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Found 6 results

  1. Looks like I'm a day late and a dollar short for this challenge! The end of the last one was a right fizzle. What with being sick and spending so much time on the ski slopes I pretty much forgot to close it out. Not to say that I didn't have a great time--one of my best days of skiing of all time was had on the Saturday of the last weekend of the challenge! But, the season is pretty much done and I've definitely improved quite a bit, and put in a lot of time doing deep lunges down the mountain. Unfortunately, I've also practically given up on trying to keep my diet under control. So that's the theme of this challenge: don't eat like an idiot. There's more to it than that though. I haven't practiced archery in a few months, and I want to keep getting better at that. And, I want to keep building strength so that when I'm old(er) and grey(er) I'll still be strong. So here's the goals: 1. Track calories, 6/7 days per week. Maintain a 250 calorie/day deficit. This will be measured each week. I'll pay attention to my macros, and remember that protein is my friend. 2. Workout 6/7 days per week. This is easy for me, so I'll step it up and say that 3 of those days needs to include strength training, which is harder for me. No, climbing hills doesn't count. 3. Practice archery weekly and take/post pictures of the 30 and 40 yard shots. I've also got an aerial class on the docket, so every week I'll have the opportunity to fly with Mrs. MG99! I'm really looking forward to that, even though we won't exactly be dancing together. I'm still working on getting her to want to go to tango with me. We'll see how that goes Looking for a good theme for my challenge...
  2. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger This challenge, the overarching goal is to get better. I've been doing pretty well for the last few challenges at just showing up and doing things. This time, that won't be enough. At the end, I'll outline the final grading criteria for this challenge. Quest 1: Harder Last challenge I simply did the same workout over and over. No additional reps, no progressing into harder iterations of a move. Well no longer! This time around, I will add reps or switch into a different version of an exercise each week. One point will be awarded for each week I add more reps (or hold time) or change up exercises. Not all exercises need to be added to or modified each week. Seven additional points will be awarded at the end for successfully adding reps or modifying all exercises in my bodyweight circuit (it has 7 exercises in it). This is all or nothing. Quest 2: Better Last challenge I added some paleo(ish) cooking to my weeks and watched my macros. That was great and all, but I noticed that my protein intake was usually not up to snuff. This time, I'll be watching two things: my macro and my protein gram count. Macro goal is still 50-30-20; protein goal is 85g on a regular day (the count goes up when I exercise since I'm adding calories back to my total) so that's what we'll shoot for. Macros will again be graded by week; protein will be graded by day. I will not deduct points in the event of going over on protein and under on both fat and carb. I will deduct points in the event of going over on protein and fat or carb. One point will be awarded for each day I meet my protein goal. Five points will be awarded for staying within 3% of macro; three points will be awarded for staying within 5% of macro; and one point will be awarded for staying within 7% of macro. Zero points for going outside of that. Quest 3: Faster At least one workout each week is to be a running workout by our apartment (with additional arm nonsense either before or after). It's a 5k route. Last time I did that, it took 42:28, average 12:53 min/mile (first mile was 11:45, second mile was 13:22, third mile was 14:01, change mile was 11:14). I want to get more awesome at that. Faster, if you will. I'd like to improve my minute/mile times, and by extension, the total time. I've been thinking about it, and I don't think I can run a 5k each week without other shorter runs in there too. So I do not have to run 5k each week, but I will do 5k on the last week for comparison. Point system below still counts for shorter-than-5k runs but I'll be grading myself against the last time I ran a particular route instead of the 5k numbers. One point will be awarded for each running workout. One additional point will be awarded for running faster/better than this posted time (for the first week) or the week previous (for all following weeks). I will also accept running a better first, second, or third mile as additional point opportunities. Life Quest: Stronger I'm going to learn to juggle! OK, so it doesn't quite fit in with "Stronger" but I basically covered that with "Harder" so... Just roll with it. I don't currently have juggling balls, but I do have k-cups! And they're actually a pretty good size and a light, forgiving weight. I'll carry 3 cups around with me and practice juggling when I have spare moments. I can currently toss one cup back and forth well. Two is iffy; they keep going not straight. Three is right out. At the end of this, I'll be juggling three. Two points will be awarded for each day I practice for ten minutes (to a total of 10 possible points per week). One point will be awarded for each day I just practice here and there for a few tosses at a time (no limit, but does not combine with above). Final Grading Total points up for grabs here is 109. 98-109 = A This is what we strive for 87-97 = B 76-86 = C 65-75 = D but that's basically failing Hitting in the 103-109 range calls for a piece of treasure to be determined before the challenge begins (so I don't cheat later). Hitting in the total A range calls for a slightly less lustrous piece of treasure, also tbd before the challenge begins. Couldn't figure out prizes before the challenge started, so we're not going to go with them. However, I may at the end purchase a new camelback for running and/or a foam roller since both of those have been on my list of things to get for a while. They are not rewards, but tools for my continuing advancement. (But who knows what finances will look like...ugh.) Nerdwarts OK, here are my AMRAP numbers for Nerdwarts. It's not specifically a quest this challenge, but I want to significantly increase my ability with each of these things over the course of the challenge. Each, or a variation thereon (like regular squats and foot-assisted pull ups) are included in my bodyweight routine. So each will be seeing improvement through Quest 1 (or should be). I don't know what the Leaders have in mind for Nerdwarts minis, but I look forward to challenging myself this challenge! standard floor push ups (7) jackknife pull ups (4) split squats (19 with left leg forward) elbow plank (42 sec) (Still on the fence about giving myself additional points for listening to "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" every time I wok out.) LET'S DO THIS! (OK, you got me. The quest images really don't have anything to do with the quests. What can I say? I really love Hawkeye.)
