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  1. Sheik

    Macro Question

    Hi all, question for you about macros from a general health / nutrition standpoint. (In case it matters, I'm a 5'8" woman, 150 lbs, ~25% body fat.) I've been keeping a 1400-1600 calorie diet and strength training for the past several months and am losing weight at a steady pace. I've eliminated most processed foods and limited my carbs to under 120g a day, and I understand the Calories In / Calories Out theory. I recently watched a fairly traumatizing documentary on the impact of the meat industry on the environment and the treatment of the animals, and I would like to try to limit my chi
  2. When I started the NF challenges I described myself as “averageâ€. Average height for an american male, Average weight (ie. OVERWEIGHT). It would have been more accurate to say I was a TYPICAL american male. Now I’ve begun moving in the right direction and started getting healthier. NOW I feel I am actually AVERAGE. At the end of last challenge I weighed 204 and my bodyfat was around 22% which puts me in the “average†or “acceptable†BF range based on most resources I could find. Ultimately, I don’t want to be average. I want to be ABOVE-Average! I want to be the guy tha
  3. hello! I started IIFYM just over a week or so, and I have a relatively good grasp on it save for one portion. my macros are currently: 114p/46f/245c at a calorie count of 1848. pretty much every day I go over (usually by at least 10g) in my fats, and under in my carbs, but I always hit my protein. does anyone know if I can hit my protein and fat and then eat whatever's left to meet my calorie count - eg, the "not so good for you" things everyone always boasts about with IIFYM, which would probably push my fats up even more, or should I try and crank up my carbs to match once I've hit or exce
  4. Ok...so I'm scared of meat. Which is a problem for my goals of going from skinny-fat to fit and toned. I've been a "flexi-tarian" for awhile. Mostly vegetarian...I'll eat meat from local sources....but living/working/having a degree in agriculture...mass produced/processed meat scares me to death. I cannot, CANNOT go in to the local grocery store and buy chicken without freaking out about the chlorine it was processed in to kill the bacteria...and the percentage of food-borne illness that comes from meat... Yeah. So meat, in general, scares me. That's issue #1. The good news is that I'm v
  5. I dunno .. because it’s time for Dr. Who .gifs? This challenge will encompass the final realization of the Big Picture Goal I’ve been working toward for months and months, as well as one of the two ‘back home’ vacations I have planned for this Spring/Summer. The Big Picture Goal I’m sticking with my overarching goal - Mudderella. Mudderella is on the 10th and I need to continue what I’m doing in order to be able to finish without dying. Allons-y! Goal 1 Fitness, per usual. I will finish my HasFit Hero 90 program 2 weeks into this challenge
  6. Hi guys! I've been working on a spreadsheet full of nutritional information for the foods I eat for the past couple of weeks (which is generally the sort of thing a UK vegetarian might eat). Then I wanted to share it, because it's been making my life easier, so I added various other foods like meat and fish. There are many vegetables and nuts. Here's what is hopefully a link to the google doc: Shiny Nutritional Information Spreadsheet If that worked, please make a copy so you can have your own personalised sheet. I have never created a google doc before and have no idea what I am
  7. Just a question about proper protien intake and how much is enough. First some background information: female25 yrs old5'7157 lbs (71.2 kg)beginner weight lifter, been lifting less than a month, weights are very light (less than 100 lbs on squat and OHP, still practicing deadlift form)My current intake is less 100g per day, but according to most of what I'm seeing, it should be more than that, like somewhere in the 120g-140g range. However, my lifts are going up, while I'm eating at a deficit, and I know for certain that I'm at a deficit, because I started at 165 lbs 2 months ago. My main
  8. Strangely I haven't really thought much about what to do with this challenge. Other than further developing my healthy lifestyle. But then I have a Lit Review due Sunday. This is a first draft for this challenge. I want some ideas in place, and by writing something down I am starting the process. Goal One: Complete the Armstrong Beginner's programme. I want to start working towards my pull up goal. The advantage here is that it includes doing push ups, so I can capitalise on my victory from last challenge. I will add full burpees to this routine as well. One max rep set for now. I do bel
  9. Is it important to follow recommended macros for weight loss? I understand that calories are NOT all created equal but when using a calculator like iifym.com, I get a recommended protein intake of 141g per day which seems like a heck of a lot to me compared to the suggested 68g by myfitnesspal. I'm just a little confused.
  10. Hi Rangers! I actually googled the word "ranger" and found an interesting set of definitions that match my challenge goals. Neato! Main Quest: To run a marathon (plus about 100 other things ) Goal 1: Run faster or "a person or thing that wanders or rangers over a particular area or domain" Before I start training for distance, I need to get faster. Nobody wants to run a marathon in 5 hours because that’s just a long time. I recently ran 2 miles of intervals in about 9:18/mile. So for now, I will run easy on Tuesdays (~3 miles/30mins), intervals on Thur
  11. About the moon-a and the June-a and the Spring-a… I love to sing-a! Something about the calendar flipping over to January makes my brain go, “Yay, Spring soon! Now? How ‘bout now?†Hence the sing-a. I had thought about sitting out this challenge due to an iffy work schedule, but the thought of being more prepared for dusting the bikes off in warmer weather just appeals to me. I’m going to go for it, but updates might be a bit sporadic other than the weeklies. Main Quest My main quest is to improve my body fat percentage, specifically by dropping some more of this weight. I have
  12. sbureau


