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Found 4 results

  1. Okay, I'm gonna try this again. Maybe a theme will help me this time. And I love the Sailor Senshi, so why not? Ami Mizuno - Sailor Mercury Ami is a quiet, shy genius. Then she discovers her true identity as a Sailor Senshi. In realizing her true destiny, she also found lifelong friends, confidence in her strength, and the ability to help others with her intelligence. Sailor Mercury is probably my favorite Sailor Senshi, and we are a lot alike. I think designing my first 4-week challenge in the Druid group around her will help me reach the finish line. Goal 1: Harnessing the power of the mind One meditation session per day. It can be a full 30-minute guided meditation, or just 2 minutes to focus on my breath on my lunch break. Goal 2: Confidence in my strength Work out daily. Even if it's a five-minute walk. I'm looking at the darebee Foundations course though. I might do that. Goal 3: Finding lifelong friends Go to some sort of meetup event. I'm not sure what this is going to be yet, but I'll update when I can. I'll update this with rewards once I figure them out.
  2. Hi, I am new here, i just joined the community today. I am looking forward to meeting people who enjoy working out like me. I typically workout 30-60 minutes for a week. I am looking to get in shape and have a body fat percentage of 15%, yet right now it is at 21%. Over the past few days, I have doing mostly calisthenics in 3 sets of eight circuits with weight lifting using 15 lb weights, training for pull-ups (still working to complete one, but making progress because I can lift myself half-way to the bar) and running 2.5 miles each day. I am also working toward doing a cartwheel, handstand, forward roll and also self-defense techniques like tai chi I am also eating healthier with eating more fruits and vegetables, moderate protein and carbohydrates. I feel happy with my choices, yet I am still looking forward to become more in shape. Currently I feel like I fit in the Ranger class, yet I would like to work my way up to the Assassin or Monk class. If anyone has any ideas on yoga moves, gymnastic moves, martial arts, or anything that would help me build my strength, flexibility, coordination and stamina, feel free to post your ideas. I would love to hear your ideas; I have already learned a lot and enjoy the positive encouragement that I have seen in reading the nerdfit articles and forum posts. I hope to make friends and let's encourage each other to be fit. I am compassionate and understanding and since I used to be bullied in middle school, I am not judgmental and am working on building my self-confidence and feeling and looking fit. I am now 18 years old and a senior in high school and I want to be a military police or gene therapy scientist.
  3. Continuing the war against my quarter life/existential-y type crisis thing. My success last challenge resulted in a not so anxious Hermy. Life... might be okay. All might not be lost. Next battle! Onward! Goal 1: Volunteer Last challenge I had a really hard time finding anything to do that fit with my schedule. Goal is keep looking - pick something - do as much as possible. Grading: Subjective, up to 4 points - split between WIS and CHA. Goal 2: Socialize I did really well with this last challenge, but my first instinct is still to hermit. Goal is get out there an be social but not let this monopolize my free time (see goal 1). Areas of concentration/priorities: - NF meetups - Hang with friends - Meetup dot com gathering(s) Grading: 3 points possible - 1 point for every 2 friendly like activities - applied to CON. Goal 3: Eat I'm in a really weird/not good head space regarding diet right now. That kind of happens when I cut or restrict pretty much anything for too long. I need to step back and evaluate - focus on figuring out where the "too long" line is. Reset self and sanity, then attack with new plan. Actual goal is to Eat. The. Food. Do not intentionally restrict. Do not go crazy either. Just try to remember not to eat like an asshole most of the time. Goal: Don't eat like an asshole. Eat enough to fuel the workout. Don't let the guilt of eating mess with the head. Grading: Subjective up to 2 points applied to CON and/or WIS Goal 4: Lift Heavy, Run Far Last year at this time I fractured my foot - some may recall that fun. Before the fracture, my aerobic and endurance base was pretty damn good. Since the healing of the fracture, it's pretty much gone (use it or lose it, guys). I've had a hankering for some running (no, seriously, I don't even know who I am) and decided to do Couch to 5K as an easy-ish program that will force me out for runs (as opposed to me just saying, "Hey, I'll do some runnin'"). So, new workout plan is roughly: Sun - run Mon - rest Tues - lift Wed - run Thurs- lift Fri - run/yoga Sat - lift (and you see why I need to EAT) Goal A: JDTFPBLTMB - follow all my programming (lifting and over all fitness) but listen to my body - if it gets too much, scale back, take a day, whatever I need. Goal B: Add 10 pounds to my squat (had to drop the weight to get used to HB again, so time to rebuild). Run. Goal C: Recovery - Get to sleep on time, no matter how good my book is. Take at least 1 epsom soak per week. SMR my ass off (my quads are taking quite the beating with the squats and running) Grading: Goal A - 1 point - pass or fail, applied to WIS. Goal B - 1 point for every 5 pounds added up to 2 points, applied to STR, 1 point for the running, applied to DEX. Goal C - 2 points, subjective, applied to CON
  4. jaex

