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Found 4 results

  1. "I'm Coming For Ya, BEAST!" QUEST 1 Maintain deficit: This KCAL range is proving to be a struggle, so i'm gonna keep it here and hopefully find somebody who will do a form of PvP with me for the added accountability. My weight is stabilizing while i think i need to lower it and lose some extra BF. For added accountability i'm gonna do a written report of what i ate the day(s) before. ***** QUEST 2 Keep up protein: Of course i will try to do my best to keep as much muscle as possible. I'm still doing lots of stuff to enhance my body and it needs the right kind of fuel, so protein is gonna be a big part of my diet. ***** QUEST 3 Minimize beer input: I thought about removing this quest since i'm doing quite nice, except, seasons are changing. And well, next two seasons it's gonna be: "'Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la la la la la. Fill the meadcup, drain the barrel," So just to keep grinding-in this habit i'm gonna stick with it at least for the upcoming challenge(s). And this grinding definitely needs work, as weather is turning up and the occasions i would normally indulge on beer are lining up! Though i will have my occasional reward because it's just too damn good! ***** QUEST 4 MIndfully choose a meal: Just to keep as clean as possible i'm forcing myself to think (in advance) about every meal i eat. Easier to keep in line with the KCAL and better to fuel my body with the "best" option available. I'm gonna update it with a plan a (couple of) day(s) ahead, to keep up with the good eating and according KCAL deficit. ***** QUEST 5 Act like a MadCow: Lifting, it's my main thing at this moment, i love doing it, it's good for me, so i'm not planning on not doing it. It's here to stay in the foreseeable future. Maybe i'm gonna put a little more emphasize on doing more number of reps NEXT TO the heavy reps i'm doing now (just add some sort of cooldown sets after every workset, pyramid style workouts. If somebody has some ideas, please shoot! ***** QUEST 6 Find my Inner-Ape: I will be focusing on upperbody-bodyweight-exercises. Probably a lot of chin ups (no pull ups yet because of sore tendon on the outside of my elbow). Pushups and burpees will also be part of the program. (I'm slowly dreaming about doing the 300 workout). Next to this i'm focussing on deadhanging, but i'm gonna throw around the workout a little because it was getting a grind and i wasn't looking forward to it anymore. ***** QUEST 7 Stamina: Running is totally back in the game. After the run i did at work i just feel rejuvenated. If schedule allows i will be aiming for 2 runs a week, next to one workout at the gym. The workout at the gym really shakes up my workouts with stuff i normally don't train. ***** QUEST 8 Accountability: I need all of you beautiful people to keep me in line. I'm growing discipline by the day but it's a slow process. Every extra nudge is very welcome. This is the main reason for the existence of this thread, my sheet and all other aids i use. This quest is about the M in sMart, and the (first) S in kiSs (i've already got the the second S covered ). The Final Chapter
  2. Last Challenge, MEH! Most of it was a success, except the food tracking, so this next four weeks will be all about the bass.....NO! All about tracking food and staying on target. First thing to do is work out TDEE and other things, make a plan and stick to it! I am also into the last four weeks of Madcow, which has been going great, but I have reached the point where stalls are beginning to become a reality, so nutrition needs to be spot on. When Madcow is done I plan a week off, then start Cube training. Adulting is still a LUYL. Have got Son5 off to school tomorrow, Son2, Son3 and Son4 are still looking for work and schooling need to start for Son6 and Son7. Not to mention, the last two weeks of the Challenge I have work in the next town swimming teaching. So a couple of big weeks, so let's see how we go.
  3. This Challenge takes me up to the Blues @ Bridgetown and to the end of Scouting for the year as well as work for the Dept of Education. My big goals are time management AGAIN! I seem to get so swamped with everything else I need to do that on the bottom of that pile is my workouts, no wonder I cannot get any real numbers happening. This last week though I have tried to get a run in if I couldn't lift, which seems to be working. Ok so let's finish on a high note and 3 lift days per week, regardless!
  4. I really wasn't going to do a Challenge this time around, however since taking on a new program that runs for 12 weeks, well why wouldn't I give it a go. Smart Goals? Measurable Goals? Achievable Goals? Weight Loss: at the end of 12 weeks I would like to have shed 5-10kg. Diet will have to be in on this one, less is more right. Consistency: again.........LOL, lift consitantly for the full 12 weeks, 3x a week, this is going to take some planning, since I have 3 camps in August. Exercise: the days I am not being a Madcow I need to do something, even if it means just a walk or a few laps before work. Get Ultra Organised: work begins in August and I really need to get my files in order as well as not look disgustingly nasty in my bathers. So we will see how we go this time around.
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