first challenge back since...oh July of last year. Crazy life changes have happened, and now that I'm pretending to be more settled, it's time to take control and make shit happen. I feel what I really need and want out of this challenge is to Make Fitness a Priority!! just for good measure, I went and re-read this article from Steve....https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2015/01/26/why-you-need-to-be-selfish-and-put-fitness-first/ My short-term goals include performing at the aerial showcase at the studio where I teach fitness classes in the
  4. What’s good, Rebels?! I’m back again to try to finish a six week challenge. First challenge with the Assassins! Life Update: Depression sucks. I’m sure a lot of you know that. I moved out to Los Angeles about a year ago with hopes of find a job in the film industry. After 10 months, several hundred applications, and a couple dozen interviews, I was completely burned out and feeling extremely low. I had been working in a cupcake & ice cream shop, and while it was fun in the beginning, many factors led it to become one of the most draining jobs I’ve ever had (not to mentio
  5. While I'm sure most people here are pumped and ready to get back into the swing of things...I'm not. I have 3 days of challenge and then I'm off to sun, sand and relaxation in JAMAICA! I'm extremely excited, this is my first hot holiday, and the start to a very travel-exciting 15 months. (January 2015 - Jamaica, Sept 2015 Camp NF!!!, March 2016 -Europe!!) So it's really hard to set challenge goals when the first 2 weeks will kinda be a wash. The other thing that's tough for me is because I'm a fitness instructor, I start up a bunch of my classes in the end of January, and from now until
  6. Well ok I'm not really taking a chill pill, I actually have loads of fun things planned!! I have class 3x/week (handstands, contortion and circus), open training on the lyra and I'm going to keep up with my bouldering. Since I can't predict how hard the classes will be each week I don't really feel it'd be a good idea to set any particular fitness goals. Instead I want to make sure my recovery is good, which means eating, drinking and chilling. I do have lots of fun skills to work on, so I'll keep posting about them in my challenge thread, but I won't grade any of it. There might be video thou
  7. Two weeks until the next challenge? Challenge accepted! MAIN QUEST To neatly pack my mental baggage for the next challenge period... Strip my calendar and HabitRPG of low-priority activities. Replace them with my current schedule of training [including blocked off times to train at home] and add to fill holes in practice. Ensure there is one day of recovery.Define goals in aerial hoop, contortion, and dance. Write daily homework to approach each of these goals (and if not already doing, start), brainstorm positive reinforcement reward systemsTake daily notes (even if minimal) in order to get
  8. Hi all This is my first challenge. Fitness was never a pleasure for me when doing it for it's own sake.I am naturally lazy. Dance was my first love! A few years ago I discovered pole dance and aerial silks/hoop/trapeze.I found myself wanting to do pushups/V ups/leg raises and running so that I could get better at my sport! My body type is not naturally agile, however I gain both muscle and fat easily. I wish my starting race was an elf..but I'm more like a cross between a dwarf and an orc?I am naturally quite flexible and if I was a superhero I would be Elastigirl!I used to say I had the wea
  9. Current stats 5'4" 171lbs 25 years old BMI 31.1% Current Fitness Goals The most important is that I aim to improve my quality of life Bring BMI down to 23% with in 1 year Increase strength to improve my abiulitie to do things like areal and hiking Increase stamina, I would like to be able to jog 5 miles with out stoping or having an asthma attack with in one year Improve flexibiltie, maybe one day I will be able to do a split Today I did areal for the first time in over two months, and lyra for the first time. I did a total of two hours, about split between the two. Im sure that two hour
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