    I am Jaex: Avenger

    Captain Atlanta is back! Now, as a stranger in a strange land, he faces his most perilous threat yet! Old adversaries, the twins Glutton and The Sloth, have teamed up with a new menace, Lone Wolf. Against such overwhelming forces, Captain Atlanta's only chance for survival is to form a team of his own. Will he succeed assembling a heroic force? Can they best this villainous legion? Or will Glutton, The Sloth, and Lone Wolf drive Captain Atlanta to ruin! ****************************************************************************************************************** So after a long absence from the forums I am back. Last y'all heard from me I had passed the Pennsylvania Bar, was enjoying my last Kung Fu classes in Atlanta, was just beginning wedding planning, and was prepping for our move to Philly. Well lots has changed since then! Our wedding planning is much further along and we have been Philly residents for about a month now. So far we're loving the city. Sure it was weird at first walking to do errands and there was some sticker-shock, but we are getting used to that and exploring our new home is exciting! Now that my fiancee and I have finally unpacked and got (almost) all the furniture we need I feel it is time to return to NerdFitness and get another challenge. Assemble the Avengers Everyone I know in this city is through my fiancee. They are all current or former colleagues of her's and all have medical backgrounds. While I'm certainly friendly with all of them, the only time I'll see them is with my fiancee in tow. I need some friends of my own. So, over the course of the next 6 weeks, I need to go out and be social three times. For this challenge I will only count times where: I'm hanging out with people living in Philadelphia (I already know people in NYC and other near-ish towns)The people I'm hanging with have a possibility of becoming a regular friend (i.e. a networking lunch with 60 y/o probably won't count)And it is not an event where I'm playing second to my fiancee (I can bring her to events, but I won't count meeting her friends for drinks. The point is to make my own friends)Honestly I'm going to need y'all's help and suggestions because this task seems fairly daunting. I just don't know how to easily create a social circle without the built-in social network you might find attending school or at a... Fund the Team ...job. So I'm unemployed. And this is looking like a tough job market to break into. At the moment the best leads I got are for document review positions. They are unsexy jobs with little in the way of useful job experience of satisfaction, but they do have a paycheck. However everyone understands they are temp jobs and so I can take it until I find a job that I would turn into a career. Until that time my goal is to check the job websites daily for new postings and make some progress networking. Every Superhero Needs His Theme Music One thing I have always wanted to do was get into orchestral music composition. I have dabbled in it in the past, writing solo pieces and the like, and honestly had some success (almost had a piece published). However I have never really stuck with it or honed my skills. I have this book of music composition exercises and for this challenge I want to do four composition exercises a week. Also, since I'm currently at home for some hours a day it is easy to go nuts. This will at least give me something productive to do. Fight Glutton and The Sloth Now I know what you're thinking, "isn't this a fitness website? where are his fitness goals." Well here they are! I have found that the problem with being home for so many hours a day it is easy to get lazy and even easier to just snack all-day. Unfortunately I have been taking the easy route and I'm getting that fat back. Time to stop snacking so poorly and get to exercising. And I have not excuse not to exercise; there is a workout area, small though it may be, just an elevator ride away. So I need to watch my snacking and exercise five times a week for this challenge. Also, while not a challenge goal per se, I am going to start looking for Kung Fu classes in the area. I've already reached out to one school but am waiting to hear back. Should be a fun 6 weeks! Glad to be back. tl;dr version of the challenge be social 3 times this challengejob-hunt everydaydo music composition exercises 4 times a weekexercise 5 times a week and watch my snacking
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