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Found 7 results

  1. My name is Sam Black Crow, and I live in a prison, trapped in my archnemesis: The Asshole. My opponent is fat, lazy, and self-indulgent. She eats like crap, trapping us in layer upon layer of fat, letting things atrophy. She doesn't pursue what she wants, doesn't try to better herself. She is content to eat Twinkies and candies and shame. Every ounce of fat on our 247-lb frame is killing me, quickly or slowly. It kills my knees, kills my lungs, kills my back, makes me work harder to do things that should be effortless. The laziness and complacency that is the Asshole thinks that she has all
  2. I'm so tired of making it a week or two into a new challenge or project or habit or whatever and something comes up and derails it. It might be a legitimate problem that I can't adapt my new routine to, but usually it's more of an incredibly tiny puncture in my puffed up sense of commitment and dedication that instead of easily patching I start playing with until it rips wide open and everything falls apart. (As I write I've been picturing a deflating bouncy castle for some reason). So here we go: for the thousandth time, I am setting goals and am full of motivation and passion to see them
  3. + Main Quest: Be able to bend over to ties shoes without being short of breath. - Cut out all fast food. - Complete Beginner Body Weight Circuit (3 circuits) 3 times each week; complete Advanced Body Weight Circuit (3 circuits) at least once by week 4. + Side Quest (Life): Get to level 7 in German on DuoLingo. (currently at level 3) WHAT IS MY MOTIVATION? I get depressed when I have to bend over and tie my shoes. Why? Because I can't do wit without having a hard time breathing. I don't like being depressed, so I'm going to fix this problem. I don't want to have a difficult time breathin
  4. This is partly me thinking aloud (I guess not aloud - thinking atype?), but I figured I'd post it up because I'm interested in feedback from more experienced rebels! Greetings. This is gonna be my very first challenge! I've been trying off-and-on to get fit for a long time (more on my history and fitness level in my introduction post). I've nailed down some pretty healthy eating habits, but so far I haven't succeeded in sticking to a workout routine. So, my overall goal is to change this. My main quest: Forge a habit of working out at least 4x per week. So, that's sorted... but what's t
  5. After quite a long absence, I return to the fray. In recent months I have become too comfortable with my routine. Continually making progress, but in areas where I have already established a routine. The revised structure of the 6 week challenge inspired me to take the motivation to focus on those areas that I continually do not succeed in prioritising. My life quest - to become a warrior monk wizard hero. To achieve this quest I have split it (for the moment, these categories may change) into the following broad areas: 1. combat proficiency (martial arts and weapon proficiency) 2. bru
  6. I've been apart of the NF community for less than a week, and have been reading articles from it for about two weeks. After getting to know a few people, and responding to a plethora of topics I thought it was time I really took that first step. Although I'm late to the party, I'll be doing the Main Quest challenge to get myself started. It appeals to me greatly being an RPG fanatic, and I want my life to be more.. heroic? Either way, I'm going to now dissect the challenge and fill in the missing pieces. MAIN QUEST Convince myself that change is do-able by establishing a routine, and begin l
  7. Main Quest: To lose weight, @ least 10 lbs My Goals: 1. To work out for an hour at least 4 days per week. 2. To track ALL my calories and exercise on MFP, even if they're bad. 3. To not eat out for lunch or dinner, but 3x per week (maximum). MOTIVATION: I'd like to have children with my husband, and I want to be at a healthy weight for pregnancy and have developed healthy eating habits, to not only ensure a healthy baby is born but also to teach my child. Start Date: Monday, 7/29/13 End Date: Monday, 9/9/13 I'm so excited! I have already started working
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