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  1. I don't think this is your traditional respawn post. I am respawning, though. Hopefully into someone better. Not that I wasn't happy with myself before, but I was not being honest with myself. I did my first six week challenge back in the beginning of 2015. It was great! I did great. I felt amazing and I didn't want to let go of those feelings. Unfortunately, I did. At the time, I was fighting with numerous real life trash mobs. It was pretty much a gauntlet and while it's not as strenuous as it was, I can feel myself being dragged down by the exhaustion. I really hate when I run out of mana and health, and there is not a potion in sight. I've considered a lot of what I had been doing since the beginning of the year, and the time I started challenges. I even talked with my support crew (friends & family) about the challenges, what I was doing, and where I was going to go from there. I had big dreams and ideas for my challenges, but the execution? Ehh...it wasn't as great as the idea. That was my downfall. Jumping around too much and changing things...I think the whole idea of success is finding something and sticking with it. Stick with it until you have a routine under your belt so well that everything is second nature. I'm not a huge routine sort of person, but I have noticed that when I try and maintain one, I succeed. It's like having a bedtime for school when you're a kid. I have a bedtime (or I should) now as an adult, and when I don't follow it, I can feel it. The same thing happened traveling the fitness road. I stopped doing yoga every day. I stopped taking a walk every day. I stopped really paying attention to what and how much I was eating. Stress was a factor. Fatigue was up there, too. General laziness and procrastination? Huge. I am new to the fitness world. I am new to the health world. Rather than bog myself down with all these different "eat x amount of this" and "eat x amount of this daily value" and trying to fit in 23742934 new exercises when I can't maintain one --- I need to K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Silly (or Stupid as my high school Spanish teacher would say) Start with Daily Logs. Make a routine and keep to it until I have it down. That's when I can challenge myself to push further. To do more. So what if I eat the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch? If it's good and makes you happy, it can't be that bad! The support on NerdFitness is truly amazing and I was doing myself a disservice by not utilizing the forums more. A good friend of mine bonked me upside the head and reminded me of that. Everyone is here for the same reason. We all share a common goal. There are so few places in today's world that offer the support that is on here. Why am I not using it more? Why am I not reaching out and talking with people who are going through similar things? That all ends now. I am respawning with a full health bar. My mana bar is filled and I am ready to face this boss head-on.
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