    So on the iifym calculator I should be eating 114 protein, 280 carbs and 36 fat for maintaining, but I'm always going over my fat and coming short on my carbs and protein. Do these numbers seem reasonable or a little off? I'm 5'2", 120 and am active almost everyday between lifting, running and doing martial arts.
  13. So I've never been one to count calories, but I started reading about macronutrients and I thought it sounded like a good idea. So, I downloaded the fitocracy macros app. I have multiple issues with it, but my biggest issue is that you have to choose either a training day or a rest day. I'm active everyday, but some days I'm a lot more active than others. My week looks like this, Mondays and Wednesday I have one hour Judo class that's fairly low key and two hours of Hapkido club. Tuesday and Thursdays I run 2 miles, have Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Jeet Kune Do classes, 2 hours of Hapkido club a
  14. Well, how to begin. Up until one week ago today I knew my goals for this challenge. I was excited at my progress to date and looking forward to what more I would accomplish. A friend of mine told me that, 'Life is what happens while your busy making plans' Seriously, no truer words have been spoken. Warning: If your of the squeamish kind you might want to skip the next part. (sorry) One week before this challenge started, I got up and put in a fantastic workout and was getting in my fluids and meals and feeling thrilled at what seemed a very productive day. Then everything changed dr
  15. Main quest: Get to a body fat percentage of 25% as measured by http://www.fat2fitradio.com/tools/mbf/ (If someone has a better body fat % calculator – let me know!) Current stats: Height: 5’6.5†Weight: 161.2lbs Body fat %: 29.2 Measurements Waist (at belly button): 33†Natural waist: 31.3†Hips: 38.0†Neck: 13†Wrist: 6†Thigh: 21.5†Bicep: 10.5†This challenge I will be working on hitting my planned macros every day. If diet and nutrition are 80% of the fat loss game than it would make sense for it to be 80% of my goals. I will be focusing on being below 1750 calories and the
  16. In an effort to keep track of everything I am doing on my journey to the ab holy grail, I'll use this single log for all of my quests. No need to split it into different threads to search through in the future. Official Start Date - December 1, 2013 Weight - 143.6 lbs Measurements: Waist - 29 1/5" Bust - 34" Right arm - 10 1/4" (relaxed), 11" (flexed) Left arm - 10 1/4" (relaxed), 11" (flexed) Hips - 40 3/4" Right thigh - 21" Left thigh - 21" Belly (right below belly button) - 31 7/8" 1690 calories Protein - 35% / 145 g / 583 cal Carbs - 35% / 150 g / 600 cal Fats - 30 % / 56 g / 507 cal Meas
  17. Hey guys! I've read the article about Staci's story, and although it was truly inspiring and motivational, the diet part didn't help much just because I'm not big on going Paleo. I began powerlifting about 4 months ago. I really want to compete eventually. My biggest goal right now is to get my body fat percentage down and get my strength up!! I'm currently counting macros to a T and training daily (with one rest day/week) using a powerlifting split. I am a 21 year old female college student. I'm 5'5", 136lbs, 22% body fat (I want to get down to about 14% body fat!!). My current daily ma
  18. I am a newbie. I started crossfit and paleo about a month ago. I am still learning new things everyday. I dont know if this is a stupid question, but here it goes. What are macros? I hear people talking about it all the time, and it confuses me. Can someone help me understand this?
  19. 2 C raw spinach 1 large carrot 1/2 C sliced cucumber 1/2 medium avocado 1T Chia seeds 1 T Flax seeds 1/2 C of Plain Greek yogurt (the nutrient info is for nonfat) This, folks, is the "ish" 2 T eggwhite powder 1 C unsweetened almond milk. (Or more, this is THICK. Brick house THICK) Ice if you are like me and everything except hot coffee tastes better cold. Iced coffee, of course, tastes better cold. Pulverize in your favorite machine that does all the pulverizing. I like my Nutribullet. I don't add fruit, because I am keeping carbs low, so it is pretty bland. Knock yourself out if you aren't
  20. Just what are they, exactly – and how do I use them to reach my weight loss/body fat reduction goals?
  21. I had a DEXA scan yesterday (body composition). Part of the analysis is a chat with a doctor about goals and a recommendation on Macros to support those goal. My goal is the holy grail....primarily fat loss but also muscle growth. Results were: Weight = 81kg (178 pounds) BF% = 18.5% Recommended Macros = 169g protein, 206g Carbs, 111g fat. 2 things came up which smell a bit of Conventional Wisdom so I would like to get some opinions on the following: 1. Any more than 40g of protein in one sitting is not useful to the body and not worth ingesting. 2. This recommended carbs number of 20
  22. tumblingcat


    If I'm wanting to lose weight should I be tracking my macros? Or is just counting calories enough? If I am to track macros, is there a good ratio to start with for weight loss? I'm really struggling to decide what to do and need some advice! I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out here. Thank you~
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