  3. Hey guys! I've been seeing a bunch of stuff about the IIFYM way of eating and basically it's that you eat really whatever as long as it fits your calorie and macro goals. When following this I of course would not be eating pizza and candy, but I do like that if I wanted to sneak that extra piece of chocolate cake in once in a while I can. I've had some problems lately with binging at night and I feel like it's because I'm not getting the right ratio of macros, so I am kind of intrigued by IIFYM. The one issue, though, is that I am a runner and am currently training for a marathon. Is this way of eating okay for a runner, or is it more for people who lift/ do less cardio? Also, how would I adjust my macros on days where I have long runs (i.e. 17 miles)? The macros I have would not be enough to cover a day on which I do a run like that. Anyways, my macros are: 1630 calories 225 g carbs 96 g protein 19-24 g fiber 38.8 g fat I'm petite, 5'1" and 96-97 lbs, and am looking to maintain my weight. So what do you guys think about doing IIFYM? Any other suggestions? Opinions? Experiences? Thanks so much!
  4. I have been trying to reduce my fat intake, mostly just get it from lean meats and nuts and the small bit in breads etc. But I just looked at my total fat intake and it is pretty high. How important is the fat macro to being healthy and what should I aim for? I try to limit unhealthy fats and processed food, so less saturated and hardly and trans. But I am getting 47g of fat from nuts (40g of almonds and 40g of walnuts) almost everyday. Is this bad? I know they are supposed to be good fats but it is still alot and with my other food I end up at 80-100g a day (eating 2500 cal).
  5. Since this is my first quest, and I am a few weeks late, I figured I would set a goal I'm pretty sure I can achieve in the remaining amount of time. A little background. And if anyone has suggestions on modifying my numbers, I would be more than happy to hear opinions. This is my first time doing this, so any and all help is welcome. I'm a 28 year old Female standing 5' 8" tall and weighing in at 143 lbs. I Crossfit 4-5 times a week and am looking to tone up, lean out and eventually develope some visible abs. (But, that will be saved for another quest) I will also be indoor rock climbing a few times a week as my schedule allows. I have a desk job, so my only real physical activity happens during my workouts. Main Quest My main quest is to track my macros up to 5g +/- on a consistent basis. My macros break down as follows: 1690 calories Protein - 40% - 676 cal / 169 g Carbs - 30% - 507 cal / 126.75 g Fats - 30% - 507 cal / 56 g 12/3 - Updated my macros to the following 1690 calories Protein - 35% / 145 g / 583 cal Carbs - 35% / 150 g / 600 cal Fats - 30 % / 56 g / 507 cal I chose a split that will hopefully help me lean out and tone up more. As I said, if anyone has any suggestions on my numbers based on my info I posted above, please let me know! Missions 1. Log and track my food intake every day for each meal on myfitnesspal pal. 2. Begin weighing and measuring my food to insure I am getting the correct breakdown of everything I eat. 3. Work towards planning my meals for each week and in turn, meal prep an entire weeks worth of food in one day. This one will take some steps and planning, so I don't expect to be able to do this until I can figure out exactly what I am eating now. So this will technically begin after week 1. For week 1, I am not allowed to eat out. Life Quest My life quest is something that, for me, will be a tad difficult. I have very little patience. Not only for people that I work with, but with my family (especially my mom) as well. I get annoyed quickly and easily and then, of course, I say something I probably shouldn't, or say it in a way that I shouldn't. So, my life quest is to try and have more patience with people in general. If I start to get annoyed, I will take 5 deep breaths before I allow myself to answer. I will be keeping track of my progress in this thread, hopefully posting what I ate, my workout and my macro breakdown for each day. I will update this post with a breakdown of how I will track my progress once I figure out a good points system. Let the games begin!!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm in the process of trying to make a meal plan based on the macros I calculated below (do they look right to you?) First my stats: Age - 28 Female Height - 5' 8" Weight - 143 I do crossfit 4-5 times a week and my goal is to be leaner and toned. 1690 calories Protein - 40% - 676 cal / 179.5 g Carbs - 30% - 538.5 cal / 134 g Fats - 30% - 60 g I have been tracking (but not weighing or measuring) my food intake for the last week. I am generally way over in carbs and fats and never get close to my protein (yikes). I have been on a paleo challenge the last 30 days, but it ends today, so I will be adding dairy and some grains back in to help boost my protein intake. (I found legumes and I don't play well together, so those will stay out). I would like to come up w/at least 3-4 good high protein meals I can rotate throughout the week. I'm just having trouble figuring out what the proper nutrition facts are for whole clean foods. So, I guess my main question is: what resource do you use to find the nutrition facts on foods without labels? I use myfitnesspal to track my food right now, but there are so many varying numbers on any one item, I don't know which to trust. Any advice for someone who is just starting this? I know it will take some time for me to nail my numbers (and of course, a little variation each day is expected). Any advise on food prep? With work and the gym, cooking every night is not something I want to worry about. So I'm ok with dedicating a day to food prep for the week. Thank you for all and any help!
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